Floral Rugs That Will Outlast A Bouquet For Mother’s Day

Floral Rugs That Will Outlast A Bouquet For Mother's Day

There is not a lot that can warm the heart as much as a vibrant bouquet of flowers, especially when they’re from someone you love, but, give it a few days, maybe even a week, and that once beautiful bouquet is already showing signs of wilting. Instead, why not give something that will outlast a Mother’s Day bouquet? This Mother’s Day, give the mom in your life a thoughtful gift that will warm her heart every single day for years to come. These gorgeous floral rugs are the perfect mother’s day gift and will far outlast a bouquet.

There is a floral rug for every kind of mother, from bright and colorful to modern and chic. For the boho mom, there are more neutral prints, and for the eccentric mom, there are more geometric floral prints. Take a look at these discounted rugs, and make this Mother’s Day special.

If Your Mother Is An Artist

MZ-05 from Madeline by Loloi


Does your mother or wife love to paint? Then, this Mother’s Day give her a beautiful artist-inspired floral print. Your loved one will enjoy the gift of art right underneath her feet. The wispy strokes and abstracts flowers on this hibiscus rug are sure to make any artist feel a sense of joy. This rug also comes in cobalt blue if your mother prefers cooler colors.

To really make a bright floral print pop, set it upon a white canvas—or rug. This bright rug has a white background to really make the colorful floral print pop. Your mother will love this pattern. If your artsy mother is more into abstract art, this abstract floral print will be sure to please her. The rug itself looks like a wonderful work of abstract art.

For The Mom Who Loves Bright Colors

SND-4508 from Sanderson by Surya


If your mom is obsessed with bright colors, help her bring more bright life into her home with a colorful, floral print rug. These bright and colorful floral print rugs are full of energy and will make a statement in any home and in any room. Your mom will be thrilled to show off her new rug at cocktail parties or book clubs. For a modern pattern, try this floral rug in caper, green, orange, pink and red. With bright pops of color, this rug is soft and subtle with a mellow green background as a nice contrast.

Another modern print, this chic rug has extremely bright colors. With lime green, turquoise, and bright orange, this rug is balanced with soft greys.

Finally, this floral print rug is truly a Mother’s Day bouquet. The fuschia pink balanced with orange and yellow in a mystical print is guaranteed to warm the heart.

Eccentric Mother, Geometric Floral Print

FM-7073 from Forum by Surya


Who says floral has to be swirly and soft? Floral prints come in all shapes and sizes, and some mothers will prefer sharper prints with more eccentric colors like blue, green, grey, or gold. Leaves fall into the floral category as well, and some of the most beautiful floral print rugs are designed with colorful leaves instead of ordinary flowers.

For an eccentric rug with a more geometric print, check out the leaves on these multi-colored rugs. For an even more geometric style that’s a little more on the wild side, these palm-inspired rugs do not disappoint. Finally, for the eccentric mama, try this chocolate and lime large floral print rug with bold lines and a modern print. These modern floral prints would each look great in a mother’s home office, living room, or even under a dining table. They each make a statement, so be sure to place them somewhere everyone will see!

For The Seaside Mom

BST-495 from Bombay by Surya

Does your mom love the sand, the beach, and being by the ocean? Whether she lives by the seaside or dreams of sandy beach days, find a thoughtful beach-inspired floral rug with sandy hues, ocean hues, and soft, coral-like floral prints.

For starters, this sand brown and burnt-orange floral rug has a wild floral print that resembles coral. The soft, neutral hues will look great in a beach-inspired home—especially in a room with a lot of natural lighting. To get the beautiful blue colors from the ocean right into your mother’s living room, check out this stunning soft, blue floral print rug. The sandy background with vibrant shades of blue will have your loved one dreaming of vacation days. For a more modern ocean-inspired floral print, opt for bright blue flowers with pops of bright yellow. With the hues of the beach and ocean, the vibrancy of this rug resembles sunny skies and blue waves.

Floral Print For The Moroccan Mom

KAL-8001 from Kaleidoscope by Surya


Maybe your mom, or wife, isn’t actually from Morocco, but she is obsessed with Moroccan style. Moroccan style is bohemian, colorful, and extremely tasteful. These Moroccan-inspired floral print rugs look so strikingly similar to that authentic Moroccan tile your mom has been raving about. Moroccan is in, and these rugs will give her the feeling that she’s been looking for in her home.

For vibrancy, go for blue and yellow colors in a kaleidoscope pattern rug that truly resembles tile. For darker, more traditional colors, try deep navy, red, and softer shades of blue like this navy multi-colored floral print rug that still has an exotic pattern. For something less vibrant and a little more traditional, opt for neutral hues with shades of ivory and navy. This bohemian and Moroccan-inspired rug is perfect for something a little more on the traditional side with softer colors.

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