10 Incredible Outdoor Rugs

Stripe from Ravella by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Do you love entertaining, hosting parties, and making your backyard an oasis? Outdoor rugs make backyards and back patios warm and inviting places of serenity and comfort. Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, and they deserved to be decorated with the same care and attention.

Outdoor rugs provide warmth, style, and protection. They bring comfort to hard surfaces, like concrete, wood, or brick. Not only are outdoor rugs made for style, but they are also made to withstand the elements. Outdoor rugs resist water, mildew, mold, stains, and fading from UV rays. Many outdoor rugs are made from manmade fibers to enhance durability. To maintain your outdoor rug for years to come, clean it monthly, allow it to dry after it gets wet, and store it safely when it’s not in use.

Summertime Outdoor Rugs

CY6210-231 from Courtyard by Safavieh

There’s no other season where you spend as much time outdoors as the summertime. You’ll be out on the patio grilling, playing with the kids, entertaining, and having pool parties. So, it is worth it to invest in a summertime rug—an outdoor rug used just for the summer months.

Outdoor rugs come in so many fun summer patterns that will brighten up your outdoor living space. If you want to bring the feel of the beach to your outdoor space, try an ocean-inspired pattern like coral. Palm trees also brighten up an outdoor space by making you feel like you’re somewhere tropical. A crab pattern brings a nautical feel to the outdoor space, as well as an octopus pattern.

Natural Fiber Outdoor Rugs

Handspun Jute from Natura Jute by NuLoom

Natural fiber rugs are great in the home for high-traffic areas that need durability, but they’re also great indoors for bringing natural, earth elements into the home. A natural fiber rug fits right at home in the outdoor space as well. Natural fiber rugs are great for those who prefer natural hues and textures, earthy decor, and simplicity.

To add a pop of color to your natural fiber rug, find one with a bright border, like this rug with an orange border. A handspun jute rug adds plenty of texture for design purposes but is also simple, bohemian, and exotic. If you prefer a little more excitement, outdoor natural fiber rugs also come with stripes and various colors like shades of grey, green or blue.

Outdoor Runner Rugs

CY7425-231A11 from Courtyard by Safavieh

Inside the home, runners are used to designate hallways, create pathways in open floor spaces, and to line kitchen counters or other large pieces of furniture. Outdoors, runners can be used in similar ways. Line the back door, create a pathway to the pool, or even use in front of the grill or outdoor cooking area.

Runners are fun because they’re a unique size, and you can get creative with how you use them. Thankfully, just about any outdoor rug will come in a runner size. This fun pineapple rug would fit perfectly in the summertime, and you can never go wrong with stripes in a bright, beautiful color.

Floral Outdoor Rugs

SOM-7705 from Storm by Surya

Floral rugs are universally loved in both the indoor and outdoor living space. Floral rugs are bright, colorful, warm, and inviting. They are more fun than a simple rug, and they bring up the mood in any room.

To change up the decor, try a round floral rug! These are great for underneath round tables. Floral rugs come in both modern patterns and styles, as well as more traditional, sophisticated looks. When it comes to floral outdoor rugs, you can never go wrong with bright blues and greens, like this popular outdoor rug.

Solid Outdoor Rugs

CY8522-36522 from Couryard by Safavieh

If you simply want to add comfort to your outdoor space, but you want to keep things simple, modern, and minimalist, opt for a solid color in your outdoor rug. Sticking with a darker shade in your outdoor rug prevents visible wear and tear, and helps hide dirt. Of course, you want to keep your rug clean, but between cleanings, a dark rug looks best outside.

Lighter shades bring a modern and chic touch to an outdoor space. If you can keep them clean, light-colored rugs will transform your outdoor living space into an eclectic oasis. To bring depth and texture to the area, you can still use a solid rug with intricate weaving and minimal pattern. This red rug has a minimal design pattern that makes the solid look feel a little more exciting. This blue rug has the same effect.

Geometric Outdoor Rugs

BAJ-3 from Baja by Momeni


You can never go wrong with a geometric pattern. This sophisticated style elevates your outdoor living space by giving it a decorative upgrade. Geometric patterns are regal, traditional, and modern all at the same time.

If you love the solid style but want something a little more stylish, try a solid rug with a geometric border. This versatile geometric print rug works for anyone and in any outdoor living space! This is another simple geometric print rug set on top of a bright-colored background.

Acrylic Outdoor Rugs

Stripe from Ravella by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Acrylic rugs are some of the most popular outdoor rugs because they are able to withstand the elements. If you want to make sure you have a durable rug, stick to acrylic. The best part about acrylic rugs is that they are versatile and come in both natural hues, as well as all kinds of bright colors. This seashell rug is the perfect example of a natural acrylic rug.

On the other hand you have a bright pink, orange, and green floral rug. There are so many fun patterns from surfboards to lakeside scenes, but you can also have something more simple like a solid color with a striped border.

Polyester Outdoor Rugs

RS090 from Home and Garden by Nourison

Polyester is another common outdoor rug material because of its durability. Many solid-print and geometric outdoor rugs come in polyester material, like this rust color rug that looks great in a southwestern home. This simple green rug is great for a year-round outdoor rug.

For something more chic and summer-like, this patterned polyester rug fits the bill.

Polypropylene Outdoor Rugs

Nima from Mayan by Artistic Weavers

Many outdoor rugs are made with polypropylene because it is tougher than plastic. This thermoplastic can withstand the heat, is light and flexible, and of course if highly durable.

Go for something colorful in your outdoor space like this artistic multicolor rug. On the opposite spectrum, you’ll find polypropylene rugs that are more traditional, like this deep blue rug with a traditional border.


Adirondack from Frontporch by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Finally, when it comes to outdoor rugs, you can’t forget about the doormat. Make a statement on your front porch, because your doormat is like a first impression when meeting someone. Stick to something more traditional like a monogram if you prefer classic styles and sophisticated decor.

Acrylic rugs are great for the front door because they lend themselves to artwork, text, and multiple colors. Try an acrylic front doormat with the words “home sweet home,” or choose artwork that speaks to your lifestyle like these Adirondack chairs.

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