5 Things to Keep in Mind When Rug Shopping

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Rugs are the perfect home décor accessories for any room. Rugs add a pop of color and can add a touch of softness to any room. In general, rugs make rooms feel more polished and complete. A nice, generously-sized rug is the perfect addition to make any room feel more welcoming and expansive.

In order to determine the size of rug, you’ll need for a certain area, think about how it will bring the furniture in the room together and help define a functional space. This way you can help define seating areas or differentiate between zones in a room. We want to help you have a positive rug-buying experience because we know how tricky it can be. Take a look at 5 things to keep in mind when rug shopping, so that you can be prepared to tackle this feat.

1. Handle With Care

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No matter which type of rug you end up purchasing, it is important to handle your rug with care so that it will last you many years.  The first thing you should do is read your rug’s label. Make sure to follow the care instructions to extend its lifespan.

In order to prevent wear or fading in certain spots, rotate your rug 180 degrees once or twice a year.  Be sure to use a rug pad, which will not only prevent slipping and provide extra padding; but will also reduce the friction between the floor and the bottom of the rug.

2. Accurate Sizing

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 Before setting out to purchase a rug, make sure to calculate how much space you want to cover. If you’re seeking to protect your floors or help retain warmth, then don’t skimp on size. Rug shape options are almost endless; you can choose from square, rectangular, round, crescent, and more, but which shape is right for your room?

The shape and size of your space will ultimately dictate what size and shape you will need. Rectangular and square shaped rugs are quite versatile as their shape fits in almost any space. If you want to bring a touch of softness to a harsh room, try using a round rug. Round rugs soften sharp lines and look fantastic in the center of a large room.

Rugs can give the effect of wall-to-wall carpet, or they can become the focal point of a room. It’s up to you to choose the right rug for the effect you’re trying to achieve.

3. Limited Cleaning Options

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One of the most important things to think about when rug shopping is how your rug can be cleaned. If you are looking for something that can be placed and forgotten, be sure to choose rugs that are easy to clean and don’t easily show wear and tear.

Spot cleaning a rug will be your first option for most rugs, but if you know that the rug is going to be a high-traffic area rug, which may be soiled often, choose a rug that you can take outside and wash with delicate soap and a hose.

4. Solid Colors and Patterns

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Solid-colored rugs can look beautiful in a room, but over time they tend to show more wear and tear. More often than not, interior designers favor using rugs with patterns to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

Patterns and designs not only add visual interest to the room, they tend to hide dirt and wear and tear. High-traffic living spaces reap the most benefit from colorful rugs such as Turkish and Persian rugs. Their deep colors and intricate designs and patterns mask daily life mishaps and usage and are visually appealing. Bright and patterned rugs can blend into any household if you make sure to use neutral colors for the spaces they’re in.

If you prefer the look of a solid color, try to place it in a less trafficked area where it will go through less wear and tear.

5. Natural Vs Synthetic Materials

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When purchasing a rug, you should keep in mind whether you want a rug made out of natural or synthetic materials.  The type of material you choose is a matter of preference and price.

Rugs made with 100% natural materials, such as cotton flat weaves, wool, or natural fibers, are good for the environment, and tend to hold up over the test of time, but typically come with a steeper price.

Today, many natural and synthetic rug lines have very few issues with unraveling, staining, or fading.  Additionally, both natural and synthetic rugs have options that are easy to clean and offer great durability.  Synthetic materials offer superior stain-blocking power.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Rug Shopping

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