How To Match An Area Rug To Your Furniture

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Investing in an area rug is a great way to add color and style to a room. There are many rugs in numerous colors, styles, and sizes, so how do you pick one? You don’t just want to buy one you like and hope it fits in the room. You want to give a lot more thought into it, especially if the rug will cost a considerable amount.

There are measurements to take, a color scheme to pick out, a style to choose, how to match the furniture in your room, how many rugs are you planning to buy, what the rug will be made of, and more. Each of these steps needs to be taken to find the right rug to match your furniture. Below are some things to think about to match an area rug to your furniture.

Size of the Rug

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The size of the rug is an important factor to consider when looking for a rug to fit in a room with furniture. When looking for a rug, bigger is better! Many people get rugs that are too small, making the area seem smaller than it really is. Avoid this by measuring out the furniture that will be sitting on the rug and compare it to the dimensions of the rugs you are interested in purchasing.

Do you want a statement piece, a pretty design to place under most of the furniture, a runner, or a small rug to cover an area of ground? Consider all of these before finding the perfect rug for your furniture. Once you know the area you will place the rug and what kind of rug you want, it will be easier to narrow down your choices.

The Right Color

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Matching the right color to your furniture and rug can be frustrating if you are trying to match the color. The fun will be taken out of buying a rug if you approach color this way. Find hues that are close to one another, and the two will coincide just fine.

The colors in the rug can also make the room appear larger or smaller. Light colors will make everything larger while dark colors will make the furniture and room look smaller. Think about this when shopping for a rug. Tribal rugs go well with a lot of different looks and colors so one of these would be a great rug to start with. You can always use one of the colors to bring out in the furniture or décor later on.

Type of Rug Material

VN-05 from Vernon by Loloi

There are several different types of rug material to choose from. Popular materials are wool, polypropylene, and silk. Wool is a very popular material that rugs are made out of and is known for being soft and durable. Polypropylene is a very durable and affordable synthetic material. Silk is extremely luxurious but carries a higher cost.

There are also a variety of natural plant fibers that are used to make rugs. Jute, seagrass, sisal, and hemp have grown in popularity in recent years for their environmental sustainability.

Bring Samples When Shopping

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You may see a beautiful rug while shopping and want to buy it, but will it go with the furniture in your room? You don’t want to make a large purchase on a rug, only to go through the hassle of returning it because it doesn’t go with the room’s furniture.

It’s a good idea to have pictures of the room’s furniture or several pictures of the room to show a customer service representative. Since many rugs come in several colors, find a color or color scheme that will match your furniture. Don’t forget to have everything in the room measured so that once you find the right rug, you can choose a size that will fit with the rest of your room.

Add More Than One Rug

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What about using more than one rug in the same room? This is definitely doable, as long as it’s done right. Once you have decided on a room and a color scheme, find rugs that are similar in color and style. Remember, the colors don’t have to be an exact match, just similar hues. You can also use the same rug more than once in the same room, as long as it matches the furniture.

You may want to place a runner in one area, a large rug under a table, a smaller rug in a corner, or the same rug in different areas of the room. Make sure to have this planned out in advance with measurements. You can also get advice from an expert to see what they recommend when combining rugs in the same room.

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