5 Ways To Improve Your Apartment

Rearrange The Space

It’s a common misconception that you won’t be able to decorate and add personality to your apartment, but apartments can be just as cozy and stylish as a house. Even when landlords and companies have their limits on what you can do, you can always find a way to be creative and make the apartment look like home.

Consider the colors that speak to you the most. What are your favorite hobbies or trinkets? Do you have items of sentimental value that you would want to put on display? Furniture choices say a lot about your personality too. Choosing the right style and creating a room with a theme will guide you in the right direction of personalizing any apartment.

Think about how you want your apartment to feel upon walking in. Should it feel modern or cozy? Elegant or relaxed? Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can improve your apartment.

1. Creative Wall Decor

Bella by Yosemite Home Decor

Picture frames and paintings may not be enough to really show personality in your apartment. Sometimes you won’t be authorized to paint the walls the color of your choosing. Don’t worry there’s still much that can be done to make the apartment come alive.

Creative wall decor makes include things such as quilts, geometric crafts, blown up photographs, abstract paintings, mirrors, and textured decor.

If it appeals to you, try to cover the entire wall in some kind of wall art or decoration. No worries if you lack creativity and inspiration because a quick look online or on Pinterest will help you find the perfect wall art for your apartment.

Hanging antique plates or other items is a great idea as well. This idea is unique and will absolutely wow any guests you may have. This will give your apartment a rustic feel.

2. Rearrange The Space

Rearrange The Space

Move furniture around in different places. Put chairs and couches at an angle off the wall to create the illusion of space. Having a room that looks more geometric gives the room a modern feel. Try moving large furniture at odd angles too.

Hide any cords and other equipment that is undesirable to the eye. When moving furniture around, always start with the larger furniture first. This is a great idea because it will set the basis for everything else in the room. Moving smaller decorations and furniture first will hinder your vision for the room.

Think about how you want the room to look before you begin rearranging everything in the room. While it’s awesome to be creative and have fun with this process you want to be practical as well.

To make the room or apartment seem bigger, rearrange everything as far apart as you can. If you want the apartment to be cozier, put everything a little closer together.

3. Beautiful Rugs

PC-02 from Panache by Loloi

The perfect rug can really make a room look amazing. Since there may be limitations on what you can do in your apartment rugs are a perfect way to add style, personality, and color to any room. Bright colored rugs are going to be great for making the space look more open. More often than not, you will want your apartment to look bigger than it actually is. Rugs with a simple and modern design are great for this as well. If there’s a theme in your living room or bedroom adhere to that by picking out a rug that fits in.

Some of the most common rug materials are wool, polypropylene, and natural fibers. There’s a huge variety of different rug designs to choose from. A shaggy rug will look perfect in a room with a cozy feel while a modern rug with bright colors will look amazing in a room with modernized furniture. Of course, you can always go for the old antique feel and incorporate a rug with traditional designs. Your options are limitless when finding the right rug to use.

4. Bring Nature Inside

Bring Nature Inside

Flowers and plants will add a scenic view to your apartment. Live plants offer something that no other furniture or decor can. Certain plants such as lavender are great for aromatherapy and will leave your apartment smelling both fresh and clean. Some people even use cinnamon brooms as decorations during the holidays. It’s okay if you want to use artificial flowers and trees. You won’t have as much upkeep if you go this route.

If you live in a warm area, it will be much easier to keep your plants looking lively. If you live somewhere that experiences all four seasons, you may have to buy some artificial plants from time to time. Remember to purchase a vase for your plants as well.

Either way, the green feel of the room will promote relaxation and a stress-free environment. Consider if you want the room to look green or if you want the room to have bright assorted colors. Maybe you only want to use a few colors such as red or white. Always keep your theme in mind when choosing the right plants to incorporate.

5. Say Goodbye To Clutter

Brooklyn Storage Bar Table Grey Oak & Antique Brass by Zuo Mod

Clutter in an apartment is a huge no-no. Avoid leaving your apartment cluttered at all times. Most apartments are made in such a way that even a little bit of clutter starts to make the space feel smaller and less appealing. Cleaning your apartment before using some of these other tips will ensure your place looks amazing once the final project is done. Sometimes there’s simply too many clothes, accessories and other items in the apartment. Try donating things you don’t use.

If you want to keep all your personal belongings, look into organization tools and decor. Simple items like shoe organizers, coat racks, and baskets can help eliminate unwanted clutter.

A great way to know what to organize is to figure out everything that’s inside the apartment. For example, if you have tons of books and magazines, get a bookshelf or a basket to place them in. If you collect anything, find a dresser or crate to put them in. Organizing the apartment won’t be difficult once you realize what you have and figure out where to place it.

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