7 Vintage Inspired Rugs

BOH667A from Bohemian by Safavieh

Vintage looks from the 20th Century (or before) inspire every piece of décor in your home, from stylish Victorian-style lamps to French Provincial bedroom sets. There are vintage area rugs to match most of these looks. Whether you want an elegant runner for your hallway or a bold area rug for your hardwood floor, there’s a vintage-inspired rug to complete your room.

When buying vintage-inspired rugs, consider your budget and the type of material used to make the rug. Man-made rugs are less expensive but will wear out faster in high traffic areas. Pricier hand-knotted and woven rugs will give you many years of enjoyment.

In some way, just about every rug you buy has a vintage connotation from the colors and design to the material or handcrafting method. Here are some of the most popular vintage-inspired rugs from designs created decades or centuries ago.

Mid-Century Modern

SOH828A from Soho by Safavieh

You’ve probably seen Mid-Mod designs in furnishings on many TV shows from the 1960s (or shows set in that decade). Area rugs from the ‘60s carried the same motifs as artwork of the time – geometric patterns, angular animals (especially black cats), and cocktail glasses, rocket ships or other objects.

This ivory multicolored dot pattern , made of New Zealand wool, adds pizzazz to any hardwood floor, or try a brown and beige square pattern for quieter charm.

Shag Area Rugs, 1970s Style

FLK950M from Flokati Shag 900 by Safavieh

Shag rugs deep plush gives your room a warm feeling. These soft rugs have one inch or more of pile and come in shades from the deepest blue to the avocado, brown and yellow tones favored in the 1970s. A shag rug may be made of cotton, wool or leather.

A plush, shag rug or runner on a hardwood floor in your bedroom keeps your feet warm when you wake up on winter mornings. You can also use a cotton shag rug underneath furniture on a hardwood floor to protect against scratches. Spread a few throw pillows on a large shag rug in your bedroom, and use the area as a cozy reading nook, or create a play space with a shag runner in your children’s room.

For hallways or other rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, choose leather shag, which doesn’t shed like wool.

Native American and Southwestern

BOH667A from Bohemian by Safavieh

Native American rugs and Southwestern rugs are both inspired by the American Southwest and tribal culture, but there are a few differences. Southwestern rugs are more varied than the bold Native American rugs, and many have a beige or light color palette. Desert-hued rugs with bits of turquoise are popular. Southwestern rugs may be square, circular or rectangular, and take inspiration from the open, untamed landscapes of the Old West.

Navajo and other Native American rugs are usually hand-woven and have simpler designs and bolder colors. If you have a Western or Native American themed room, try this hand-tufted, wool Bettie Southwestern rug in beige. The unique burgundy-bordered ribbon pattern and pale background colors make it a perfect addition to any room.

1960s Mod Designs

2383 Zebra from Alisa by Concord Global

By the late 1960s, the geometric cocktail hour designs boasted by most Mid-Century rugs were replaced by bright, bold colors, stripes and psychedelic designs. A late 1960s Mod-inspired rug may have bright flowers similar to decals popular at the time, psychedelic waves of color, an animal print or a peace sign.

Mod rugs are a vibrant addition to any kid’s or teen’s room, or anywhere you want to liven up the atmosphere with color.  As movie character Austin Powers would say, “Groovy, baby!”

Art Deco

MDR01 from Modern Art by Nourison

Art Deco style feature abstract designs similar to what you’d see in architecture or paintings of the 1920s and 1930s (The Empire State Building is Art Deco-style.) Art Deco rugs give your room an elegant but slightly boho style. Choose from bright or muted tone and designs featuring geometric shapes or patterns. This rug features a pattern in the style of artist Juan Miro.

1980s Vintage-Inspired Rugs

Pinkie Handprint from Carnival by NuLoom

The bright neon swatches used in advertising and artwork in the 1980s were just one aspect of that decade’s over-the-top, carefree style. Whimsical subject matter also dominated the fashion of the time, and that extended to furniture and even areas rugs. This 1980s’ inspired pop art rug for a girl’s bedroom has a patchwork confectionary theme, similar to the Strawberry Shortcake doll fad of the decade, and a hot pink and tangerine ladybug design that’s also perfect for a girl’s room but can add a touch of fun in a family room, too.

Turkish Rugs

LND138A from Linden 100 by Safavieh

 The earliest traditional Turkish rugs date back to 1243. Marco Polo introduced the rugs to Europe after his trips to Turkey, and the rugs have been a staple in homes all over the world since then.

There are four types of Turkish rugs Kilim, Sumak, Cicim and Hali. Kilim rugs are made with a flat weave, while cicim have an extra wrapping added after the weave. Sumak rugs have embroidery added to the weave and wrapping. The Haji, the traditional Turkish prayer rug, are produced in a double knot method and have a thicker pile than the other types.

Some Turkish rugs have diagonal rows of rhomboids, squares or hexagons sprinkled with stars or leaves. The color schemes vary, from beiges and browns (popular in the 1970s), orangey and pinks (reminiscent of the 1960s). Rugs with delicate floral patterns decorated floors in the 1940s.

Vintage-inspired Turkish rugs include an affordable, machine-made Vintage Jewel Rug, a 100% Viscose Eboni Fringe Floral Fringe rug and a circular, orange and blue toned power-loomed rug.

7 Vintage Inspired Rugs

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