5 Kitchen Rug Ideas

Kitchen Rugs

While you may not think to put a rug in your kitchen, the right rug can completely transform your kitchen’s look. Kitchens are often made up of hard floors—usually tile or concrete. Without carefully placed touches of decor, your kitchen could easily be drab and bland. Dress up your kitchen with a mixture of textures using rugs of various materials. Bring a soft touch to an otherwise sharp room.

Along with your new kitchen rug (or rugs), hang beautiful wood or marble cutting boards on the walls, add some plants to the tops of the cabinets, place beautiful, painted plates on the walls, and finish it off with a colorful bouquet of flowers. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be monotone in all white with silver appliances, or all wood with black appliances. Add some color to your kitchen to give it life. Start with these 5 kitchen rug ideas.

Long and Narrow Rugs

KYA-9110 from Kyah by Surya


Your first thought may be—how will a standard rug fit in my kitchen? When it comes to kitchen rugs, they will be a little out of the ordinary compared to what you may use in a living room or dining room. One of the best rug shapes for a kitchen is a long and narrow, rectangular rug. This shape is perfect for lining the cabinets centered in front of your kitchen sink. This shape of rug also looks nice lining your kitchen island, or you can place it underneath the stools in front of a kitchen island.

You can also use this shape as a sort of entrance to your kitchen. These long and narrow rugs are versatile and practically made for kitchens. For a more natural kitchen with wood elements, try this khaki rug with green flowers. For a modern kitchen, we love this charcoal and ivory rug with a geometric print.

Round Rugs


CAP201A from Cape Cod by Safavieh

Kitchens lend themselves to odd shapes with their cabinets and islands breaking up the layout of the room. Often, kitchens are pathways between other rooms in the house too. Round rugs are smaller and easy to add to a kitchen in a variety of ways. A round rug fits perfectly in front of the kitchen sink and also fits well underneath dog bowls and dog food storage.

If you have a walk-in pantry, a round rug is a perfect addition to give your pantry a little more flare. Some kitchens have small offices built-in, and a round rug looks right at home underneath the chair or stool of a kitchen office. A handwoven round rug with a delicate pattern is fitting for a kitchen style. Try this Indian Sundaze rug in burnt orange, or try a more circular shape rug in sage. For something a little more colorful, try a multi-colored round rug in jute.

Breakfast Table Rug

Delila from Nomad by NuLoom


If you don’t have a breakfast table in your kitchen, now is a great time to make that happen. Let the dining room table be reserved for elegant dinners and use a breakfast table for more casual meals, like breakfast and lunch. This smaller table usually has no more than 2-4 chairs, and it typically fits right inside your kitchen without looking stuffed. Sometimes the breakfast table is round and sometimes it is square or rectangular. Depending on the shape of the table, find a rug in the same shape to place underneath.

Adding a breakfast table with a stylish rug underneath is the best way to instantly up the style in your kitchen. For a round breakfast table, use a round rug, like this vibrant and colorful round rug. For a rectangular table, try this multi-colored jute rug.

Indigo Kitchen

Harmann from Bedina by NuLoom


A recently popular style are indigo-dyed kitchen towels. Whether these kitchen towels stay in-style or not, bright blue will always look right at home in any kitchen. White kitchens in particular match exquisitely with turquoise, indigo, and any other shade of blue.

This beautiful navy and sky blue rug with tassels would contrast perfectly with a white tile kitchen. Because this is a larger rug, it would fit in a larger kitchen more comfortably. You can also get the rug in a smaller size and use it for a mat underneath your feet at the sink, or by a door to the patio or backyard (if you have one in your kitchen). This denim and light gray rug is modern and chic for a bright white kitchen or one with slate gray painted cabinets. Finally, this blue pattern rug would shine in a kitchen with lots of natural light and beach-inspired decor.

Outdoor Rugs


EAG-2315 from Eagean by Surya

Now it may sound counterintuitive, but outdoor rugs work well in kitchens. If you’re looking for something more sturdy and durable in the harsh kitchen environment—think food falling, wine dripping, busy traffic, and the occasional dish breaking. Outdoor rugs are meant to endure harsh weather and dirt, so you know an outdoor rug can withstand anything that goes on in the kitchen.

When choosing an outdoor rug for your kitchen, avoid rugs that look obviously “outdoor”. Instead, opt for rugs with color and patterns. This dark green, bright yellow, and denim tribal print rug disguises its outdoor durability with a fun pattern. To add vibrancy to your kitchen, try a bright color like this bright pink outdoor rug. For the summer season or if your home is near the beach, use a tropical print like coral on an ocean blue backdrop. And as if this one were made for the kitchen, this outdoor rug has colorful peppers!

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