How To Pick A Rug For A Bedroom

How To Buy A Bedroom Rug

While bare bedroom floors are fabulous, adding an accent rug to your bedroom has many benefits. Rugs inject an element of warmth and comfort into the bedroom as well as infusing color and style. They are practical because a rug protects the bedroom floor from damage in addition to giving your toes an inviting spot to step on when you get out of bed to start the day. A bedroom rug also provides a sound buffer, which is beneficial for apartment dwellers with downstairs neighbors with sensitivity to sound. Ultimately, the biggest reason to bring a rug into your bedroom is the way it pulls together the look of the room from the furniture to accents.

When it comes to choosing a bedroom rug, you don’t want to just put down any area rug. Before starting to look through the numerous, chic bedroom rugs available, keep these tips in mind.

Size it Up


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Whenever you plan on purchasing an area rug, it is vital to consider the size of the area you intend to cover. If you are placing a rug underneath the bed and plan on it covering the area directly around, measure the length and width of the bed as well as the space beyond the bed frame. A general rule of thumb is to extend a rug 12 inches for a full or twin size bed and 18 inches for a queen or king. Of course, the rug can stretch farther beyond the suggested guidelines but typically should not be less.

A smaller rug under the bed would make the room appear out of balance. Another idea for a bedroom area rug is to place a rug at the foot of the bed, taking care to assure that the length is longer than the advised distance past the bedposts. Larger bedrooms can utilize smaller area rugs to pull together a sitting area, vanity or even a desk, but remember to measure the space and incorporate the added inches around the furniture.

Find A Compatible Style

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The bedroom is an oasis from everyday stresses. It’s where you head for comfort, relaxation, intimacy and a great night’s sleep. This is why you want your bedroom to ooze both serenity and ardor. When it comes to style, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and decorating is all about personal style. However, when you are deciding on a rug for your bedroom, it does need to complement the existing décor.

If the bedroom furniture, bedding, pillows and window treatments are solid, then go for a fun pattern. Paisley and oriental rugs are two classic picks for pattern rugs. On the other hand, if your bedroom already has a lot going on as far as color and patterns are concerned, a solid colored rug is the better choice. Neutral colors are an excellent way to bring foundation to a bedroom full of hues or consider a secondary color that is present in the furniture, bedding or both.

Rug Materials Matter

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As with anything else, the type of rug material is important when deciding on the best rug for a bedroom. Since bedrooms are low traffic areas, there won’t be a lot of foot traffic, but keep the occupant in mind. The top material for an adult’s bedroom is not necessarily the same as one for a child’s bedroom and pets are a consideration too.

When it comes to kids, durability is vital and since children spend quite a bit of time on the floor playing, so is comfort. Wool and cotton rugs are perfect picks for kids’ bedrooms or nurseries. Adults want a comfy rug too especially on those chilly winter mornings, but don’t need to worry as much about durability since there won’t be too many trains, trucks or Barbie minivan driving around. Wool, cotton or silk blends make for a stylish addition to any bedroom. Remember wool and cotton rugs do act like a sponge when it comes to spills, which is important to keep in mind if the kids like to slip off to their room with a snack and if there are any four-legged occupants in the house. Any spills or stains should be spot cleaned as quickly as possible.

Bedroom Rug Pads

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The decision to invest in a rug pad comes up no matter where the rug is placed. Rug pads are a consideration for area rugs as well. Pads serve a purpose and when it comes to the always present question of to pad or not to pad, the quick answer is yes.

Pads protect the floor from damage, provide extra padding and prevent slippage. Of course, a rug placed under the bed or larger pieces of furniture won’t necessarily slip but a pad will offer additional protection for the flooring. Any accent rugs places next to or around the bed are most certainly prone to slippage and should be secured with a rug pad. As all parents know, children run more than they walk, making rug pads important in a kid’s bedroom. Rugs are an investment and a rug pad even on a bedroom rug will help to prolong the life of the rug.

Pick a Rug First not Last

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If you are giving a bedroom a makeover and already have the furniture and other accents in place, you don’t have any other choice but to coordinate your rug style with the existing furniture and bedroom décor. For folks starting from scratch, the bedroom rug should be the first pick not the final because it actually may be harder to find a rug to complement the bedroom accents than vice versa.

When outfitting a bedroom in a new place, think rug first. Since you probably already have the bedroom furniture, use the above-mentioned tips to target the desired type and style. Then, with measurements in hand, begin the search for a bedroom rug. If you wait until the curtains are up and the throw pillows are all arranged to shop for a rug, it may take a while to discover the ideal rug accent. Plus, it’s less of an ordeal to put the rug down if the room is empty then when it is full of furniture.

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