How To Pick A Rug Color

Vintage Aimee from Giza by NuLoom

How do you pick the right rug color for your home? It may seem difficult, but the worst thing would be to choose a rug color on a whim because you’re just not sure what or how to pick. This rug color guide will direct you to your perfect rug to create the perfect room.

There are so many factors that can help determine the right rug color. What color are the walls and what other colors are already in the room? Do you prefer monotone design or mixing and matching colors? What is the feeling you want to evoke in your room? An energetic and vibrant feel or a relaxed, calming feel? You could use a simple rug to contrast the wild, colorful decor in a room, or you could keep a minimalist design and use the rug as the focal point—we have plenty of rugs that are perfect for just that.

Bright Colors

HNO-1004 from Hannon Hill by Surya

Are you drawn to bright colors? If so, you have one of two options. Either choose a brightly colored rug and make it the focal point of your room or opt for something like a bright white shag rug and decorate the room with bright colors to provide a strategic contrast.

The key to successfully choosing a bright colored rug to be the focal point of a room is finding one that is not a solid color. This is easy enough, but you also want to find a bright colored rug that has a contemporary or bohemian pattern. Modern and brightly colored rugs tend to be more abstract and look like works of art. These are perfect for being the center of attention in a room.

To choose the right color, either match the rug with another outstanding piece of decor in the room or simply choose the colors that catch your eye. In general, bright and warm colors are more energizing and look better in rooms with lots of natural light. When it comes to bohemian patterns, make sure to find a combination of colors that bring you joy.

Neutral Colors

ELZ-2324 from Elaziz by Surya

Go for neutral tones when you have a room with exotic decorative pieces, you’re going for a natural, earth-inspired style, or you prefer a more holistic style in your home. If you want to play up the exotic feel, try Moroccan style rugs with tassels to elevate the overall design in the room. You could also have a neutral rug with a minimalist pattern in another neutral color, like grey or beige.

For a natural, earth-inspired style, try earth-inspired colors like greys and blues on a rug with a natural, earthy pattern. If you want less color, opt for a beige rug with a wood-inspired pattern. Holistic homes are plant-filled and spacious. They don’t have a lot of colors, but careful pops of color, like thin blue stripes on a neutral rug, fit perfectly. Neutral, camel-colored southwestern rugs are also meant for holistic homes.

Dark Colors

ASL-1024 from Ashlee by Surya

Just because you want a colorful rug, doesn’t mean it has to be bright pink and orange. Navy, emerald green, and burnt orange are all examples of deeper colors that look great in a variety of designs and style preferences. Dark, deep colors look great in bedrooms, libraries, dining rooms, and living areas. They contrast well with dark wood furniture, bright greenhouse plants, and wood floors.

If you have a white tile floor, consider a navy rug. Navy goes incredibly well with white, and any navy rugs are designed with white prints as well. Dark wood floors pair perfectly with darker shades of orange (think a burnt orange, solid rug), and wood also looks great with a rich emerald green color rug. Use rugs with deep shades of purple on grey floors, such as grey wood tile or concrete floors. When using darker colors, be careful to not go pattern-crazy. Darker colors with wild patterns can look a little stuffy, so solid rugs with minimal patterns, or even just striped lines will look best.


MCS-2301 from Moroccan Shag by Surya

When choosing a rug with an intricate pattern, there’s no need to get incredibly detailed about each and every color in the rug. You’ll end up bringing this beautiful rug home to realize there are hints of yellow, and now you love bringing home a bouquet of yellow flowers to accentuate the rug. This is why colorfully patterned rugs are so fun—they invite curiosity and creativity.

Instead of worrying whether the rug will match, choose one of two colors that you envision looking great in the room, and let the rug do the rest of the work. The designers of the rug understand color combinations, and buying a colorfully-patterned rug may actually help you bring your room together. A colorful pattern can be balanced with hints of grey or beige, or it can be bright and bold. The colorful pattern may also be minimal and contrasted on a white background.


Lucid Ombre Shag from Zoomy by NuLoom

You may not think textures play a huge role in color, but they most definitely do. A shag rug can pull off solid prints sometimes better than a regular, flat rug. This is particularly true if the color of the rug is displayed in an ombre pattern, like this blue ombre shag rug. A grey shag rug looks regal, chic, and sophisticated, while a plain and flat grey rug could be a little boring. A Moroccan shag rug in white can carry a colorful pattern without being too much.

Adding tassels to a rug can invite an exotic feeling of some far-off place. This feeling that is evoked from the tassels can justify lots of colors. Tassels make wild, colorful patterns look ten times better. If you want a solid print in your favorite color, some textured lines or geometric shapes can make a world of a difference. Textured patterns on a solid rug take it from “blah” to “oh yeah!”

How To Pick A Rug Color

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