10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

The best part about having a house is optimizing the space you have so that it looks exactly the way you want. Do you want a bigger looking house without the hassle of remodeling or moving? There are a variety of ways to make sure your home looks bigger. Adding helpful decor in your house, as well as rearranging furniture, are just a few of the ways to make more space in your house. You may want a new look in your home, or you might be tired of all the clutter filling up your living quarters. The ten ways to make your home look bigger are both easy and affordable.

1. Use Bright Colors

Use Bright Colors

As you may know, light or bright colors have a way of making a room look bigger. Incorporate bright lights, rugs, furniture and other decorations, to make your living space seem bigger.

Colors like, white, off-white and cream are a good go-to to enhance a room’s size. Coordinate the color you choose with your furniture and the overall feel of the room. Try to paint the trimmings and lining around your walls brighter than the wall itself.

Light greens, blues, and other soft colors are more inviting than other colors. If it’s your style, opt for a faded yellow color. Dark colors make the room look smaller and will prevent light from being illuminated throughout the room.

2. Switch To Large Shelves

Switch To Large Shelves

Placing large shelves inside the room makes the space to appear more open. Especially tall shelves. This will also help de-clutter your area.

Many times, the right looking shelf will touch the ceiling. Shelves give you plenty of room to store books, pictures, or whatever else you may want to put in the room. Large shelves also look very unique and add a nice touch.

It may be hard to find a shelf in a store that is the right size. Looking online is always a great option to find the perfect large shelf for your home. You’ll be able to store books, coats, decorations and pretty much anything else you can think of. Candles are a great way to finish off the look as well. This will help eliminate clutter, which is exactly why the room will seem bigger.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Get Rid Of Clutter

Eliminating clutter in your living room, bedroom or den is the most important step to making your room feel bigger.

Clutter makes everything look and feel cramped. Especially when there’s a table filled with magazines, papers or bills. Remove the table and replace it with something smaller, so you’re not tempted to stack things on it.

Get rid of unnecessary furniture. We all love to decorate, but sometimes we simply overdo it. Ideally, your living space does not need a whole lot of furniture to look nice. It needs the right furniture.

Removing excess furniture and other clutter in a room will also make it much easier to navigate. Imagine having dinner guests over, no one will be able to walk through if you have stuff in every corner of the room.

Part of eliminating clutter is having the right furniture to place things in. As mentioned, try getting tall shelves to put your belongings and decorations in.

4. Use Your Windows

Use Your Windows

Windows easily make any room look more spacious. The more windows in a room, the bigger it looks. The natural sunlight and option to look outside gives the room a spacious feeling.

Rooms without windows seem small and closed in. Pair light colored curtains with your windows to optimize this look.

Curtains that can be pulled back and readjusted are the best for this purpose. You will also want curtains with a light fabric. Curtains that are too thick will not allow as much natural light to come into a room. If the windows in your home aren’t as big as you would like you can extend the rods on your curtains to make them appear bigger.

It’s always a good idea to set small, low furniture under or near a window so that you’re not blocking the space.

5. Decorate With Wall Art

Decorate With Wall Art

This is a favorite for many homeowners. Whether you use pictures or painted wall art, you can bet that it will make the living space seem bigger.

Plain, solid colored walls fail to give your room style and the illusion of space. You’ll want to use pictures that are light in color with a dark frame, to balance the look. Wall art also makes your room look brighter.

A couple of large pictures around the room will work just fine, depending on the size of your room. The key is to have balance when placing the wall art.

You don’t have to opt for pictures if you don’t want to. Wall art comes in many different patterns and designs. Large wall hangings may take the form of a large circular structure or any other shape.

6. Adjust the Lighting

Adjust The Lighting

Changing the lighting in a room has a huge impact on the living space. Play around with what looks best in the room. There isn’t one specific style since colors and furniture change with each room.

Track lighting is one way to make a room appear bigger. These lights are small but come with many bulbs to hang on tapestries. These are a better option compared to free-standing lights because they give light at a different angle. Having the ability to change the angle of your lighting makes a huge impact.

Try reflecting the light from different points of the room such as walls and furniture. When the light bounces off, it will illuminate the entire room, giving the appearance of more space.

Combining different lighting options is always an excellent choice as well. Use floor lights, ceiling light, and tracking lights to see how the room looks from different views. This will also add more dimension to the room you’re decorating.

7. Dark Flooring

Geo Loop from Nuance by Orian

With all the light colors incorporated into the room, you’ll need dark floors to balance everything out. Dark floors will contrast with the light colors to make them stand out even more.

This will allow the room to look very spacious. Having a deep brown wooden floor, carpet, or rug will work perfectly.

Dark flooring will also make the room look clearer. Dark floors will not show stains and footprints as much as a light floor would.

Be strategic with how you place furniture in a room with dark flooring. If done incorrectly, it may end up looking less spacious than before.

Keep the space open to make the room feel clean and spacious. Create a unique look by incorporating rugs and other accessories.

8. Careful Furniture Placement

Careful Furniture Placement

Furniture can make or break a room. When possible, incorporate light colored furniture that sits high off the ground. When you can see the floor underneath the furniture, the room will look much more spacious.

If the room is small, stay away from bulky furniture like sectionals. Instead, opt for a small couch and a love seat to give plenty of space. Pillows are a great way to decorate, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Smaller tables are a good idea as well. The ideal table should be completely cleaned off with the exception of a small candle or picture. Bulky looking tables are a no-go as well.

Arrange the furniture in such a way that you have wide open spaces to walk through. Make sure the traffic path is visible as well. You should be able to see the path from the entry to the furthest point in the room clearly.

Lightly colored rugs are always a great add-on if space permits. Many peoples feel as if their room is not complete without a good, cozy rug.

Another tip is to pull furniture a few inches off the wall. This makes the wall seem further away, which will make the room look bigger. When furniture sits on the wall, you can see exactly where the boundaries are.

9. Incorporate Mirrors

Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors allow for the reflection of the light in the room and create extra dimension and space. Use tall, wide mirrors because smaller mirrors will add to the clutter in your room. Make sure to place the mirrors carefully to give the room some depth.

Reflecting both the natural and artificial lights of the room will make the room appear larger. If you put a mirror near the window, you’ll reflect the view from outside.

In a bedroom, mirrored closet doors will also promote space. You can add mirrors to just about any wall or cabinet. The bigger the mirror the more spacious the room will look. Putting mirrors on two walls is also a great way of adding a spacious feel.

10. Built-in Shelving

Built-in Dressers

Have someone install dressers and drawers that come out the walls. Many older houses will already have this feature. If you have these compartments that are built-in the wall you won’t need extra furniture and tables to keep stuff.

These are especially helpful in bedrooms when you don’t want the clutter of buying a regular dresser. Make sure these shelves are light in color as well.

Not only will built-in dressers and drawers make the room seem bigger, they’ll also make the room more tasteful. You may want built-in drawers in your living room as well. These will make it easy to replace unwanted tables and stands.

The purpose of having these built-in structures is to provide you with somewhere to store your belongings while giving the room more space. Great colors to incorporate include, whites, and grays. They are light enough, while still adding style to the room.

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