Five Things That Will Ruin Your Area Rug

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Area rugs can be easily added to any room in the home. They provide a splash of color or design to a living space as well as bringing in a welcoming element of warmth. Area rugs aren’t just for homes either. An area rug can inject a wave of color and style into commercials spaces like stores, restaurants, offices and even schools.

Once you find the ideal area rug to complement a living or workspace, you want to keep it for the long haul. A rug is like any other element of your home and business. It’s an investment that you want to last. While area rugs are typically fashioned from durable materials, individual area rugs still require some basic care to prolong its life and area rugs also fall prey to certain elements that most certainly shorten its lifespan. Keep your area rug an essential component of your home or office by remembering these five things that will most definitely ruin your area rug.


Sunlight Living Room Rug

Who doesn’t love the brightness of a gorgeous sunny day? Most of us crave sunshine and even feel the pangs of withdrawal when the shorter days of winter roll around. While sunshine may be one of your best friends, it isn’t an area rug’s. Placing an area rug in direct sunlight will cause the fibers to fade much faster than you’d imagine.

It isn’t always feasible to place your area rug away from windows especially if that’s a space you want to brighten by adding a rug. Fortunately, you can counter the harshness of the sun’s rays on an area rug by utilizing curtains or shades. Sheer curtains are a stylish way to protect an area rug and furniture from sun damage without making the room feel closed off in darkness during the daylight hours with thick drapes. Another option is to leave drapes closed when the room is experiencing full sun and open the curtains when it’s not.

Forgetting to Rotate

STW901A from Stone Wash Bamboo Silk by Safavieh

Rotating an area rug periodically is a rug-healthy habit to get into. Light and foot traffic can cause wear on any area rug. The simple practice of rotating the area rug seasonally is the perfect way to make sure it wears equally, especially if part of the rug is sitting underneath furniture. Since this area is shielded from natural or artificial light as well as foot traffic, it is going to remain in pristine condition while the rest of the area rug takes the brunt of the punishment.

Rotating the area rug ensures all parts of the rug are exposed to the same amount of wear and tear. Turning the area rug every few months is an ideal time frame for rotating an area rug, but combining the chore with the seasons may help you to remember. Forgetting to periodically rotate an area rug will be a contributing factor to its untimely demise.

Not Cleaning Regularly

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Regular cleanings are a definite must-do for area rugs, especially ones in high traffic areas like bathrooms, entryways, and hallways. It doesn’t take long for dust, pet hair, dirt and even food bits to accumulate making the area rug look dingy and soiled. Insects can even take up residence in area rugs particularly oriental ones. When this happens, it’s not the insects that do the damage it is the larvae feeding on the rug fibers that do. Sections or area rugs hidden under furniture are often the most susceptible since they are rarely vacuumed.

This is where rotating area rugs periodically and regular cleanings really work to your advantage in keeping the area rug looking fabulous having a long life. Plan on at least a once a week cleaning for your area rug. If you have four-legged members of the household two or more may be necessary. Vacuums with beater bars can be rug eaters, so be careful with delicate spots or utilize a more gentle attachment when vacuuming.

Letting Stains Sit

KDK-1031 from Kodiak by Surya

Leaving spills anywhere in the house is never a smart idea. However, when you leave a spill to sit for any length of time on an area rug it is much more likely to cause a stain. Liquid or food spills also attract bugs, which leads to other rug issues. So, a good rule to remember is when something spills, clean it up as quickly as possible. First off, mist the area with clean, cold water or blot the spill with a wet towel. Then, follow the same procedure with a dry towel until the spill residue is removed. Avoid rubbing at the spill since doing so can cause the fibers of the area rug to become matted.

Different area rugs will require varied methods for spot cleaning, making it a prudent idea to know ahead of time how your area rugs should be treated if a spill happens. Rest assured a spill will eventually happen especially if children or pets are members of the household. Plan ahead and know how to proceed when a spill hits your area rug.

Moisture and Water Damage

LND122M from Linden 100 by Safavieh

Homeowners across the board know that moisture and water is most certainly not a positive thing in any living or work space. Prolonged exposure to water and or moisture causes mold and mildew to form, which is damaging to area rugs, furniture, walls and more. Of course water is used to clean an area rug, but afterward, it is vital to make sure both sides of the rug are thoroughly dry before returning it to its spot on the floor. Outdoor area rugs should always be hung up to let Mother Nature dry it out following rainstorms and should be stored for the winter to avoid moisture damage from snow. Moisture can find its way into area rugs from indoor plant pots or even from being too close to an open window during a rain shower. When moisture or water hits an area rug whether it is from the sink, bathtub, toilet, washing machine or dishwasher, be proactive and make sure to dry it out completely to prevent damage from prolonged exposure.

Just like a treasured addition to your home, an area rug needs to be cared for to ensure a long-lasting relationship. Avoiding these five things that can ruin your area rug will help to prolong its life giving the two of you many years of memories together.

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