10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

With the rise of “tiny homes” and high-rise apartment buildings, there are a lot of people who are trying to adapt to living in small living quarters. Living in a space that feels too small can lead to a number of stressful situations. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to give a home the illusion of extra space. There are dozens of brilliant space-enhancing tips to make the most of every square inch of your home. Take a look at 10 ways to make your home feel bigger.

10. Let Your Creative Juice Flow

When living in a small space, being creative is necessary to make your home feel bigger. To this end, non-traditional furniture options, which free up floor space or give the illusion of an open space can be a great option. Instead of a full-size couch, choose a couple of slim chairs or a pouf that can substitute for seating options.

If you need to create space in your bedroom, a loft bed that utilizes the space below is a good option. Take the time to think of each room’s function and create ways you can optimize your functional space.

9. Less Isn’t Always More

When trying to make your home feel bigger, it may be tempting to opt for smaller furniture. While this seems like an obvious way to save space, miniature or small items aren’t always the best choice. A smaller piece of furniture may create more floor space, but that space often doesn’t have a purpose.

A grouping of small chairs may seem to create more space than a full-sized couch, but the space between them isn’t functional. Additionally, instead of having a plethora of miniature or small knickknacks, free up clutter for more functional space, and opt for a large item as a focal point of your room.

8. Create Depth with Color & Lights

To create depth in smaller spaces, try painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls. Another way to add depth is by decorating with lamp fixtures or another hanging décor. A versatile track lighting set is a great way to effectively brighten and aggrandize a room by pointing light into dark areas. When it comes to flooring, a light color will help open up the room. Light colored wood floors really brighten up the space.

7. Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter makes living quarters feel unbelievably small. It is crucial to keep areas free of clutter, in order to keep a room feeling clear and flowing. If you don’t have an abundance of space, then you shouldn’t have useless items scattered throughout your home. Make it a habit to declutter your home and get rid of items that are non-essentials. If you’d like to hold on to your belongings put them a storage facility where you can easily access them.

6. Convertible & Stowaway Furniture

When you’re trying to make your home feel bigger, you have to consider what each room will be used for. Multi-functional furniture that offers built-in storage is an excellent way to save space while embracing your room’s purpose.

Furniture with multiple uses is the perfect fix for clearing clutter. If you need a dining table and a desk, opt for a piece that can double as both a place to eat and a place to work. It is important to choose furniture wisely, and differentiate between your needs and desires.

5. Keep Colors Neutral

To give the illusion of a bigger area, choose the appropriate color palate. Utilizing the right colors can make a huge difference in how a room feels. Walls should be kept in white, neutral, and pale hues because using dark colors can make any room seem much smaller and darker.

Try to paint all walls the same color, and add your personal touch with bursts of color occasionally spread throughout the room. If your space is lacking natural light, paint your walls light blue or light gray to help give the space a light, airy sensation.

4. Learn the Ways of Storage Gurus

Storage space might seem hard to find in smaller living spaces, but an abundance of clever storage tactics to make your home feel bigger are available. Maximize your space with overhead storage space, floating shelves, baskets, or decorative boxes.

To make your room look larger, taller, and more spacious, place your items as high up as possible. Store things in baskets and decorative boxes to keep clutter at bay, while keeping aesthetics in mind. Also, choose boxes and containers that can easily be stored under the sofa, end tables, desk, or couch.

3. Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a beautiful décor addition to any living space. Whether you prefer ornate framed mirrors or sleek no-frame mirrors, any small room will look bigger. Mirrors give the illusion of space by reflecting the light that you already have in your room. A good idea to make a home look bigger is to place a large mirror across from a window, that way, it will help shed additional light throughout you home giving it a spacious, open feeling.

2. Modern Furnishings

A fantastic option for creating the illusion of more space is using see-through or light, modern furniture. With fewer visual breaks between spaces, your home will feel larger. Modern furnishings made out of glass or Plexiglas are great for this purpose. Dining rooms look spectacular with glass dining table sets. Be creative and decorate with see-through shelving, coffee tables, and more.

1. Choose Drapes Wisely

Windows without drapes and blinds are beautiful and offer a light, airy feeling to a room. However, if you like, or need, privacy, opt for a sheer drape in light colors, which allow natural light to flow in. Heavier drapes can be used to block out the sun, but light colors brighten the room. To give height and a larger appearance to a room, hang full-length curtains from the ceiling down to the floor.


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