7 Incredible Farmhouse Rugs

Vintage Marceline from Ziegler by NuLoom

The farmhouse style is warm, cozy, and full of character. It often has a blend of old and new, rustic and sleek. Vital farmhouse pieces are sturdy and sophisticated. Farmhouse decor can be found in lighting, furniture, and home accents. Each piece evokes old, farmhouse comfort while adding a clean, stylish design. That’s what makes farmhouse décor so fun! For more tips on farmhouse décor, check out this farmhouse style guide. Take note of farmhouse décor highlights: a natural-inspired base, rustic, distressed wood, industrial accents, natural textiles, and vintage accessories.

Farmhouse décor is beautiful, but there’s one way that it could fall flat- a naked floor. A wide, sprawling empty floor can make a room look unfinished and unloved. It’s as if something is missing in the room.

Farmhouse rugs are big, beautiful, and come in a multitude of shapes, materials, patterns, and colors. Choosing the right rug is important because they can make or break a room. It’s vital to match the rug with the rest of the room’s décor. Clashing rugs can be a sore sight.

So, how does one pick the right rug? With inspiration, of course! To guide you along this journey, we’ve chosen seven incredible farmhouse rugs. Each rug has its own charm, and you will find that- like with most farmhouse décor- you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them.

Natural Arlette

Arlette from Almaz by NuLoom

This hand-hooked rug is from India, part of the Almaz collection by NuLoom. Its weave and design thread together a wool, jute, and polyester blend. This light rug is perfect for an open, airy room! It can add a new level of coziness to your space. Consider pairing it with wood or wicker, which will complement its natural look. Check out a lovely wicker bench that would pair excellently with the Natural Arlette. The rug consists of tan, white, and light brown, so make sure to pair it with similar earthy tones.

Vintage Marceline

Vintage Marceline from Ziegler by NuLoom

This rug originates from Turkey, part of the Ziegler collection by NuLoom. Its faded dark blue pattern is both vintage and regal, yet light enough to not completely dominate the room. This rug is a clean addition to the rustic farmhouse look! This accent cabinet would match the Vintage Marceline seamlessly. Or, for a more refined look, consider adding a navy Clara Velvet bench! It would also go well with the aforementioned industrial accents, such as copper or iron pieces. The rug is made out of polypropylene which is durable, easy to clean, and very pet friendly. This would be perfect for an office room or reading room. Its rustic pattern goes well with dark blues, grays, and browns.

Cream & Navy

COTS917M from Cottage by Safavieh

What a pop of color! This gorgeous rug is quite a statement. Made in Turkey and part of the Cottage collection by Safavieh, this cream-colored rug is covered in a navy circular dotted pattern that immediately catches the eye. It comes in one size: 8’ x 10’. This sprawling rug would go wonderfully in a bedroom that needs a little flair. Geometric area rugs are simultaneously vivid and subtle, and always fun to pair with similar patterns. Just don’t overdo it or the room can feel overwhelming and overcrowded. Its striking pattern complements simpler pieces too, like this sleek wooden dining table. This rug pairs well with browns, tans, and blues- try to find a shade of blue similar to that found in the rug.

Sevilla Silver & Ivory

SEV810A from Sevilla by Safavieh

This lovely piece has a similar vintage pattern to the Vintage Marceline rug, but rather than a design based on a single color, the Sevilla rug (made by Safavieh in Belgium) has quite a few more colors- purple, red, orange, pink, and blue. The faded design of the rug allows the colors to work quite nicely together, creating a soft, beautiful rug that would go perfectly in an entryway or dining room. This rug matches with a variety of hues, so it’s a flexible pick for any room. Pro tip: pairing it with a more vibrant version of one of its colors will make that shade pop! Check out this red bench with storage baskets, that would do a wonderful job of drawing out the reds of the Sevilla. 

Renna Reversible Tassel

Renna Reversible Tassel from Skyler by NuLoom

The Renna Reversible Tassel is part of the Skyler collection by NuLoom. It is 100% flat woven, 100% wool, and originates from India. Wool rugs have many positives. They’re incredibly durable and can last many years before showing signs of wear. They’re also inflammable, and a great insulator for those cold winter nights.

The rug’s eye-catching design is quite fascinating! The edges start out black, and as the design moves to the center, it becomes lighter and lighter, leaving the rug with a stripe of white that creates that Ombre look. The edges are lined in black tassels. This black & white beauty is a wonderful statement piece that would certainly energize your living room! Since its colors are neutral, this rug can go with a variety of hues, however, be wary of pairing it with too many patterns which can distract from its unique look (similarly to the Cream and Navy rug). Check out this Encore armchair that would match well with the rug’s clean, neutral cut.

Hand Woven Drusilla

Hand Woven Drusilla from Natura Jute by NuLoom

The hand-woven Drusilla, as its name suggests, is 100% hand knotted, made of 100% jute. It is part of the Natura Jute collection by NuLoom. Jute is a vegetable fiber which can be spun into durable threads. There are two types of jute plants: white jute and Tossa jute. The fibers are extracted from the plant at the stem and outer skin using a process called retting. Jute is versatile and biodegradable, often used to make twine, rope, and in this case, rugs! Jute rugs are natural, soft, pet-friendly, and easy to clean.

This rug would be great for the living room or kitchen. It has a very fresh, natural look that can really liven a room up! Like with the Natural Arlette, the Drusilla complements wood and wicker. Take a look at this pendant light with a wicker shade that would go perfectly with the Drusilla! Color-wise, consider pairing the rug with dark red, navy blue, or rich purple. Their deep colors would pop next to the neutral colors of the Drusilla.

Circular Ivory & Denim

Cap206D from Cape Cod by Safavieh

Another Jute rug, this hand-woven beauty originates from India and is part of the Cape Cod collection by Safavieh. It’s a circular blend of jute and denim, with denim tassels at the end. With such a playful and eclectic look that is reminiscent of the nineties denim trend, this rug would be perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Your kids would absolutely adore this cool, fun rug! For inspiration on room décor, check out this convertible crib in nautical blue. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to play off of the jute’s natural look, check out this wooden mirror.

Picking a rug can be a tough and overwhelming task, especially when you want it to blend well with the rest of your area. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a rug, such as price, style, material, design, color, and size. It’s important to research a variety of different rugs before purchasing to make sure that you’re making the right choice! Hopefully, our guide was helpful in inspiring your farmhouse design. To find more incredible farmhouse rugs, check out plushrugs.com.

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