How To Keep A Wool Rug Looking Good

Wool rugs are a prized possession amongst rug owners. If you’ve ever purchased a wool rug you know these can become difficult to keep up. They may shed and start to look dingy over time. It might seem as if stains simply won’t come out of these rugs. A wool rug isn’t an ordinary rug.

You’ll need to take special precautions to make sure your wool rug is up to par. One huge tip is to be aware of moths. These little critters can really ruin the design and look of your rug. Sometimes they fly in at night and you have no idea that they’ve let themselves into your home. Another culprit behind wool rug damage is wear and tear. Wool rugs are probably the most durable of all the materials out there, but their durability means they take more of a beating over time.

Learning how to optimize the life of your wool rug will give your rug a very long lasting rug.

1. Rotate Annually

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Rotating a rug has a few different benefits. The wear and tear can reach different sides of the rug giving the most used sides a break. It also allows for furniture markings and stains to be on a different side of the rug. When visitors arrive it may even look like you have a brand new rug. You won’t have to do this more than once a year unless you want to. Rotating a rug once a year should be sufficient enough to give certain areas of the wool rug a break.

Imagine keeping your rug in the same exact place for the next 5 years. What do you think it will look like? You will probably have damages that are pretty difficult to get rid of if you never rotate the rug. To be on the safe side, go ahead and move some furniture around and get a family member to help you re-lay the rug after cleaning it.

2. Vacuum Thoroughly

This is one of the most important steps to keeping a wool rug clean and in excellent condition. A wool rug should ideally be vacuumed once a week at the least. If you have tons of traffic and visitors to your house, or you have a pet, you may consider upping this amount to 2 or 3 times a week. Pet hair accumulates pretty quickly, especially on rugs made from wool.

Use a powerful, great quality level vacuum. If pets are in the home consider buying a vacuum dedicated to pet hair. Wool rugs contain lots of intricate fibers which can accumulate dust, mites and other particles. This is the most simple step to keeping your new wool rug in great shape.

3.  Get A Rug Pad

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Rug pads should be placed underneath any rug in the home. The most common reason to use a rug pad is that they make a barrier between the flooring and the rug itself. This means damage will be less pronounced. It’s also much easier to vacuum a rug with a rug pad underneath.

You will even prevent accidents like slips or falls when using one of these under your wool rug. These are especially helpful if you don’t have anything to keep the rug in place such as a small coffee table or other living room decor. Rug owners who use rug pads under their rugs also notice that these products will cushion their walk. Think of how comfy your feet will be with a little extra cushioning and bounce to support them. The reality is, using a rug pad has more than one benefit which is why you should take the time to invest in one that will work great with your wool rug.

4. Use Professional Cleaning

Sometimes it’s necessary to go ahead and hire a carpet company to come out to the home and clean the rug. This can be done once or twice a year depending on how much wear and tear the wool rug gets. The company should know exactly what products will work best on your wool rug when you schedule an appointment. Some rug companies may charge by the hour while some may charge by surface area.

Their services usually include deep washing the rug which will leave it wet for at least 6 hours. You can always call them back to schedule a time for professional vacuuming to make sure your rug has been cleaned completely. Clean rugs are healthy rugs.

5. When Stains Happen Clean The Right Way

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Vinegar is a great option to spot clean any wool rug efficiently. Use a fourth of a cup of white vinegar and mix it with two cups of warm water. Some people like to add a mild dish detergent as well. After that, grab a washcloth and blot the stain with the mixture. Make sure you’re using a clean, lint-free rag to get rid of the stain. If the stain doesn’t come out, go ahead and soak it in vinegar. Light colored rugs will make stains more apparent.

This cleaning method will work the best right after the stain happens so make sure to hurry and clean it. When you let stains sit for a longer period of time they’ll start to dry into the rug. They will eventually come out but it might become so difficult that you’ll need to call a carpet cleaner to get the job done.

6. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines

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It’s tempting to throw all the paperwork away when buying a new wool rug, but you really do want to keep the cleaning guidelines the retailer provides. There’s going to be a time when you need these helpful hints and Google might not have the exact answer you’re looking for.

The truth is, the retailer knows their product best which means they have probably formulated a way to clean the rug properly and correctly take care of it. They might even have some tips in mind for keeping the wool rug in its best shape. After all, they do want you to be satisfied with their product.

Depending on where the wool comes from, the life of the rug and other factors their guidelines may be tailored to fit the individual scenario that fits the rug you purchased.

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