What 15 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Rugs

What 15 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Rugs

Maybe it’s because we work with rugs all the time, but we think these celebs might be looking for their look alike in all the wrong places. The similarities resonate on a few different levels. Check out these 15 celebrities (and one bonus!) who look a lot like some of our favorite rug products.


ALI-26701 from Alida by Chandra

Sleek, classy, and with hips that all women can only wish for, Beyonce has it all. She’s a shimmery silk rug, and she’ll last for decades.

Dwayne Johnson

EAG-2309 from Eagean by Surya

Part athlete, part actor (and a good singer, too… you’re welcome!), Dwayne Johnson is extremely talented and versatile, just like an indoor/outdoor rug. He’s tough enough to perform in the outdoorsy wrestling arena, but he can perform on the big screen with its plush red carpets.

Angelina Jolie

CYS-3417 from Cloudy Shag by Surya

Jolie’s massive back tattoo may look like a rug, but she’s not about to let Brad walk all over her and the kids.

Kim Kardashian

GC-11 from Grand Canyon by Loloi

We can’t help it. It’s just the shape of her. Kim Kardashian is a curvy hide rug all the way!

Jennifer Aniston

NF114M from Natural Fibers 100 by Safavieh

For decades, Jenn has always stayed ahead of the trend. The 2000’s “it girl” still inspires us to keep our skin healthy during tv commercials in a surprisingly classy way.

Britney Spears

GGS-1004 from Gorgeous by Surya

A little girl next door, a little crazy. Britany, you will always have a special place in our hearts (but not on our big screens).

Donald Trump

Kezar from Providence by American Rug Craftsmen

Donald Trump: 100% American made with synthetic fibers. When we look at Donald Trump, we see this resilient 100% Polyester tan and navy rug. ‘Merica, baby.

Katy Perry

Skylar from Geology by Artistic Weavers

This pop rock star always flaunts a whimsical pop of color wherever she goes. When it comes to incorporating ikat rugs into a space in a classy way, Katy Perry is our inspiration.

David Spade

PAR391-3440 from Paradise by Safavieh

After Chris Farley’s unfortunate early death, David Spade will always be missing something. Just like this neutral colored rug. It is just begging to be paired with something else to take the primary attention off of it.

Chris Evans

VIV-805 from Vivid by Surya

Have you ever found yourself lusting after the rich texture of Chris Evans’s beardly face? With our brown shoestring shag rug, you could walk across that texture every day in your own space.

Jennifer Lawrence

ABA-6259 from Arabia by Artistic Weavers

Jennifer Lawrence is infamous for tripping on her way up the Oscar stage while accepting her award for best actor in 2013… and then tripping AGAIN at the Oscars on the red carpet in 2014. When we see Jennifer Lawrence, we think hallway runner.

Jaden Smith

MSR4572A from Martha Stewart Wool Tufted .625 by Safavieh

How could we leave the richest child actor (currently) off of our list? With bold personality and his creative hairstyles at his young age, the resemblance to our youth lion rug is definitely there.


32978-6535 from Infinity by Dynamic Rugs

We’re never going to be able to look at this rug the same way again. The resemblance is uncanny.

Lady Gaga

Devon Diamond Trellis Tassel Shag from Candolim by NuLoom

The rock ’n roll shag haircut is on trend this year, and nobody has been wearing it longer than Lady Gaga. A thick curtain of bangs really adds to the shag effect. And you know, she’s gotta diamond heart.

George Clooney

MA-08 from Maison by Momeni

Timeless, classic, and gets better with age. George Clooney is a hand-tufted traditional wool rug that will look terrific for decades.

Bonus: Chip Gaines

91003-107 from Heirloom by Dynamic Rugs

While Joanna keeps the duo stylish and classy, Chip definitely adds a fun, laid-back southwestern side to the Magnolia brand.

What 15 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Rugs

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