6 Ideas for the Perfect Man Cave

Man Cave

Every man needs a place to recharge at the end of a long day. Hence, the man cave was invented. If you offer him a quiet corner of the house to be his sanctuary, he will say yes every time. There are a few aspects of the ideal “man cave” that you would want to consider.

The space itself can start in a variety of places in the home. This space can be an equipped garage, an extra bedroom or a space in the basement. The purpose of it is to be a place of solitude, a place to indulge in hobbies, and a place to spend time with friends.

Make the man cave space as relaxing and personalized as possible. Consider the personality of the person spending time in it. Find comfortable seating, practical furniture and thoughtful details that will speak to the man whose batteries will recharge in this space.


The man cave is a place for the best of a man’s unique personality to shine. Not every man is drawn to stereotypical masculine decor like neon beer signs or antler wall hangings. As you consider the aspects of the perfect man cave, you must first consider the personality of the person who will be utilizing this space. Is he more into movies or playing the piano? Would he use a tv or would he prefer to do a different activity in this space? Will he want his own refrigerator? Would he appreciate the perfect console table to spotlight his video gaming hobby?

This is not a space that you can find an inspiration photo online to center around. Instead, for the perfect man cave, this space needs to be wholly inspired by the person who it is for. What aspects of a man cave would he appreciate most?

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a must in a man cave. It needs to be upholstered in a sturdy fabric, like leather. For ideal relaxation conditions, snacking and drinking on the couch in the man den should be allowed. This is a room where the house rules must be relaxed.

Consider the amount of seating needed by considering your man’s personality. Is he an introvert that needs momentary solitude to help unwind at the end of a long day? Or is he an extrovert who would invite any and every one of his friends over to check out his new space? Does he prefer to sit with his feet up? Or, if he is an active type, maybe he would prefer the seating to be kept to a minimum to allow more space for activities in the room, like a dart board or a punching bag. A new couch and a comfy chair in the corner might be enough.

Practical Furniture

To make the space as relaxing and personalized as possible, the furniture needs to be very useful and practical. A lift top coffee table is both functional as a coffee table that centers the room and a raisable surface that can be used for other occasions when you need a higher tabletop in front of the couch. Another practical storage option is a storage ottoman that can provide extra seating in a pinch and contain any extra throws and hobby accessories that might need to be stored out of sight in the man cave.

Again, consider the man that this cave is for. For this space to be ideal, the furniture needs to be very practical and useful for him to enjoy his hobbies in the space. If he would appreciate more floor space to practice jousting, for instance, then a coffee table may be unnecessary.

Adjustable Lighting

This is a place to go and recharge. The lighting requirements for quiet reading are different for video game playing or messing around with a guitar. To create the ideal man cave, brainstorm what lighting requirements this specific room is going to need to be fully enjoyed.

We recommend that you focus on providing a handful of different lighting options to highlight the best features of the man cave space. A table lamp is great for reading, especially a lamp with adjustable lighting that can help set the mood. A floor lamp that stands out of the way while providing light at the level it is needed can avoid getting in the way of activity that happens in the room. Another great option to consider is installing a dimmer switch. Adjustable lighting can really help make the room perfect.


It goes against manly stereotypes, but, with the exception of a shop or garage space, it is a good idea to find ways to incorporate soft textures in the man cave room. Many of these soft textures add a very practical purpose, therefore they add comfort and homeyness to the space. Curtains add privacy and soften noise. A plush shag rug would help soften the floor and quiet the noise in the room. A barred throw, an understated throw pillow or a soft floor pouf to prop feet on help create a more comfortable environment for movie watching.

Focus on adding soft textures. A burlap covered rock filled pillow may sound manly, but it won’t be as appreciated as something soft that the man of the house could sink into at the end of a long day. As far as texture goes, the softer texture and less decorated pattern are better.

Go Minimalist

A big part of creating a perfect space that is customized to the man who will be using it is removing all unnecessary items from the space that don’t speak to his specific personality. This isn’t a great place for little knick-knacks and eye candy shelf fillers to be displayed. If it isn’t useful or practical, it probably doesn’t belong in the “man cave” space. It might go without saying, but this isn’t a great place to store toys. Ideally, the perfect man cave is not a multipurpose space but instead a single use space that is completely customized to the person who is using it.

If you are absolutely needing to keep some items in storage in this room, consider keeping them out of sight. An armoire, bookcase, cabinet or credenza can add that hidden space for storage.

6 Ideas for the Perfect Man Cave

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