6 Tips For Finding Cheaper Versions of Extremely Expensive Rugs (Without Sacrificing Quality)

MSH-4002 from Masha by Surya

Rug shopping should be fun, but some rug prices are enough to turn customers into reluctant buyers. Fortunately, with some careful shopping, you can find a rug alternative to whatever luxurious carpet you have your eye on. Oriental rugs and authentic fibers are typically more expensive, as well as rugs that are handmade. Instead of going with the first rug you fall in love with, check out these affordable alternatives to extremely expensive rugs.

The first step is to know what you’re looking for. If you’re in need of an authentic Turkish or Persian rug, browse the real thing so you can spot a tacky knock-off when you see one. Often times these tacky alternatives are way over-priced. If you know what the very expensive rug looks like, then you can better find an alternative that will capture the same look, style, and design in your home.

Alternatives To Moroccan Rugs

Nohemi Moroccan Shaggy from New Berber by NuLoom

Moroccan rugs are taking over modern and bohemian homes alike. These rugs are the quintessential boho with their minimal Moroccan patterns in navy, brown, or black on clean, neutral colors. Some Moroccan rugs even have pops of color.

As you browse for cheaper alternatives to the very expensive authentic Moroccan rugs, your eye may quickly be drawn to overly colorful and embellished mock Moroccan rugs. Skip the neon pinks and oranges seen on so many of these fake Moroccan rugs, and avoid the overly embellished tassels and sequins. These embellishments add a lot of noise to a rug that is meant to be simple and inviting. Instead, look at some affordable neutral rugs with minimal bohemian patterns. Then embellish your room with natural wood accents, large plants, and boho décor to attain that Moroccan vibe without emptying your bank account.

Alternatives To Turkish Rugs

HIL-9034 from Hillcrest by Surya

The traditional Turkish rug is one of the most famous and sought after rugs on the market, and some truly cost a fortune. They’re worth so much because there isn’t anything to compare them to. To make finding a more affordable alternative more difficult, fake Turkish rugs often get confused with a traditional Southern meets royal family style.

If you truly want to acquire a Turkish essence in your home, skip the miscellaneous Turkish inspired patterns on cheap material, and try a softer color with a light hillcrest pattern. Your rug will still have a pattern that makes a statement, but it won’t be loud with various colors and noisy patterns. Complete your room with modern artwork and décor to draw the attention back to your tastefully chosen rug.

Alternatives To Handmade Rugs

BLM107A from Blossom by Safavieh

Just because a rug is handmade doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Wonderfully woven handmade rugs come in all kinds of styles and prices, but you’ll need to do a bit of research and looking around.

Hand-tufted rugs look very similar to hand-knotted rugs, but they are significantly less expensive. Hand-tufted rugs are easier and take less time to make, which is why they are much more affordable. Hand-tufted rugs will give you the handmade qualities you are looking for in a rug without the hefty price tag.

Many hand tufted rugs are made with wool, which makes them highly durable as well—great for heavy traffic rooms like the living room or any room where you’ll be entertaining guests. Hand-tufted wool rugs come in beautiful neutral styles, as well as more modern and decorative styles.

Alternatives To Sisal Rugs

Ashli Solid Jute from Waikiki by NuLoom

If you’re in the market for a natural fiber rug with a neutral look, get to know your natural fibers. You will definitely come across sisal rugs, which is a natural fiber that stems from the agave plant. This highly sustainable fiber is static free and doesn’t attract dust. Because of this, sisal typically tends to be a little more expensive.

Fortunately, you can get the natural fiber look you desire from a more affordable material—jute. Jute is a shiny, vegetable fiber and is one of the most affordable fibers around. Jute is second to cotton as the most produced vegetable fiber. A solid jute rug will look welcoming in any room, or you can find fun shapes, like a circle with pops of color. Looking for something more unique? Try this hand braided jute diamond rug.

Alternatives To Wool Rugs

Steccia from Grace Wool by NuLoom

Wool rugs are high-quality rugs made with fibers from sheep. Most wool rugs trend a little higher in price, but you can find some wool rugs with affordable price tags. However, if you’re looking for an even more affordable option, move away from authentic fibers and try a synthetic fiber that mimics wool, like polyester.

Polyester is extremely affordable and wears well. Its soft texture feels comfortable and cozy, and its fibers are moisture, stain, and abrasion resistant. They also retain their color over time and are easy to clean. With a polyester rug, you can get the same look and feel as wool at a much more affordable price.

Polyester rugs come in a variety of styles and textures. Some are hand hooked and come in bright colors or beautiful patterns. Polyester rugs can even be made as shag rugs

Finding The Right Outdoor Rug

EAG-2315 from Eagean by Surya

Buying a rug for your outdoor patio should be simple, but, unfortunately, many outdoor rugs are extremely expensive because of their durability and weatherproofing. When searching for an outdoor rug, don’t worry about searching for specific characteristics. If a rug is made for the outdoors, you don’t have to check if one rug is made for rain and another can easily remove dirt. They will all work just fine, so choose an outdoor rug that fits your price range and your personality.

Don’t just go with the heavy duty and durable rug that’s slate grey and has no pattern. Choose something fun like a hot pink outdoor rug with a fun, summertime pattern. Sitting poolside? Go with a bright blue and white striped rug to bring a vacation vibe to your backyard. There are so many affordable outdoor rugs with way more personality than what you’ll find at the hardware store.

How To Find A Cheaper Rug (Without Sacrificing Quality)

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