Farmhouse Rugs: A Style Guide

Farmhouse Rugs

Farmhouse Rugs

Farmhouse style can be described as unpretentious, down-to-earth, cozy, warm, inviting, and honoring all-American, homegrown roots. Farmhouse style homes can lean more toward antique and vintage, or you may find more modern farmhouse looks. When it comes to farmhouse decor, think along the lines of vintage prints and distressed furnishings. Common materials used in farmhouse decorating include distressed wood and wrought iron. Popular colors for decorating your home in a farmhouse style are generally white, grey, cream, navy, and sage. If you love this look, try open shelving to display your favorite knick-knacks and heirlooms. Get creative with upcycling when going with a farmhouse look—farmhouse designers love when the old becomes new.

Ready to decorate your home in the farmhouse style? Choose your rug first so you can build the rest of the room around it. Here are some style guidelines for finding the right rug to turn your home into a relaxing and inviting farmhouse.

Down To Earth

FRS466C from Four Seasons Hand Tufted .3 by Safavieh

As mentioned, farmhouse style is not pretentious. There is no lavish decor or gaudy embellishment necessary. It lends itself to earth tones and natural pieces of furniture. What earth tones make a great farmhouse home? Tones like beige, grey, and white are obvious neutrals, but even deeper shades like slate, sage, navy, and darker greens are wonderful earth tones that can transform your home into a farmhouse.

One design trick is to paint your kitchen cabinets in one of these earth tone colors, like navy or sage green. If you prefer to keep it simple and neutral, this light grey and ivory farmhouse style rug is stunning. If you prefer to have some color, this sage green rug would be a beautiful addition to any farmhouse home. Here is another gorgeous rug choice in blue—a classic farmhouse color.

Vintage Vibe

Vintage Marceline from Ziegler by NuLoom

The key to mastering the farmhouse style is to let your family heirlooms, favorite vintage pieces, and eclectic accessories stand out. In order to do this, everything else must be subdued. Stick to neutral fabrics for couches and upholstered chairs. Refrain from using any vibrant and bright colors. Decorate with natural elements, like a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit. Instead of using chairs around the dining table, mix it up with a bench. Finally, find a rug with a beautiful vintage finish.

This vintage blue rug is perfect for a farmhouse with a vintage vibe. A vintage rug doesn’t have to mean dull. This vintage rug has pops of aqua blue sprinkled throughout the intricate pattern. Think it’s impossible to mix and match vintage and modern? Think again. The steel gray in this vintage patterned rug gives it a modern edge that would contrast nicely with more modern pieces of furniture.

The Modern Farmhouse

HIM589A from Himalayan by Safavieh

Speaking of modern decor, you can master the farmhouse look in your home while keeping things modern. A modern farmhouse has accents of wrought iron, modern kitchen appliances next to vintage cabinets, vintage rugs with white shag rugs layered on top, and antiques strategically placed on modern floating shelves.

When it comes to choosing a rug for a modern farmhouse, you have a little more flexibility. You can opt for more contemporary styles—especially contemporary rugs that put a spin on traditional prints. For example, this contemporary pattern rug still has a rugged, down-to-earth feel. If modern and minimalist is your style, then this simple beige rug would truly tie the room together. A modern trend is a flat weave rug with a quarter-inch pile height. With the right pattern, this type of rug has a farmhouse feel to it while being modern and sleek.

Keep It Neutral

WDS323P from Windsor .08 by Safavieh

To truly cultivate the farmhouse look and feel in your home, then stick to neutral colors, especially in your rug. Using neutral fabrics on furniture with distressed wood pieces is a great way to bring warmth into your home. Finish that off with a neutral rug and everything in your home will feel light and natural. Neutral colors stir up feelings of peace and tranquility. Instead of decorating with colorful accents, use lush, deep green house plants.

Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean you will avoid color altogether. You can have a mostly neutral rug with accents of color. This neutral rug is traditional with pops of seafoam green and purple to bring some vibrancy to the piece. Neutral also doesn’t have to mean beige, brown, and camel colors. Neutral can be various shades of grey. This silver grey vintage rug is the perfect example.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Jute

NF870A from Natural Fiber Jute Pile .38 by Safavieh

What better way to evoke a farmhouse feel than to use natural fibers? Jute rugs are used all the time in farmhouse decorating. Perfectly neutral, the natural fibers are a shade between off-white and brown. Jute has been nicknamed the “golden fiber” due to its color and popularity. Never underestimate the power of a plain and simple jute rug, especially if you want to design with the farmhouse look.

Jute is modern, cozy, simple, soft, and easy on the eyes. Here is a simple jute rug that would look great in any farmhouse style home. Jute rugs don’t have to be simple and plain though—they can even come in different colors, like this blue jute rug. This beautiful jute rug has a diamond pattern, pops of white accent, and even has fringe tassels on the ends. An oval-shaped jute rug would be a decorative way to create a farmhouse, vintage feel with natural texture.

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