Best Rugs For Your Mudroom

Hand Tufted Shyla from Florence by NuLoom

Your mudroom has seen a lot of messes! The mudroom is usually located at the entry point of your home, so naturally, it has to face the outdoor elements head-on. Since your mudroom floors get messy and slippery, decorating the space with a rug is a necessity. Not only will it protect your mudroom’s floors, but also it will put a halt to dirt and grime tracking into the rest of your home.

Mudroom rugs need to be durable enough to handle messes and a lot of foot traffic. To help you find the perfect rug for your mudroom, here are the 5 best rugs for your mudroom.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

MTM-1001 from Maritime by Surya

Indoor/Outdoor rugs are a great option for a mudroom, as they combine the best qualities of hooked wool rugs and woven cotton rugs. Indoor/outdoor rugs are durable and lightweight. This rug option is a cinch to clean. Simply take your indoor/outdoor rug outside, and hang it over a fence, bench, or rail, and scrub it with mild detergent and a soft brush.

You can give it a good spray with a water hose, and let it air dry in the sun. As indoor/outdoor rugs are fade resistance, you can wash your rug multiple times and it will look like new all year long.

Cotton Rugs

Hand Loomed Lorretta from Cottage by NuLoom

Woven cotton rugs are lightweight and easy to move around. Usually, woven cotton rugs are small in sizes, making them easy to clean. You can either vacuum the dirt away or hand-wash and air dry.

Be sure clean stains promptly, as they will easily set in and be a challenge to take out. If a stain sets in, try removing it with white vinegar or a spot treatment.

Seagrass Rugs

NF115A from Natural Fibers 100 by Safavieh

Seagrass rugs are ideal for a mudroom because they hold up well to high traffic and are naturally resistant to stains. Seagrass has a natural look, so it is perfect for any style of home decor.

These rugs are so tough that they can withstand mud, snow, and whatever else you might track home with you. Due to the resilient fibers, seagrass rugs are the easiest rugs to clean. Just clean your rug with water and stains will disappear.

Sisal Rugs

Natural Cindy Rug from Kona Sisal and Jute by NuLoom

Sisal rugs that have been treated for stains are a great option for a mudroom. Once treated, sisal rugs are the most stain and water-resistant. Sisal rugs with larger weaves are easier for you to get rid of dirt.

Sisal rugs are excellent dirt traps. When you’re ready to clean your rug, just hang the rug up and hit the dust away. Dry carpet cleaning kits are also great ways to clean sisal rugs.

Hand Hooked Wool Rugs

Hand Tufted Shyla from Florence by NuLoom

Hand hooked wool rugs are very durable and can handle a great deal of foot traffic of both humans and four-legged friends. Additionally, they can withstand frequent vacuuming. Of all the rugs mentioned, this rug gives your mudroom a more upscale look, as it is slightly plush. Choose a busy or bright pattern to hide dirt.

There is only one negative aspect of hooked wool rugs – they require a professional cleaning. So, you can’t just dip it in the sink or hose it down.

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