5 Rug Ideas for the Modern Craftsman Home

modern craftsman rugs

Modern Craftsman design builds upon but also maintains the charm of original Craftsman homes. Craftsman was a quintessential 20th-century expression of the Arts & Crafts movement. The modern version embraces its roots but includes modernized layouts.

Modern Craftsman is Americana redefined. It was one of the first architectural movements to really originate in the U.S. It was born upon the completion of the Gamble House in Pasadena, Calif. The Greene brothers, Charles and Henry, designed the home, which would become the standard for the Craftsman home in following years. The revitalization of the 21st century keeps its simple roots with modern details. And because the majority of these homes have wood and/or tile flooring, it makes a collection of rugs essential. Check out these five ideas for rugs in the Modern Craftsman home.

Ikat Rugs

XV-04 from Xavier by Loloi


Ikat is originally a textile. It originated from and continues to be produced in mostly Indonesia, India and Japan. The unique design of ikat rugs occurs with the binding of yarn with tight wrapping in a certain pattern. The yarn is then dyed. Depending on the desired effect, this process may be repeated. After the dye has been applied, it’s woven into a textile.

The Ikat has the unique attributed of appearing “blurred” with jagged edges. There are both traditional and modern interpretations of the Ikat rug. Their commonality is the construction and uneven lines.

Ikat rugs are a great complement to the straight lines of the Modern Craftsman home. You could choose one for a foyer, living room or dining room. It’s certainly a statement piece. Consider this silver Ikat by Momeni. It presents a unique design with a subtle color palette.


HG273Afrom Heritage Wool by Safavieh


Floral rugs are a great idea for your Modern Craftsman home. With florals, you can add some whimsical touches on what would otherwise be a somber space. Dark wood floors are a hallmark of Modern Craftsman homes. While those floors are beautiful, they can make rooms seem small. You need a contrast to this, otherwise, the room could look dreary.

The rugs may add to the transition from floor to furniture as well. Earthy colors are a favorite for Modern Craftsman furniture. Deep greens and browns are popular color choices for furniture. The floral rug helps break up the two dark areas, introducing a lighter design in colors like gray or blue. The roundness of floral design also works to complement the straight edges of Modern Craftsman architecture. One additional idea for floral rugs is shape. For an entryway that wows, consider a floral shape like this one from Safavieh.

Shag Rugs


CSB150D from Casablanca Wool by Safavieh

Shag rugs will give a distinct look to Modern Craftsman interiors. With its deep pile, shag rugs have an uneven appearance, which connects to the ruggedness of these interiors. Modern Craftsman homes often include exposed beams in living or great rooms. These attributes mixed with a shag rug add just the distinction needed to achieve a perfectly decorated room.

The modern shag rug isn’t what you’ll remember from the 1970s. The shag rug has a bit of a retro feel to it, as do most all parts of the Modern Craftsman home. A good blend of retro yet modern objects in a space delivers an amazing look.

Shag rugs also bring comfort to cold wood floors. As long as they are well taken care of, a shag rug is a great place to lounge or sit. When choosing a shag rug for your Modern Craftsman home, stay with one color neutrals so it fits the vibe without being overpowering. Try this stunning wool shag with tassel accents.

Striped Rugs

Chevron Kathline from Plymouth by NuLoom


In the world of striped rugs, there are multiple configurations. There are traditional stripes, blurred stripes, dotted stripes and other interpretations. A striped rug attracts visual interest to the floor and could be a good balance to wood floors.

Dotted Lines

These aren’t traditional stripes. There is an unevenness to the design, offering a nice juxtaposition to the orderly Modern Craftsman home. Stay neutral here as the dotting itself is enough to make it stand out. Consider this shades of grey option, available in multiple sizes to fit any space.


Chevron is another interesting way to represent striping. The pattern is characterized by zigzagged stripes in alternating colors. A chevron striped rug looks great in a Modern Craftsman home because of the straight lines and sharp contrasts. Chevrons vary in stripe width. Go with lines that aren’t too thick, giving it a more modern flair like this one from Plymouth by NuLoom in grey and white.

Braided Oval Rugs


Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug from Natura Jute by NuLoom

A braided oval rug is by far the most traditional option on this list. It may have been the style most seen by the hearth in the first Craftsman homes. In fact, it was a staple of American colonial homes. Those early versions were made with clothing scraps braided together.

The modern braided oval rug is constructed differently but still has roughly the same look. The braids create thick sections that continue to expand outward into an oval. The chunkiness of the sections and the oval shape make it ideal for Modern Craftsman homes, seeking a touch of tradition with a modern approach. Subtle colors will help you achieve this look.

Consider this jute rug that is a nice modern interpretation of the braided oval rug.  These rugs are known for their durability and are made to last. Notice the tightness in the braid, as this is a major sign of the rug’s quality.

The Modern Craftsman home is a perfect interior for a variety of rug designs. Depending on furniture, space, and preferences, you have lots of choices.
5 rug ideas for the modern craftsman home

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