5 New Style Trends

DDY711C from Dip Dyed by Safavieh

Although it’s a little over halfway through 2018, there are several new style trends to watch out for. Designers will go to great lengths to find out popular textile trends each year. Since many rugs are made in Europe, Egypt, and India, these designers head out to those parts of the world to see what is trending when it comes to textiles.

Animals, tribal designs, Chinese motifs, velvet and gold colors are trendsetters for the year 2018. All of these can be easily added to your home’s design through rugs. Use only a hint of each design or go bold to make a statement in each room of your home. Mix and match designs or choose a theme with your rugs. Below are 5 new style trends to look out for in 2018 to implement in your home.


RAI-1106 from Rain by Surya

Some specific patterns are being seen over and over again. One of these is the theme of birds. Animal skins and tropical themes are also popular, but the one that stands out the most are birds. Birds have even shown up against tropical and plant designs.

Just like animal prints and tropical backgrounds, birds play a major role in textile designs. It won’t be uncommon to see beautiful, colorful birds flying about a scene that may be tropical or floral, with a dark or light background. Colorful and bold colors will be seen on and around birds on all types of textiles during the 2018 year.

If you want to make a unique statement in one of the rooms in your home, find a rug decorated with birds. There are many options that would go with just about any color scheme.


Clorinda Tribal Medallion from Casablanca by NuLoom

Another trend for 2018 is tribal patterns. Both folk and tribal patterns will take a stand this year. These patterns will be seen through embroidery, modern weaving, and printing techniques. These methods will be combined with plain weaves to give the patterns a more modern look.

Tribal patterns have a variety of looks, from simple and basic to intricate patterns woven throughout the fabric. You can make a bold statement with either look, based on the patterns and colors you want to showcase in your home.

A basic weave pattern will look nice in a contemporary home, while someone with a more edgy taste may go with a bolder pattern. To bring out a certain color in the room, choose that color in your rug or combine with other colors to change things up in the future. There are many looks you can achieve with a tribal themed rug.


KO-15 from Koi by Momeni

A beautiful textile trend that keeps popping up in 2018 is chinoiserie. Chinoiserie consists of delicate and intricate patterns that are showstoppers wherever the pattern shows up. Eastern patterns such as Chinese motifs of various scenes can be seen in chinoiserie patterns.

Many of these patterns have minimal colors. Blue patterns and scenes on a cream or white background are quite common with chinoiserie. These patterns are quite popular in Western culture as well, showing up in furniture, art, and architecture. Patterns in everyday life, flora, and fauna can be seen in this intricate textile trend.

If you have a room that is predominantly blue or cream, decorate the floor with a chinoiserie patterned rug to bring the design of the room together. Some patterns are more colorful than others. A rug with a more colorful chinoiserie pattern would look great in a room that needs a pop of color.


LUN1 from CK Lunar by Calvin Klein Rugs

Velvet is making a comeback as a trendy textile to use in 2018. This soft material comes in a variety of colors and shades, making it a diverse textile to work with on all types of surfaces. Velvet can be made of nylon, silk, or cotton. One side has a thick, but short pile. This pile gives velvet its signature soft feel.

Several shades of grey and blue velvet are popular color choices for this year. Velvet doesn’t just need to be displayed during the holidays. Greys and blues are popular colors to add to just about any room in your home. You can also display one of the more colorful rugs to accentuate an already existing color in the room.

There are many ways to use velvet to brighten up any room in your home. Make sure to do plenty of research and planning so that you are happy with the end result.


DDY711C from Dip Dyed by Safavieh

Gold is one of several colors that is popular this year. Yellows, golds, and mustards will be showing up a lot this year in different types of textures. Masalas, pinks, and terracottas mixed with different shades of gold will be a common site with many textures.

Some rugs are decorated with just one shade of gold and minimal designs, while others are decorated with intricate designs laced with gold and other colors. Using a gold colored rug alone may be tricky, especially if other colors are already being used.

If you want to add this 2018 color to a room, purchase a rug with several colors, including gold so that the colors blend with the room without the gold taking over. There are plenty of rugs with beautiful designs that include gold, as well as a nice blend of gold and other colors.

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