5 Ways To Pick The Color Of A Room

5 Ways To Pick The Color Of A Room

Colors play a significant role in our lives because they affect our psychological and physical states. Color psychology suggests that there is a definitive correlation between our moods and color. People respond distinctively to different colors. Studies show that people respond or are attracted to certain hues.

Colors help people express their personalities through their wardrobe, accessories, and home décor. Take a look at 5 ways of picking the color to paint a room, so that you can create a harmonious and intuitive atmosphere in your home.

Consider the Ambiance & Mood

Consider The Ambiance & Mood

When picking the color to paint a room, it is important to consider the mood of the room and how you want to feel when you are in it.

Choose soft, cool, and lighter-toned neutral colors, if you want to feel calm or to create a quiet retreat. If you choose sociable or energetic, add colors that are bright and inviting. Lastly, choose darker toned neutral colors if you want a more formal or serene space.

Test Colors Out

Test Colors Out

Picking the color to paint a room is a big deal. There are so many factors that come together when choosing a paint color for a room. To be sure what color or colors you want to use, test them out on a small area of a wall or paint some poster board and hang it on the wall.

We all have favorite colors, but don’t be afraid to try out others. Some nice colors to consider include vivid hues like orange and yellow or deep colors like army green and dark brown.

Pay Close Attention to Lighting

Pay Close Attention To Lighting

When picking the color to paint a room, it is important to pay close attention to lighting. Natural daylight always shows color in its truest color, but fluorescent lighting casts a blue tone, so it gives a blue hue to colors. Incandescent lighting casts a yellowish, antiqued tone, so it gives a warm, yellow hue to colors.

Think about how much natural lighting and windows are in a space, as some colors might be too bright and overpowering for brightly lit rooms. Likewise, if a room is too dark, some colors might not work.

Use Different Paint Finishes

Use Different Paint Finishes

A subtle way to play with color in your home is to utilize different paint finishes. Single color walls and trim take on a whole new look when using a different paint finish than the predominant walls.

If you like a monochromatic look, you could use a matte or eggshell finish for the walls and a satin or semigloss finish for the trim. Because the surfaces are different, the paint color will look a bit distinct.

Include Decorative Finishes

Include Decorative Finishes

Decorative finishes are a great way to add color to a room. In addition to adding extra color, decorative finishes give dull, flat walls an interesting depth and visual texture.

Metal or polished mineral finishes, as well as colored glazes, add depth. Some nice reflective metals that softly shines include copper, pewter, bronze, mica, antiqued silver, and antiqued gold.  The trick is to add decorative touches that seamlessly fit into the rooms color scheme and décor.

5 Ways to Pick the Color of a Room

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