6 Best Home Décor Instagram Accounts To Follow

5 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow from Dear Lillie

Back in the day, interior designers and design enthusiasts had to buy home décor magazines or research at the library before starting a decorating project. Today, it is much easier, cheaper and less time-consuming thanks to the internet and social media.

Instagram has been growing in popularity since it started in 2010. Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, people don’t read the posts on Instagram. Instead, it’s is all about the images. With more than 800 million users last fall, it’s pretty easy to get caught up.

To help design lovers get right to the heart of what they crave, we’ve found several of the best Instagram accounts to connect with. If you love looking at pictures of phenomenal homes and are in need of design inspiration, these are the six best home décor Instagram accounts to follow.

6. Highclass Homes

Highclass Homes Instagram account

The grass is always greener in someone else’s yard, but that doesn’t keep us from gawking at other people’s homes, especially the rich and famous. While people probably can’t afford the price tags, it’s a great way to dream and get some design ideas for your own abode. If you enjoy seeing how the other half lives, head over to Highclass Homes. This account is devoted to people living the life of luxury around the globe.

Highclass Homes has almost 200,000 Instagram followers who enjoy looking at the finer things in life. They feature jaw-dropping interior and exterior home views complete with amazing swimming pools, splendidly decorated rooms, elaborate walk-in closets and more. From unique architectural designs to heart-stopping spiral staircases and exceptional window views, Highclass Homes is a must-follow Instagram account for lovers of rich and famous homesteads.

5. interior4inspo


If you are in need of interior design ideas, then you must follow interior4inspo. This account has more than 200,000 followers for a reason. The photos are simply amazing and feature every room in the house. Anyone searching for fabulous design inspiration won’t be disappointed. Interior4inspo is a home décor cornucopia, showcasing stylish and functional home office spaces, cozy bedrooms, dream kitchens, inviting bathrooms and fantastic living and dining rooms.

Interior4inspo provides the origin of each post if you click on the photograph. This, of course, brings you to more fab interior design Instagram accounts, which is part of the reason this account is so addicting. Interior4inspo is definitely a one-stop account for elegant, sophisticated style. Pinks, greys and whites are certainly the hues of choice in many of interior4inspo’s features posts. So, if that fits with your personal style, then you will certainly discover many ideas for your own home makeover.

4. Grey Birch Design

Grey Birch Design

Grey Birch Designs is a popular DIY blog run by a Utah husband and wife team who share a passion for woodworking, furniture and design. The blog features their unique brand of farmhouse style and plenty of DIY creativity. Kaycie runs the @greybirchdesign Instagram account which showcases the couple’s gorgeous home along with their woodworking projects. Kaycie is a big fan of fellow small business owners and enjoys sharing their products on her account as well.

Another unique twist with Grey Birch Design’s Instagram is their videos. Shot by family friend, Douglas Belshe, each professional quality video highlights a certain area of Kaycie’s home. The latest puts the focus on the couple’s spectacular kitchen, which is an often requested posting zone.

3. Lonny Magazine


Lonny Magazine is a monthly online publication founded by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline in the fall of 2009. This super chic magazine is dedicated to lifestyle and, of course, home décor. On Instagram, Lonny Magazine uses the handle lonnymag. Their bio describes the account as a “go-to resource for accessible design inspiration” which is their claim to fame. More than 200,000 followers agree, flocking to lonnymag for some designer vision.

The posts are simply brilliant with eye-catching photography. While many of the posts show off jaw-dropping rooms, the account highlights well-designed restaurant spaces as well as architectural marvels from around the globe. Lonny Mag’s Instagram account mirrors the publication’s online magazine so don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a peek at the latest issue or signing on to receive their weekly newsletter. Living Lonny can be contagious.

2. Style Mutt Home


Some people favor classic design styles in their home while others are all about contemporary, but if you’re someone who favors an eclectic style of decorating, Chelsea from stylemutthome is the person to follow. Chelsea Bieber is a Washington D.C. based designer who favors a mix of decorating styles, which is obvious when you check out her blog and her Instagram account.

Bieber shares posts of her brilliant D.C. home as well as her design jobs. Part of the appeal of her Instagram posts is that they show a stylish, lived-in home that supports three active kids. Many of Bieber’s post show her children reading, drawing on the table and enjoying the outdoors. More than 30,000 followers agree that a heterogeneous approach to decorating is a “good thing” as home design guru Martha Stewart would say.

1. Dear Lillie


Dearlillie is the Instagram account of Jennifer Holmes and Jamie Druke, who also posts to Blue Stone Hill. The pair hail from West Virginia and also are the creators of the Dear Lillie Studio blog. Dear Lillie is best known for putting a contemporary twist on farmhouse style. The posts on their Instagram account provide teasers for their popular blog that also features Holmes’ husband, Jason. The blog showcases their beautiful home from cozy beds heaped with inviting bedding to the smart dining room ready to host a get-together.

The trio shares a passion for DIY projects. These attractive projects such as a creative art space that looks like a doll house are a prominent presence on their Instagram account. Dearlillie has more than 250,000 followers who are drawn to the upscale farmhouse home décor that will make you want to take on a redecorating project of your own.

6 Best Home Decor Instagram Accounts To Follow

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