Patriotic Rugs for The 4th of July

Gilbert from Charleston by Bashian

The 4th of July has us dreaming of nautical navy hues, festive summer prints, and of course red, white, and blue. While the 4th of July may only be one day of the year, it kicks off a long summer of patriotic feelings. When it comes to decorating your home for the summertime, channel these 4th of July summer vibes for nautical prints, tropical patterns, and bright colored rugs.

This is the perfect time of year to get that patio set for summertime. Be sure to invest in a good outdoor rug to bring your patio space together. In addition to getting your own home ready for the 4th of July and the rest of summer, be sure to get your kids in the spirit too! There are so many fun summer rugs designed just for the little ones.


SH005 from Shoeline by Nourison

Nautical prints are commonly associated with the 4th of July and of course, summertime. Give your home some beachside flair with a new nautical print rug. Nautical stripes in red, white, and blue are very patriotic and perfect for the season. A patriotic striped rug is perfect because it can be used year round since it is not overly summery.

This patriotic rug with a knot print is very festive and comes in red or blue. The rug, along with many others included here, is also a part of the Plush Rugs 4th of July sale that runs through July 5th. Stock up on another summer rug from the 4th of July sale with this nautical flag rug that is perfect for your patio or somewhere inside with lots of open windows. If you want to update your look for the summer season but keep a sophisticated design, nautical print rugs are the way to go.

Summer Prints

Coral Fixation from Fusion by Jaipur

Summer print rugs may not have anything to do with the 4th of July at all, but the 4th of July is the quintessential summer holiday. Even something as miscellaneous as a flamingo print would fly for the 4th of July. Pineapples definitely fit into this summer category, and your 4th of July party isn’t complete without some tropical fruit.

This pineapple rug comes in hues of blue too! Citrus is another popular summer pattern and looks great on a rug. This citrus rug even has red, white and blue. Cooking lobster this 4th of July? Check out this adorable, patriotic lobster rug. Finally, if you want a more beachy feel in your home, you’ll love a coral print rug.

You don’t necessarily have to use a summer print. You can simply decorate with bright, summer colors. This modern yellow rug is as summery as it gets. Have some fun with a multi-colored rug full of summer colors.

Patriotic Colors

Gilbert from Charleston by Bashian

Everything in the 4th of July sale has patriotic colors and is perfect for this time of year. The nice thing about these patriotic colors is that you can have these rugs around all year long and they won’t go out of style. Navy, in particular, is a popular color for the modern home and can look great in both summer and winter months. Here is a simple navy rug with a minimal pattern.

If you are more of an au-natural, minimalist, try a natural fiber rug with hints of navy. On the other hand, you can have a navy rug with pops of color. Of course, we can’t forget about red rugs. There are many ways to tastefully add a red rug into the home if this color is your jam. This bohemian print rug is fitting for summer, as well as this modern flower print rug. If you want something more simple and modern, this minimalist red rug fits the bill.

Outdoor Rugs

RS090 from Home and Garden by Nourison

Outdoor rugs are a must-have during the summer months, as they will completely transform your patio space for the better. They are the easiest way to upgrade your backyard before all of the summer parties and cookouts begin. The benefit of outdoor rugs is that they can withstand all of the elements, including harsh summer sun. They are also made to be durable enough to withstand rain and are easy to clean.

For the perfect 4th 0f July and summer outdoor rug, go with a simple navy and white striped outdoor rug. In fact, any navy print rug will look nice outside in the summer months. Bring those summer prints to your outdoor rug too with a starfish print rug in navy blue. Aqua is the perfect summer color, and you can really brighten up your outdoor living space with a stylish print aqua rug.

Summer Fun for the Kids

Stasia Diamond Shag from Airy Shag by NuLoom

Let your kids in on the summer fun! Bring a touch of summer into your kids’ rooms and play areas with fun, patterned rugs. This navy rug with rocket ships also looks like bottle rockets and would be a fun summer addition to a boy’s room. While pink and pastel, this girl’s rug totally looks like fireworks and is super summery. The same rug comes in navy for an even more patriotic feel. This fun summer print rug has dogs and surfboards on it. Your kids can enjoy the nautical prints like this red, white, and blue ship wheel and anchor rug.

For kids, a pirate-themed rug is perfect for 4th of July and summertime. This pirate ship rug even has a map! Get your little ones in the summer mood with a rug that has summer words on it, like “flip-flops” and “sandy toes.” You can also bring the beach to your kids’ rooms with a fish print rug or one with turtles and jellyfish on it.

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