How To Pick A Rug Shape

CAP306M from Cape Cod Jute .25 by Safavieh

Choosing a rug shape can make or break the room you’re placing a rug in. A round rug might not look as good as a rectangular rug in a living or dining room. You’ll find rugs with traditional shapes such as square, circular or rectangular but there are also a variety of unique rug shapes out there.

The most unique rug shapes belong in the contemporary category. Recently it’s become popular to use abstract shapes and designs for a rug. These works of art make any room come alive.

Narrow rugs are expected to be used for hallways while sheepskin and other animal hide rugs can be used in dens or living rooms. A small yet cozy circular rug would go perfectly in a bathroom while floral rugs often come in rigid shapes to mimic leaves. Keep in mind the shapes used to design the rug as well.

Let’s explore the basics of choosing the correct rug shape for any room of the house.

1. Coordinate With Other Furniture

ADR111C from Adirondack by Safavieh

Look at the tables, sofas and other fixtures in the room where you’ll place the rug. The rug should fit in conveniently with your floor plan. If you want an abstract shaped rug with rigid angles then you may want to place other furniture from different angles as well.

For a traditional living room, a square or rectangular shape will work perfectly. For instance, you may have a coffee table, two couches and a loveseat in your living room. Traditional rug shapes will compliment the area when they are placed neatly in the center of the room.

Animal hide rugs may look good in your living room as well. Rugs similar to authentic sheepskin usually come in an odd shape since they’re the outline of the actual animal. These odd rug shapes also look great in bedrooms.

2. Think About The Theme Of The Room

Blue Stripes from Aspect by St. Croix

What’s the theme or style of the room you want to place the rug in? Is it a child’s room with a jungle theme? For a room like this, an abstract or playful design would look amazing. On the other hand, it may be for your basement with a calming theme or relaxed design. In this case, you probably want to go with a more traditional rug shape.

For modern rooms, diamond, triangular and other abstract rugs will fit perfectly. If the theme of the room is a cozy feel then you should go with a square or rectangular design. Animal skin rugs will look great in rooms with a nature theme or focus.

3. Consider The Size Of The Room

BZ-05 from Bryce by Loloi

Rectangular and square shaped rugs look the best in large rooms. This is because these two shapes usually come in larger sizes than rugs with an abstract shape. If you want an oddly shaped rug in the room, it will probably be relatively small. Keep this in mind when looking for the right rug shape.

Large circular rugs often work well in dining rooms. For smaller rooms, such as a bedroom, it won’t be hard to find or fit an abstract shape in. You can place it by the bed or a window to add personality to the room. Some people like an abstract shaped rug in the kitchen as well. A small rug can be placed near the sink or by the front door. These rugs also make for interesting outdoor rugs to put on your doorstep.

4. What Kind Of Room Is It?

BRD210A from Braided by Safavieh

Different kinds of rugs will suit a certain type of room. You wouldn’t put a living room rug in a bedroom or a bedroom rug in a living room. This idea also applies to the size of the room. Most people would want an evenly sided rectangular or square shaped rug in a dining room because dining rooms are usually thought of as neat and tidy. A leisure room or basement may incorporate different rug shapes since these areas often show more personality.

Living rooms can have just about any shaped rug. The rug shape will depend more on the theme of the room than the location. Bedrooms are another area where you’re free to choose any rug design. Bedrooms are personalized and are a great place to put an abstract rug design such as a diamond, oval or a rug with rigid edges.

5. What Is The Rug Made From?

Circles from Amalfi by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Wool rugs are usually shaped in a traditional square or rectangular shape because wool fibers would be difficult for a manufacturer to shape into an odd shape such as a triangle. A silk rug will probably come in a few different designs and shapes. The material is easier to work with and can fit any shape or design. Of course, the material will also distinguish how the rug will look. Animal skin hide rugs can come in the outline of the animal they were on such as a fox or deer.

If you’re looking for an abstract rug shape it’ll probably be made from synthetic materials like polypropylene. Nylon and polyester are a few other materials which synthetic rugs are made of. Cotton rugs are pretty easy to cut and maneuver as well. Overall, when looking for an oddly shaped rug, a synthetic material will probably work best.

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