5 Questions Every New Rug Owner Has

Purchasing a new rug can be both fun and exciting. Rugs give the room an entirely new look and personality. Using bright colors can really change a room. Dark colors are perfect for making the room look sophisticated.

You may realize that buying a new rug will leave you with more questions than you expected. How do you know which rug to buy? Which materials? What about cleaning the rug? What rug materials are more durable and easier to clean?

Of course, you will want the rug to match your room perfectly. The ideal rug will fit in with the personality of the room you’re incorporating it in. Let’s take a look at the top 5 questions most new rug owners have.

1. How Do I Pick A Rug?

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This is a very general question for potential rug owners. The first thing to consider is what kind of rug you want. Take a look at the room you want the rug to go in and figure out which color schemes and designs will work best. Keep in mind that light colored rugs will generally help a room look larger.

Darker colors usually make the room look more sophisticated but will also make the room look smaller. With children running around dark colors are a great option because they may track dirt on the carpet.

This is also a great time to decide what size rug you’ll need. If the room has had a rug in it before you may choose the same size as the last rug. If not, think about the furniture layout as well as the measurements in the room. Visualize the size of the rug and add a few extra inches for extra precautions.

Most of the time, rug buyers end up getting a rug that was too small rather than the right size or larger. Starting with these factors will lead you in the right direction.

2. How Do I Keep My Area Rug Clean?

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The following rug tips are basics for any kind of rug. Remove any loose dirt before cleaning the rug. This can be done with a thorough vacuuming but be sure to remove the beater bar first. Make sure to get all the borders and corners, especially if you own a pet. Now you’ll need to consult the retailer or look at the product description to find out which liquids can and can’t be used for cleaning.

Some rugs and other appliances come with rug cleaner. If not, mix warm water with a very mild dish detergent. It’s a good idea to test the solution out on the corner of the rug to make sure the coloring won’t be damaged.

Stay away from using hot or boiling water as it will damage the rug fibers. You can use a brush or sponge to get rid of any stains and give the rug a thorough cleaning. Before you rinse out the soap mixture let the liquid sit on the rug for a little while. Now you can carefully squeeze out extra water from the rug.

When the rug is finished air drying you can vacuum the rug once more just to loosen up some of the tight fibers. Washing the rug probably left certain spots compacted. Loosening the rug fibers will return the rug to its natural look.

3. Will My Area Rug Shed?

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This is a great question for those who are new rug owners. Shedding can cause unwanted debris and other problems, and some people are allergic to these materials. Rugs that shed are usually those with shaggy fibers. Many wool rugs shed when they’re new. If you have a regular (non-flat weave) wool rug be extremely careful when cleaning to avoid shedding. Rug pads are also great for preventing shedding.

Flat woven rugs are an excellent and durable choice to avoid shedding. Flat Weave wool rugs won’t shed because the fibers aren’t very large. Cotton is another material used in flat rugs. These rugs are also great for an area with high traffic because they won’t damage as easily. Synthetic materials are often used for flat woven rugs as well. Polypropylene rugs work great for this reason. These rugs are also known for their durability.

4. What Do I Do With Furniture Dents On A Rug?

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Furniture dents are pretty common on rugs and are a legitimate concern for rug owners. Furniture dents can be both annoying and difficult to get rid of. You most likely won’t notice the furniture dents until trying to rearrange the room or move the rug.

One way to combat and prevent furniture dents is to place a pad under the legs of the furniture. If you have any leftover carpet squares or materials these can be utilized as well. Other placeholders made from gel, foam, and plastic can be used too. Some people will just move the furniture around every few months in an attempt to prevent permanent furniture markings.

5. Do I Need A Rug Pad?

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Carpet or rug padding can prolong the life of your rug. This will help combat wear, damage and high traffic on your rug. These pads are also great for providing extra cushioning when walking on the rug. Make sure to do your research or contact our customer service department to find out which pad will work best under the rug you have.

Certain products may be hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, contain moisture barriers, or have insulating properties. Many rug owners report that having rug cushioning also helps when vacuuming or cleaning the rug. This is because it allows more air flow to get through so the suction on your vacuum will be stronger.

5 Questions Every New Rug Owner Has

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