How To Pick A Dining Room Rug

Dining Room Rugs

When it comes to choosing a rug for your dining room, you want something functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want a thin rug that will get crumpled up every time you scoot your dining chair. You may also want to stay away from shag rugs in this room to avoid fallen food getting stuck in the carpet, and as beautiful as they may be, avoid a bright white rug in case someone spills a glass of red wine—yikes!

The most important thing to consider when it comes to dining room rug ideas is that your rug of choice for your dining room ought to be a work of art. Consider this important rug the centerpiece of the room. Allow the rug to be the first thing you pick out so it can determine the rest of the decor in the dining room. Here are dining room rug ideas to help you make the best rug choice!

Large Dining Room Area Rugs

Vintage Culver from Montclair NuLoom

One idea for your dining room rug is to choose something that stretches out to cover most of the room. In this fashion, the rug will leave about a foot or two of exposed floor on the edges. This is a great option if the room is smaller and you can create the feel of a carpeted floor—but with more style, of course. A great reason to go with this look is to create a sense of grandiose style. When going with this look and using a large rug, be sure to pick out a rug you really love that expresses your true style.

Avoid complicated patterns and too many colors. Contemporary rugs with minimalist patterns are a great option. Choose a sturdy rug with viscose (faux silk) for an elegant finish. Stick to more neutral colors, particularly sophisticated greys, like this ivory, charcoal, and aqua rug, a silver vintage tribal rug, or a similar vintage print rug in ivory or charcoal.

Small Dining Room Area Rugs

SDT-2311 from Seasoned Treasures by Surya

Whether you’d like to save money and stick to a smaller sized rug, or you simply prefer the look of a smaller rug under the dining room table, here are some tips for choosing something smaller. Your rug should extend underneath all of the legs of the table and all of the legs of the chairs. If you don’t extend the rug far enough, the dining room table and chairs will look squished, and everything will look too small for your room—no matter what size the room is.

Because you are not choosing as large of a rug, you can choose a bolder color and pattern for this look. Something rich and deep like a fuschia pink rug works well here, as well as dark red and taupe rug. If you’re going for a smaller sized rug, try something fun like a colorful abstract mosaic rug! The dining table will cover most of the rug, so don’t be afraid to choose a rug that really stands out.

Rustic Dining Room Rugs

NF731A from Natural Fibers 700 by Safavieh

There are many reasons to go more rustic with natural fiber rugs. If you want to play up the decor in the room and keep the floor simple, then a natural fiber rug is a perfect choice. If you love a more earthy and exotic style, then neutral colors and natural textures will look better in your home. Sometimes a neutral color and natural texture allow you to place bright colors around the room in contrast.

For example, use a natural fiber rug in a camel color underneath your dining table and add some bright and colorful pillows or cushions to each of the dining table chairs. The carefully designed contrast will make the room really pop!  You may want to keep it really simple with a solid natural fiber rug, or you may want to add a little extra style with a border in a different color or fringe—in a different color, or in the form of tassels.

Bright Dining Room Rugs

TEC-1011 from Technicolor by Surya

There are so many reasons to go bright with your dining room decor—especially when it comes to the rug! A dining room should never be stiff and stale. This is the place where you foster good conversation and log good memories in the book. Your dining room should be happy, vibrant, and full of life. This is why a bright rug is one of the best dining room rug ideas.

If you decide to go with a bright rug for underneath your dining room table, be careful not to go overboard with the decorations and embellishments. Avoid matching everything to your rug perfectly. If you choose a bright pink rug, you don’t want the entire room to become pink. Let the bright rug do its job, and keep the rest of the room fairly simple. You can go bright with a floral pattern, or even a bold palm tree pattern for something more modern. This pink floral medallion rug has dining room written all over it!

Neutral Dining Room Rugs

Patchwork from Antika by Kalora

So you want to keep it neutral, eh? If the idea of a natural fiber rug sounds too natural and earthy to you, but you aren’t a bright color kind of person, then there are many neutral design ideas for your dining room rug. Many neutral rugs come with light patterns that add some embellishment to an otherwise simple color. This patchwork rug in beige is the perfect rug for a minimalist farmhouse home, and it’s simply made for a dining room table.

You can also up the design on a neutral rug by choosing a faded print and faded color. While this rug is blue, it’s faded color and print make it very soft and almost creamy. If you love the natural fiber rugs but worry they’ll be too boring, try a natural fiber rug with a print. This jute rug is a natural fiber and has navy and brown diamonds for a little extra style.

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