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When deciding what to get mom for Mother’s Day, most people think of flowers or jewelry. While most moms wouldn’t turn down either, rugs last longer than flowers and are a more creative option than the typical heart necklace she’s used to receiving. Instead, a rug can transform the space she spends the most time in, enriching her daily life in ways that will remind her of your gift for months and years to come. A new aesthetic is the trendiest Mother’s Day gift this year, and we guarantee your mom will love these special finds. Check out our top 7 picks for rugs your mom is sure to love.

7. Calligraphy

LPF-8005 from Leap Frog by Surya

Calligraphy personalizes a space like almost nothing else. Quotes and calligraphy are “in” in wall décor, office supplies, picture frames and more, and rugs are no exception. The LPF-8005 Love Rug will let Mom know exactly how you feel about her on Mother’s Day. Plus, the delicate word in calligraphy will add a feminine and soft touch to any room. The small size of this rug would be perfect as a bath mat, adding a luxurious end to a bubble bath at the end of a long day. Each time her toes brush the softness of the mat as she gets finishes her spa time, she’ll think about how you see her as a loving, feminine presence that exudes the word “Love.”

6. Floral


It’s no secret that moms love being shown appreciation through flowers. They’re pretty, ephemeral, and demonstrate that the receiver is worth a frivolous expense. How about refreshing the traditional floral gift with a floral rug instead? Not only does the CM07 Chambord collection rug embrace the floral roots that moms love, but it does so in an updated, sophisticated way, utilizing contemporary colors in a modern aesthetic. This rug is proof that floral doesn’t have to be strictly feminine or over-the-top. The understated, classy design is perfect for moms that enjoy flowers with a modern, stylish twist that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Kitchen

DCR-4006 from Decorativa by Surya

For the mom that loves homemaking and spends much of her day in the kitchen, a new kitchen rug will transform an otherwise ordinary space into one she loves. The DCR-4006 Magenta Decorativa Rug is the perfect shape as a runner through the kitchen. Every time she stands at the sink doing dishes or slaves away on the stove, she’ll enjoy having the softness and aesthetic of her new rug to cushion her feet. The contemporary two-tone appearance is perfect for contemporary or transitional spaces. Plus, the vibrant magenta color will liven up any aesthetic, and the abstract pattern fits into any existing style.

4. Hallway Runner

M-5446 from Mystique by Surya

The hallway can be a notoriously difficult space to decorate. Without much opportunity for furnishings, hallways can be uncomfortably sparse and bare, and be left last when it comes to updating décor. Let Mom know she’s not the only one who’s noticed this decorating hole with the M-5446 Burgundy Mystique Runner. This tasteful and minimalist runner will add some color to an otherwise dull hallway and brighten up the walk from the kid’s bedroom to the living area or the bedroom to the kitchen. The Mystique collection is handcrafted and hand loomed, which creates a unique feel. Moms with refined taste will love the quality and detail work of this rug, which is made with the finest wool fibers and hand finished. Even the most particular moms will never find a flaw in this runner.

3. Bohemian

BHM-1005 from Bohemia by Surya

Get your eccentric and free-spirited mom the BHM-1005 Raw Umber Bohemian Rug. She’ll love the tie-dyed flat weave rug that is hand woven from 100 percent wool. The gorgeous, unique pattern will fit right in with her eclectic and quirky décor. She is sure to feel that you’ve taken her taste and aesthetic preferences into account when choosing this rug for her, as it’s directly inspired by the bohemian movement. The range of size choices leave enough flexibility for you to choose the perfect fit for the space you know she’s dying to decorate, whether that’s the family room or her private workspace, or the sunroom where she reads on Saturday afternoons.

2. Abstract

29004-992 from Mod by Dynamic Rugs

You know the mom in your life better than almost anyone. Maybe she’s not a traditionalist and doesn’t prefer a feminine or floral aesthetic. The modern on-the-go woman may have more trendy or stylish tastes. This mom will love the 29004-992 Mod rug. The swaths of color on this rug exude an artistic, free-spirited flair, and would look perfect in a sitting or family room, or in Mom’s home office or creative workspace. The swatches of primary colors and unfinished paint strokes inspire creativity in all viewers, and this gift is sure to let its receiver know that you think of her as a creative and inspirational influence on you. Plus, she’ll know you thought about her tastes specifically when picking out a gift for an easily gift-able occasion.

1. High Pile

Autumn from Sheep by Artistic Weavers

A high-pile rug is the epitome of luxury. What better gift for mom than a luxurious, foot-loving soft area rug like the Autumn Beige Sheep Rug? The high-pile nature and softness beg bare toes to bury themselves in the fibers. Mom will love to relax in any room with this rug, which adds a touch of glamour aesthetic in addition to the luxury of fabric. The beige color will easily blend in with any room color palette, whether neutral or an accumulation of vibrant colors and patterns. It easily is incorporated in whatever room Mom spends the most time.

Haven’t found the perfect rug for the special mom in your life yet? Check out all our special hand-picked rugs on sale for Mother’s Day on PlushRugs.com!

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