Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Rugs

hemp rugs

Hemp, one of the oldest rug materials known to man, has a long history of use in textiles, and its natural durability has made it a favorite for rugs. Hemp rugs, soft yet strong, look perfect in so many spaces. Their natural style makes them a great accent for wood or tile floors. They’re typically hand-knotted and can be described as both thick and pliant. With these contrasting attributes, hemp rugs are truly versatile.

Hemp is perfect for rugs. It’s anti-static and naturally resilient so you can put it in high traffic areas. Additionally, the material is sound absorbing and fire-retardant. Investing in a hemp rug is a sound decision, as these rugs can last for quite some time, no matter the footsteps it feels. As a sustainable resource, it’s also eco-friendly.

Ready to learn more about hemp rugs? Let’s explore what you need to know.

Hemp Rug Durability

MLY-1001 from Marley by Surya

The hemp plant has been part of human life for some time. It’s even been traced back to pottery imprints from over 10,000 years ago. Their durability was almost unmatched then, and the same holds true today. Today’s hemp rug is not that different from its earlier versions, as most are still hand-knotted. It’s simply been refined over time to create long lasting rugs for modern life. Check out this hemp hand-woven piece, which is even durable enough to be placed under or in front of a couch.

An interesting note about hemp is that the majority of the plant is made of a sturdy wooden core. This sturdiness means a hemp rug will be able to handle normal and even above normal traffic. This is not a rug that will fade away. It keeps its structure even in the busiest of homes.

So, a hard-wearing, hemp rug will take a fair amount of abuse without faltering, but that doesn’t mean it feels like sandpaper. Hemp has a somewhat coarse texture, but it soon settles into a more comfortable feeling. Choose a hemp rug, and you’ll enjoy robustness and suppleness.

Styles and Types of Hemp Rugs

TND-1134 from Trinidad by Surya

Most hemp starts as a natural, solid color, but non-hazardous natural vegetable dyes can be used to add color, including multi-colors like this hemp rug. This patchwork look is one way to add some interesting hues to your décor.

Beyond different colors and patterns, hemp rugs also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including ovals and rectangles. A typical size range includes everything from 2’x3’ up to a 9’x12’. You can also find hemp runners for hallways which, due to the durability of the rug, is a great choice for these spaces.

A hemp rug can make any space seem nicer no matter which style you prefer. This intricately hand-woven pieces also have a variety of different weaves or knotting, adding to the sophistication of the design. Enhance the beauty of any room with a hemp rug.

Hemp Rug Design Ideas

SCR-5143 from Scarborough by Surya

Did you know that hemp rugs are known for their therapeutic properties? First, they don’t attract dust particles, dirt or crumbs as most rugs do. With these characteristics, hemp rugs are the easy answer to your design ideas. A hemp rug’s tone is rustic, offering a snug and cozy environment. And, you aren’t relegated to just solid colors or stripes. Hemp rugs also offer unique designs like this abstract hand-knotted piece from Surya. This rug would look ideal in a mid-century modern room with whites and neutrals. It could also work well in a colorful room as a neutral.

Florals are another popular decorating rug. Floral hemp rugs make a great addition to a formal dining room or a traditional family room. It’s easy to match colors for hemp rugs to your décor, as many rugs list the Pantone corresponding colors. Not that you have to match exactly, but this is a great tool for deciding what may look best in your spaces.

With such versatility, hemp rugs can fit any style from contemporary to farmhouse. It’s all about the pattern or colors you use.

Hemp Rugs Work Outside, Too

BOH315A from Bohemian by Safavieh

Hemp rugs are adaptable for use inside and out because they are resistant to mildew and mold. This beautiful black and gold rug from Safavieh is hand-tufted hemp and would look beautiful against your wood floors or outside under your covered outdoor area.

Hemp is stronger than cotton, allowing the rugs made from it to be hard-wearing and take the abuse of outside areas. While it’s not recommended to have the rug completely exposed to the elements, it’s okay for it to get wet. If it does, simply hang it up to air dry. The water itself won’t damage the rug.

When choosing a design for your outdoor living space, consider something vibrant with lots of colors or a neat pattern that stands out. Give your outdoor area a boost of style with hemp rugs.

How to Care for Your Hemp Rug

care for hemp rug

Hemp rugs are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Because of the durability of their fibers and natural stain resistance, hemp rugs can recover from most spills or accidents, but every rug will eventually need a cleaning. These rugs can be vacuumed, with spot cleaning recommended for any stains.

The recommended cleaning starts with using water (cold only, never hot) and a small scrub brush for spot cleaning. If the area is much larger than a spot, you may want to consider taking it outside and hosing it down. If water doesn’t remove the stain, you can use a mild dish soap or detergent, just be sure to rinse any soap out thoroughly, otherwise, the remaining soap may dry and leave a residue. It is also safe to mix in some white vinegar with the soap to protect the colors of the rug.

Another precaution relating to color fade is if the rug is in direct sunlight. Unless you have performance glass windows that block UV rays, a hemp rug will gradually fade if it sits in the sun.

A new hemp rug could be the piece you’ve been looking for to bring an entire room together. Hemp rugs are both attractive and sturdy, so you’ll enjoy many years of use. Explore all the hemp rugs options and designs available at PlushRugs.

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