How To Host The Perfect Brunch

Make Your Drinks Ahead of Time

Creating the perfect brunch can seem like a difficult task. It takes times and consideration to present a wonderful brunch worth sharing with friends and family. Besides having great food, also consider a few other aspects to make the brunch ideal as well.

Brunch can be hosted for a variety of reasons; family get-togethers, business meeting with coworkers, friends catching up or a couples brunch. Holiday brunches are popular as well. Some opt to do a brunch for certain events like bridal showers, baby showers and birthdays. Knowing a good time to set your brunch is a good way to start. Brunch should be served between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm. An early start will be beneficial if the guests decided to skip breakfast for the event.

Make the atmosphere brunch-friendly. Surely there’s plenty of laughs and talks to be shared during a brunch. Cleanliness, timing, and great weather are all keys to a successful brunch.  The following tips will endure a memorable fantastic brunch meal.

1. Prepare The Table The Night Before

Prepare The Table The Night Before

Preparing the table the night before will save you the hassle and stress of running behind on time. The dishes you’ll be serving should absolutely be prepared or at least considered before the morning. Gather plates, silverware, tablecloths, centerpieces, and napkins before the morning. Place the table before going to sleep that night so that when you wake, all you have to do is cook and plate the food.

Decide the color scheme and consider how many guests will be attending before setting the table. If there will be a theme purchase all the necessary supplies and set the table accordingly.

If flowers will be used to decorate the table (real or fake) set them in their vases and bring candles to the table if desired. Do all the shopping a day or two in advance so everything is ready to be set up the night before the brunch. This way you won’t have to worry about rushing to get everything done.

2. Finding The Right Occasion

Finding The Right Occasion

Brunch can be considered for a variety of occasions. Celebrations, birthdays, wedding rehearsals, bridal showers, baby showers, holidays, business meetings, and family reunions.

Depending on the occasion it may be necessary to provide additional seating and provide a large meal to accommodate guests. Brunch doesn’t have to be hosted at the home, you can rent a place or have brunch in a park. For an upscale brunch call hotels and see if they have vacant dining areas.

Brunches are great for people of all age groups. Kids, teenagers, and adults can enjoy a nice brunch provided the right occasion comes up. Brunch ideas for children include play dates, sleepovers, sports championships, dance recitals or any other child-related celebration.

Teens can enjoy occasions such as sports championships, prom, homecoming, and other school or recreational related activities. Adults usually have brunch for the reasons previously mentioned such as holidays, bridal showers or business meetings. Often adults will have brunch just to catch up with old friends or for a couples retreat.

3. Choose The Best Foods

Choose The Best Foods

This may be the most important part of brunch. Be careful and considerate of food choices. Consider your guests. Does anyone have allergies? Any specific foods a guest won’t like to eat? Finger foods with small serving sizes are always a great idea. Using finger foods will be an easy way to serve guests.

Try adding mini muffins such as blueberry, banana or cranberry. Large fruit bowls are a great way to stay cool, just include a serving spoon and small plates. Recipes like Breakfast Mac and Cheese, Quiche, Stuffed French Toast, and Omelette’s work well as the main platter.

Use sides such as fruit, scrambled eggs, donuts, banana fritters, or biscuits and gravy. Offer a wide variety of options for your guests, so you’ll have something everyone likes.

Prepare before to have allergy-free options as well as options for those who don’t eat eggs. Use pancake and french toast variances for these guests. Sprinkle powdered sugar and fruit slices on top of these sweet breakfast entrees to make a beautiful brunch dish.

4. Make Your Drinks Ahead Of Time

Make Your Drinks Ahead of Time

Preparing drinks the night before will help speed up the process of plating the food in the morning. Basic drinks to include are orange juice, milk, apple juice, lemonade, and ice water. Depending on your guests you may add coffee as well, be sure to include assorted creamer flavors.

Alcoholic drinks to use include, Cranberry Orange Mimosas, Blissini, Champagne, Rosemary Orange Spitzer, and a breakfast Sangria. You can use various recipes, fruits and serving glasses to make these drinks look awesome.

Put sugar around the edges of your serving cups, as well as sliced lemon or strawberry to put inside the drink to give it either a sweet or tangy flavor. Know your guests well enough to know which fruits they like.

Smoothies are a great idea to wow guests as well. This will take a little more effort but it will be well worth it in the end. Incorporating alcohol into your smoothies is a good idea too. Some recipe ideas include a strawberry daiquiri smoothie, mango yogurt rum smoothie, vodka smoothie, or a margarita. If your brunch flows over into the afternoon time you won’t have to worry about it being too early for a good drink.

5. Use Table Decorations

Use Table Decorations

Picking a good theme and using creative table decorations will make the event more memorable. Consider the reason for the brunch. Is it a bridal shower? Birthday? Business with coworkers? For celebratory events incorporate the decorations of your choosing.

For business meetings or anything in which the guests are more formal consider an elegant look and go easy on the decorations. If it’s a family or friends get together you’re free to decorate however you like. Use artificial flowers to save you the time of finding real ones for a one-time event. Artificial flowers look great in a color-tinted vase.

Small candles are fun to incorporate for any occasion. Choose a festive tablecloth for the occasion and plan the colors accordingly. For a family, brunch includes pictures or other sentimental trinkets for the table. Craft stores are a goldmine for finding crafty decorations. Creatively themed centerpieces and decorative placemats will give the table more color and personality.

If the brunch is for a children’s celebration or sleepover find their favorite characters to set on the table. You may find little toys to set at each plate along with decorative straws and tablecloths.

6. Incorporate Enough Sweet Dishes

Incorporate Enough Sweet Dishes

Everyone loves a good sweet dish to complete their brunch. Omelets and breakfast casseroles are delicious and filling but sweets completely top off the whole brunch. Try blueberry scones, donut holes, miniature muffins, cinnamon roll coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, or apple fritters.

Sweet dishes will balance the meal completely. Including fruits, sweets and a hardy main dish will ensure your guests are completely filled up. If you have over 5 people to feed consider making some sort of casserole as a sweet dish. This will be easier to manage instead of offering 30 muffins.

It’s also a great idea to have more than one sweet dish, especially if you’ll have tons of guests. A sweet casserole is good but some may want a small muffin or mini donut to do the trick.

How To Host The Perfect Brunch

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