5 Rugs That Dad Would Love For Father’s Day

BOH667A from Bohemian by Safavieh

Give your dad the gift of style this Father’s Day. What better gift than a rug? This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that he can show off to friends and family, something that reflects his personality, and something that will make him love being at home all the more.

When it comes to decorating, sometimes dad’s style preferences don’t get to shine. Your dad will love a statement piece that makes the room a little more masculine, dark, rich, and sophisticated. There are so many different styles to choose from when treating your dad. Is he a traditional guy or more contemporary? Is he Western or prefer simple styles? Does your dad love spending time outside? If so, maybe an outdoor rug is the best gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

Traditional Guy

WYD308F from Wyndham by Safavieh


You can’t go wrong with a traditional rug for your dad’s office, library, or the family room. Traditional rugs are timeless pieces and fit into a variety of settings. They pair well with simple furniture like leather couches and dark wood tables—all of dad’s favorite things. Traditional rugs are based on designs originating in Persia, China, Iran, and Turkey as far back as 7,000 BCE, and they became very popular in Europe in the 13th century.

Traditional rugs were a sign of high class and social status in the Renaissance era, and today they are known for their deep, rich colors. Traditional rugs add warmth to any home, especially modern homes. If your dad is a history aficionado, a traditional rug is perfect for him. Traditional rugs come in neutral colors like this light grey traditional rug, as well as bolder shades like red, which goes well with a camel-colored leather couch. For something fun, try a traditional print with a variety of colors.

Contemporary Dad

COT942A from Cottage by Safavieh


Is your dad not so traditional? For the contemporary dad, get a contemporary rug. If your dad stays up with the latest trends and is a fashion-savvy man, a contemporary rug will suit his sophisticated style. Contemporary rugs are the cutting edge of fashion and keep up with the latest style trends. The most popular trends in rugs right now are Moroccan styles, intricate geometric patterns, modern minimalist shags, and bohemian flatweaves.

Is your dad a little more on the serious side? Then, he’ll love this blue and grey geometric print rug. If your dad is a world traveler and loves exotic styles and cultures, this ivory and multi-colored rug from Kenya is perfect for him. Has your dad been loving Moroccan styles lately? Give him this more manly Moroccan-style rug in red and beige. Finally, if your dad is super modern, then he’ll love this modern rug in grey with a yellow, black, and white pattern.

Western Man

BOH667A from Bohemian by Safavieh


For the rugged, Western dad, a Southwestern rug is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Traditionally Southwestern rugs reflect culture and heritage. They represent the spirituality of the Native American people and contain significant symbols, figures, and designs. Today, Southwestern rugs have taken a modern twist. These modern Southwestern rugs incorporate tribal influences but turn them into more abstract designs. Typically modern Southwestern rugs use simple designs with bold colors.

Your Western dad will love a Southwestern rug that creates a rustic and earthy feel in the home. This masculine Southwestern rug is natural with hints of deep teal. Another natural Southwestern rug is this camel-colored rug with neutral tribal patterns. If your dad isn’t afraid of a little color, give him this fun multi-colored Southwestern rug. Is your dad more Western than Southwestern? Help him dress up his mountain home with this moose and bear rug, or his lake home with this fish-inspired rug.

When Dad Prefers A Simple Gift

MIR637C from Mirage by Safavieh


You can’t go wrong with a simple rug. If your dad is more on the classic and minimalist side of things, or you want to be sure to get him a rug he’ll absolutely love, then opt for something simple. The simplest thing you could possibly get is a solid rug. While a solid rug may be one simple color, shades, textures, and tones vary from rug to rug. This elephant-colored rug is regal and sophisticated and perfect for making any room a little more masculine.

A great way to make a solid rug more interesting is to choose a natural fiber rug. The natural color and rustic feel are perfect for a Father’s Day gift. This solid dark green rug has a nice hand woven texture that makes it more interesting. You can also get your dad a solid grey rug—very manly—but with a hint of a minimalist pattern.

The Outdoorsy Guy

MMS-2305 from Marmaris by Surya


Does your dad want to spend all of his time on the back patio, perhaps while drinking a beer and firing up the grill? Then, an outdoor rug is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. Help your dad take his favorite place—the back porch—up a notch or two! These outdoor rugs will bring warmth, style, and protection to the backyard.Help your dad make his favorite space more inviting with one of these various outdoor rugs. Additionally, these outdoor rugs can withstand the elements because they resist water, mildew, mold stains, and fading from UV rays.

You can’t go wrong with a simple outdoor rug in light gray and black. This geometric rug with miscellaneous dark colors is incredibly manly and would give your dad’s back patio a total upgrade. Make the back patio more nautical for summertime with a maritime blue and white stripe outdoor rug.

5 Rugs That Dad Would Love For Father's Day

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