4 Rug Brands That Are Made in America

If you know anything about rugs you’re probably used to foreign brands such as Safavieh and Anatolia rugs. Many foreign brands have excellent reputations and make high-quality rugs. Each rug features its own design and personality which really makes a room come to life. Hand-woven rugs are a delicacy which is usually known to be created overseas, by the careful hands of talented workers.

With the rug market on the rise within the United States, you don’t have to order from a company overseas. Right here in America are a variety of phenomenal companies that know how to create exquisite pieces. Many American rug brands have been around for quite some time. These companies have mastered the art of international trade and connections to bring the most up to date and carefully crafted rugs yet.

Finding the perfect rug design often means that you buy from companies that are located in different countries. The following rug brands are located within the United States. These are well-known brands that create both beautiful and unique rugs.

1. Orian


Misty from Wild Weave by Orian

This American based company is located in the wonderful city of Anderson, South Carolina. This company prides themselves on the fact that they decided to go green in recent years. This means that they use electrical means of producing their rugs rather than the traditional gas boiler.

Like many other companies, Orian decided to recycle their used products as well. One of the best parts about “going green” is that they were able to completely eliminate landfill manufacturing. Instead of throwing out the plastic, cardboard and other materials used, they recycle them all.

Orian isn’t only known for going green. This company has a wonderful reputation that precedes itself. Their rugs take on various forms, sizes, and designs. There’s a little something there for anyone. A few of their rug collections include; Cotton Tail, Four Seasons, Grand Tapis, Boucle, and Wild Weave. Orian rugs incorporate various different styles and designs to their rugs. Their sizes range from 2×7 to 9×13 foot rugs. These include both modern and vintage looking designs to tailor to the needs of everyone.

2. Karastan

549-15006 from Ashara by Karastan

Karastan has been known as, “The Wonder Rugs of America.” This company originated in 1928 with the intent to design both comfy and luxurious rugs. They’ve managed to create woven rugs which are resistant to everyday wear and tear. This is the perfect rug company for families with pets, children, and visitors coming through. Stains will not completely ruin a Karastan rug.

This company was first located in North Carolina before expanding their horizons. They’re known all over the world for creating durable yet beautiful rugs. This company also gives the option of purchasing their carpets for flooring. Buyers can choose from a loop pile texture, shag, and piles. These rugs are perfect for living rooms, basements, dens and dining rooms. The aerial space and design make for a wonderful creation.

3. Dalyn

BC1244 from Beckham by Dalyn

Dalyn happens to be the largest producer of custom rugs in the world. It all started back in 1979. Through the years they’ve created over 450 designs, customs, and colors. About 30 years ago this company decided they wanted to create custom rugs at an affordable price. This is the go-to company for those who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for a high-quality rug. Customers can find their rugs from $79 to $999 depending on the design, size, and color.

The wide range of choices is great for buyer’s who are picky and want a very specific color scheme and design. Their rugs are known for being pet-friendly as well. Pet owners won’t have to worry about too much hair accumulation on their brand new rug. Their rugs are made from Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Polypropylene, and Acrylic. Some of their rugs are indeed machine made while others are hand tufted.

A few of their styles include; Omega, Nepal, Monaco, Maui, and Ambiance. Their designs range from simple to complex, with something for every age group, even teenagers. Their Ambiance collection is known for being one of the most durable on the market.

4. Capel

Diamond from Fortress by Capel

Capel rugs are available across both the United States and Canada. Capel prides themselves on creating all their rugs from completely raw materials. The end result is an excellent and luxurious rug. This brand is also known for making America’s Braided Rugs. This brand of rugs is carefully woven through a machine weaver. While a machine does most of the work, people are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly.

Their Braided Rugs are known for being a favorite among customers because they bring vibrant colors and a great personality to a rug. This brand first debuted in 1917 which was the start of an industrious age in the country. Capel provides both vintage and modern rugs in a variety of designs and color schemes. Their price ranges depend greatly on the style and size of the rug. The least expensive of their rugs cost $79, while the most expensive can be upward of $1,000. Their Beam rugs are rather unique with a design that looks as if the fabric and material have been blurred. Their Butte rugs are made completely from leather.

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