Celebrities and Rugs: A Love Affair

Red and gold Carpet

Living life in the public eye is part of the celebrity package. While some famous people like Kerry Washington and Penelope Cruz view this as a nuisance, celebrities are always in the limelight. Many people love devouring celebrity gossip and learning about the most intimate details of their favorite celebrity’s life. This phenomenon has led to some rather strange articles being published about celebrities.

In 2014, Buzzfeed published an article titled 27 Things Celebrities Look Like According to Google in which they used Google’s autocomplete function to compile a comparison list. The list contained poignant comparisons lie, does Benedict Cumberbatch look like an otter or does Chris Hemsworth look like a lion?

If every detail of a celebrity’s life can be dissected, can there be a little celebrity love when it comes to rugs? While the rich and famous may not exactly have the hallmarks of a particular rug style, the two do have a long-standing love affair.

Work the Red Carpet

Red Carpet at Tribeca Film Festival

Putting down a red carpet is a bold statement. Red is an attention-getting color wherever it’s placed, but the crimson hue holds a truly special place in the heart of celebrities. We’ve all seen celebrities on red carpets from the Academy Awards to the Grammy’s, but what is the real history of the red carpet and why do celebrities walk down them?

The earliest known reference to walking down a red carpet comes from the ancient Greek play Agamemnon. In the play, a king’s vengeful wife prepares a “crimson pathway” for her husband to walk down. Historians have also found references to crimson-colored carpets in Aztec and Mayan civilizations as far back as the 15th century. Red dye wasn’t easy to come by in those days, meaning the color was saved for high-profile royalty.

The first time Hollywood used the red carpet is subject to speculation. Many claim that the tradition started with Sid Grauman in 1922 when he laid red carpet outside his Egyptian Theater for its inaugural movie premiere.

Before Grauman’s red carpet, the New York Central Railroad rolled out a special red carpet for passengers boarding a high-class passenger train in 1902.

The Duchess’s Royal Rugs

Prince William Kate Middleton Obama Michelle

Royal lovers have a busy schedule this year with the impending marriage of Prince Harry and the recent birth of Prince William’s son. The last royal marriage, between Prince William and Kate Middleton, created a media circus. Middleton’s choices, from her dress to her manners were heavily scrutinized. Even Middleton’s rug choices was a point of discussion.

London-based boutique rug maker Luke Irwin is a favorite choice for royals and celebrities who need to tie a room together. Irwin’s specialty is hand-knotted custom rugs, and when the newly married couple redecorated their Kensington Palace apartment back in 2013, a truly royal rug hit the entranceway floor. Their stylish Persian rug is said to be worth $50,000.

When the growing family let cameras into their 20–room apartment in 2016, pictures showed a bit of layered flooring in the main room. An oatmeal-hued carpet covered the majority of the floor with an attractive patterned rug placed on top, highlighting the sitting area.

Presidential Rugs

Obama Whitehouse Rug

Most people like to make changes when moving into a new home and so do US presidents. President Obama’s Oval Office rug had a circle of inspiring historical quotes from the figures like Martin Luther King and Franklin D. Roosevelt, but when Donald Trump moved in, the rug moved out. The new rug is said to have belonged to George W. Bush at one point, but the sunburst pattern rug actually came from the Ronald Regan.

Most presidents have altered the rug design, but all of the Oval Office rugs contain the presidential seal. Bill Clinton’s rug was an attention-getting royal blue. When Laura Bush became the first lady, she softened the tones into a more neutral design with a yellow sunburst pattern in the center. Bush’s rug also contained a border of blue stars and olive branches with the presidential seal in the center.

Rocking the Leather Look

Leather Jacket Boy with Guitar

Elvis Presley took the stage for his 1968 comeback special decked out in a leather suit, and the legendary rocker isn’t the only celebrity to have an affinity for the fabric. Of course, rock and roll goes well with leather and most rockers from Joan Jett to Bruce Springsteen to Bono have donned a leather jacket from time to time. Rock stars aren’t the only one drawn to the fabric, other celebrities like Gwen Stefani and the entire Kardashian family have worn it too.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that leather isn’t just for clothing and footwear. Leather is a popular rug choice as well, coming in different styles and quality from shag to woven and more. Just like leather boots and jackets, leather rugs are timeless and durable, making for a great addition to any room.

Go Wild with Animal Print

ZU-01 from Zulu by Loloi

Whether leopard spots, tiger stripes or the black and white appeal of zebra print, there is rarely a shortage of celebrities in animal print. In addition to their affinity for animal print clothing, some celebs have a kinship with animal print rugs as well.

Suzanne Somers is famous for more than the Thighmaster. This actress first caught the attention of movie-goers in the film classic, “American Graffiti” before becoming a household name in “Three’s Company”. In addition to being an actress and a celebrity with longevity, Somers has a hankering for zebra rugs. At one time Somers reportedly had five zebra rugs in her Palm Springs home along with multiple zebra print chairs to match. Other celebrities photographed with zebra rugs include Kourtney Kardashian, Charlie Sheen, James Franco and Matthew Perry.

Edgar Allen Poe once said that the “carpet is the soul of the apartment.” So, it stands to reason that carpets and rugs of the rich and famous reflect their rather lavish and public lifestyle. When you live in a fishbowl, you need a fantastically fabulous rug to sink your feet into.

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