How To Buy A Rug For A Studio Apartment

How To Buy A Rug For A Studio Apartment

So you just settled into your new studio apartment, and you’re feeling a little intimidated by all of the open space. It may feel overwhelming to create a spectacular and inviting space out of an open big open room, but it is completely doable. In this task, rugs help out tremendously, as they are great ways of dividing your studio into “rooms.”

The biggest mistake you could make in a studio apartment is to act like this is just one big room. You don’t want to buy just one large rug and plop it in the center. Instead, you want to designate specific areas in your apartment, create mock hallways and a foyer, coordinate the style, texture, and colors of your rugs, and avoid too much conflicting color. If you follow this guide on how to buy a rug for a studio apartment, you will be on your way to a one-of-a-kind studio that looks nothing like one simple room.

Designate Your Areas

Handmade Moroccan Vanna Trellis Shag from Lancaster by NuLoom

Start by deciding how you’d like to break up your studio apartment. Of course, you’ll need the essentials—a kitchen area, bedroom, and entertainment space. Is there room for a dining area or office? Once you’ve mapped out where you’d like big pieces of furniture to go, you can figure out your “rooms”. Rugs will work in your favor here to anchor each of these rooms. Place a rug in each designated area that fits comfortably.

Because you’ll have several rugs in one studio apartment, you don’t want to make the mistake of getting anything too big. Make sure each rug extends within 16-18 inches of each piece of surrounding furniture. Have fun when picking out rugs for each area! Your bedroom should be soft and cozy, so a modern shag rug would anchor the bedroom. A  bohemian flat weave rug will bring style and practicality to your entertainment area—center it underneath a coffee table.

Create Mock Hallways

APN217A from Aspen by Safavieh

If you have a larger studio apartment, use runner rugs to lead people from each area. Runners create warmth and texture by adding more soft layers to the floor and inviting people to go further into the apartment. Use runners to show people where to go. Because runners are typically smaller, this is a fun place to try something new with texture. This natural fiber jute rug with tassels has expressive style and can stand on its own.

When choosing a runner rug, you want to find something that doesn’t need to be underneath furniture or paired with decor. You want a rug that looks fantastic on its own. Don’t be afraid to add a little more color to your runner. Because it stands alone, it won’t conflict as much as a rug that is meant to anchor a room. Make sure your runner matches the overall color scheme and theme of your apartment, but try something more fun like this colorful beige and rust runner rug with tassels.

Make A Foyer

NF920B from Natural Fiber Jute & Cotton by Safavieh

If your studio apartment doesn’t already have a foyer built-in, create your own with an entryway rug and table. Use a big plant to separate this space from the rest of the apartment. You will also use a rug here to designate this “room” as the foyer. Natural fiber rugs make great entryway rugs because they can handle a little more dirt from shoes and are easier to keep looking clean. The natural textures of a natural fiber rug also bring an earth element into your home to make it warmer.

For the foyer you could play with a round shape, like this round natural fiber rug. Not all natural fiber rugs are plain. Here is a colorful jute rug that would bring more life into your entryway. If you stick with a simpler design, opt for a thicker natural fiber rug to maximize texture. If you have a narrow hallway as your entrance, you may even want to use a runner rug here too!

Coordinate Your Rugs

BLM111F from Blossom by Safavieh

Make sure all of your rugs match, as well as all of the decor and furniture. While it may be fun in a multi-room house to make each room its own style and color, going with this look will make a studio apartment look choppy. Let the rugs anchor and divide the rooms, but allow the color scheme and style to keep everything looking cohesive. This will make your apartment look absolutely beautiful and put-together.

You could keep the base of each rug the same color, for example in beige. Or you could have one rug that has a darker base, like grey, with beige accents. When it comes to texture, you can go a little wilder. Having a variety of textures for your rugs creates different heights, and allows the rugs to add depth and dimension to your otherwise simple studio apartment. This is why a flat weave rug, a shag, and a natural fiber rug can all coexist, as long as their colors match for the most part.

Limit Color

MCS-2302 from Moroccan Shag by Surya

If you do decide to include brighter colors in your rugs, keep them minimal in each rug. Too much color in a smaller space can create clutter and chaos. Color in small spaces is difficult on the eyes and can make your space look even smaller. On the other hand, soft and neutral colors like beige and ivory bring light into an apartment and make it look spacious.

If you want color, try a neutral base with pops of color here and there. Moroccan style rugs work perfectly for this look. Here is a white Moroccan shag rug with very minimal pops of red, pink, and purple. Even this rug with pops of blue, yellow, and orange is still very minimalist and is mostly light and easy on the eyes. Many floral rugs with modern designs have neutral rugs with soft additions of color, like this ivory and blue floral rug. Whatever you decide, you simply cannot go wrong with neutrals.

how to buy a rug for a studio apartment

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