5 Rugs for the Bathroom

Bathroom Rugs

A bathroom rug can play a large role in setting the tone of the room. It can be tricky to find a rug that is appropriate for a room that also contains the house’s major plumbing pieces. Similar to choosing a rug for the kitchen, a bathroom poses some unique challenges. A bathroom rug needs to be able to hold up to regular foot traffic, be mold and moisture resistant, and, in case of a plumbing emergency, be easy to clean.

A rug is a terrific way to change the look of a bathroom without having to remodel. Adding a rug can have a big impact at a relatively low expense, especially compared to the cost of replacing some of the other bathroom fixtures like a new tub or vanity (although those options can be good investments for your house value in the long run).

Choosing a rug for the bathroom can be tricky, especially if your bathroom is not a standard size or shape. A rectangular rug in front of a bathroom sink is traditionally 2’x3’, but if your bathroom is larger a larger rug may be a better fit. (A good rule of thumb while measuring for a rug is to allow around 6 inches of floor space between the rug and the wall.)

You also want a flat or low rug pile. You need something that moisture cannot get lost or trapped in. For this list, we focused on finding rugs that were a quarter inch in pile height thickness to allow for adequate air flow and moisture vaporization.

While finding a flat rug is great, some materials are better suited for the bathroom than others. Wool allows a lot of natural airflow down into the rug, which allows it to dry quickly and thoroughly. Polypropylene is moisture, mildew and stain resistant (if a rug is suitable to go outside next to the pool, it’s reasonable to assume that it would also do well in the bathroom).

While natural fiber rugs woven from jute, bamboo, sisal and hemp are on trend, we would advise that they would be better suited for a dry room. These natural rugs absorb moisture down into the fibers and are susceptible to mold and mildew. If you have your heart set on using a natural fiber, consider cotton. This Amber Loft cotton rug is low pile in neutral colors, so it would offer a similar style in a material that is much better suited for the bathroom environment.

A Braided Rug

WB-01 from Wylie by Loloi

Every farmhouse needs a braided rug in the bathroom. While we’re crushing on this braided rug in ivory, it is also offered in six additional colors (beige, charcoal, lime, navy, orange and red) that might be a better fit for your bathroom or your lifestyle.

This rug is made of 100% polypropylene, so it is moisture resistant while still remaining soft and cushy, one of the many marvels of modern synthetic rug fibers. It is also only a quarter inch thick, so the depth of the rug will not trap moisture in it.

You really want to focus on finding a rug that will do well in a wet room, and the design and structure of this rug will do just that. This rug would be a terrific choice for a bathroom or any other room in the house, really.

The Geometric Reversible Rug

Framwork from Graphic by Petit Collage by Jaipur

This rug is just happy. Let this rug greet you in the bathroom each morning with sunbursts as you brush your teeth and get ready. It’s two rugs in one! You can always flip it over for a different design and color impact.

We had a hard time choosing which color to feature, as all three options are equally adorable. This rug is also available in an adorable blue/ceramic tint or romantic peach/coral. While the yellow version of this rug offers happy sunshine, the blue is more calming, and the peach/coral has a distinct romantic vibe.

Best of all, this geometric rug is only a quarter inch thick and made of 100% cotton, so it has the option of being tossed into the washer and dryer. Bathroom rug maintenance doesn’t get much easier than that!

Neutral Chevron in Wool

DHU644A from Dhurries by Safavieh

While the term “neutral statement” might seem like an oxymoron, this beige and ivory rug does just that. Chevron is a bold pattern but the boldness of the pattern becomes much more subtle through the use of neutral colors.

If you have darker tile flooring this rug could lighten it without committing to white or ivory alone. It would also pair well with neutral toned flooring. This rug would bring a distinct brightening and energizing effect on a small bathroom.

At only a quarter inch pile height, this wool rug is the correct depth to be flexible in a wet bathroom, as wool is naturally moisture resistant. It would be an excellent structural choice for a bathroom as well as a very fun neutral design choice.

Calming Grey

DHU601B from Dhurries by Safavieh

We adore the color of this grey rug (also available in light brown, turquoise and dark grey). The darkness of this rug would be more forgiving for accidental spills, but it’s not overly dark and would do well in a bright bathroom. This color is very trendy for 2018, as many people are choosing grey over black or white, but we think that the modern grey trend is here to stay for the twenty-first century.

This rug is very modest and will bring out your bathroom’s best features. We love how the stripes in this rug pattern can be used to frame and highlight a beautiful bathroom vanity or bathtub with its design. It can add visual width to a long narrow bathroom by running stripes along the narrower width of the wall to visually enhance the room width.

This rug is 100% wool, so it is naturally moisture resistant. It is only a quarter inch pile height so moisture cannot be trapped deep in its fibers. It’s a lovely and classic choice for a bathroom and the design of it will age well over time.

Whimsical Purple and Ivory

DHU558B from Dhurries by Safavieh

A royal color needs to be celebrated in the “throne room.” We love the idea of using purple in the bathroom. In all seriousness, while purple is fun, what we love most about this rug is how the purple is matched with ivory here. It’s playful but not over the top. The geometric ivory pattern in this rug adds to the quality of the rug’s overall design.

This rug is 100% wool with a quarter inch pile height, so it would be naturally resistant to moisture and allow for airflow to vaporize any bathroom moisture on its surface. This rug would be an excellent choice for bathroom flooring.

One last thing…

Pick A Bathroom Rug

Please consider the safety features in your bathroom. If you are going to be stepping onto it getting into or out of the tub, you especially want to ensure that it doesn’t slip. Our Super Hold rug pad would keep your rug in place and help maintain safety in the bathroom without raising the pile height of the rug (and therefore cause moisture to be trapped underneath). This would also protect your existing bathroom flooring from the possible damage of having a rug sliding across its surface.

If you are in the middle of a bathroom redo, please also consider our bathroom vanity options and mirrors. You might find that hidden gem you’ve been looking for!

5 Rug Ideas for the Bathroom

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