5 Rug Patterns You Need To Know

SKY197D from Skyler by Safavieh

When purchasing an area rug, you should be aware of these popular rug patterns. The following patterns are some of the most common on the market. Consumers love these rug patterns because they’re beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Finding the right pattern means everything when choosing a rug. Different geometric shapes and designs are always big. Depending on the overall theme and look in the room, you may opt for a different pattern or color scheme. Large rooms are great for intricate designs and patterns, while smaller rooms are perfect for symmetrical, simple designs. Of course, no rug pattern is complete without the right color scheme. Keep this in mind while finding a rug.

1. Chevron Rugs

CAM714C from Cambridge by Safavieh

Chevron rugs have a modern design with zig zags running horizontally throughout the carpet. This design is popular among young people and any other person who likes a modern room or home. These rugs fit perfectly in various kinds of rooms whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom or living room. Dens and basements are great for this rug design too. It has a freestyle to it. They often come in bright colors on a white or beige background.

Dark colored Chevron rug designs can be used in offices and other areas where sophistication is needed. This design became popular in recent years. The inverted V-shaped pattern can be large or small depending on your personal preference and taste. A small V-shaped pattern will look great in rooms where you don’t want the design to be too pronounced. You can incorporate these designs on a patio or deck outside.

2. Animal Print Rugs

Parker from Geology by Artistic Weavers

Pretty much everyone knows what an animal print rug looks like. These designs may come in zebra, tiger, or leopard print. Those patterns and prints are some of the most popular designs, but you can also get rugs made from cow hides and other solid furs.

A zebra or leopard print is often associated with a glamorous feel. Usually, people enjoy these rug designs in bedrooms or living rooms. These prints are usually made from synthetic materials to mimic zebra stripes, leopard spots, or tiger stripes. They also make a cozy yet comforting addition to any bedroom.

Bring a little wildlife into your house by using these rug patterns. Animal print rugs can also come in the form of cow and deer hides as mentioned above. Sometimes these are made from synthetic materials, but other times they incorporate the actual fur of the animal.

3. Geometric Rugs

FTV120A from Fifth Avenue by Safavieh

When thinking of the word geometric your mind probably goes directly into different shapes. Geometric rugs are actually pretty broad since there are so many different shapes, designs, and sizes. Some rugs may have large triangles from one end to another while others may use shapes such as squares and rectangles.

These rugs often have different symmetrical line patterns and designs that can be used virtually anywhere you want. Picking the right color scheme and design will tell you where exactly the rug should go. For those who want a basic looking rug try large shapes like triangles and squares. For a more intricate look, find a geometric rug with lines, patterns, and smaller shapes.

4. Trellis Rugs

SKY197D from Skyler by Safavieh

Trellis rugs are another modern style used daily. This pattern looks great in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. They’re usually pretty simple but have a sort of elegance to them if you choose the right colors and design. Trellis rugs come in a variety of different sizes and forms. While some diamonds may be large and spaced out, others are small and intricate.

If you’ve ever shopped for rugs you’ve surely seen a trellis rug in the mix somewhere. These are perfect for any age group. Many young adults and teenagers might like a bright, basic design while older adults may want an intricate trellis rug with small diamonds and lines to go with it.

Dark colors will look just as good as light colors. That’s the best part about these rugs. They will look good in any room, in any color and work with any age group.

5. Modern Floral Rugs

FRS472D from Four Seasons by Safavieh

Modern floral rug designs are a great way of bringing the outdoors in without the hassle. These rugs bring a vibrant nature-feel to the room they’re in. You’ll most commonly find these rugs in living rooms, dens, and basements. The leaves may be wide or slender depending on the pattern.

For a simple look, try a modern floral design with only a few leaves on it. This will leave room for open space in the pattern. For a more complex look, try a rug with small leaves and dark colors. Sometimes the leaves will swirl and connect with each other.

Be careful when choosing a color scheme and theme for the room. If the rug is too dark it will have a huge impact on the room. If the background of the rug is dark, look for a rug with light colored leaves. If the background of the rug is light, you may want a rug with dark colored leaves to even everything out.

Some consumers like to use seasonal rugs. Leaf rugs with orange, brown and dark green are great for the fall and winter. Light, simple designs will look best in the spring or summer.

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