14 Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Rugs

PAZ-44 from Piazza by Amer

Are you looking for a new rug or an additional rug for your home? There are plenty of different types of rugs for you to choose from. Rugs come in a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and sizes, based on your personal style and the style of the room you want to place a rug in. Here are 20 gorgeous mid-century modern rugs for you to consider for your next rug purchase. There are plenty to choose from based on your preferences, and the style and colors of your room.


NOM02 from Nomad by Kaleen

The NOMO2 is a beautifully patterned rug from Nomad by Kaleen. It is made of 100% wool and made in a flat weave in India. This rug comes in white and black, navy, or red. The geometric pattern and colors will make this rug stand out wherever it is placed in your home. This would make a beautiful addition anywhere in the house.

Patrina Hand Hooked Rug

Patrina Hand Hooked Rug from Vista by NuLoom

The Patrina Hand Hooked Rug is from Vista by NuLoom. It is hand hooked, made with 50% wool and 50% cotton in China. This strikingly patterned rug comes in blue and grey, purple and cream, and sunflower (yellow) and grey. Any room’s style would pop out with the addition of this rug.


GC-12 from Grand Canyon by Loloi

The GC-12 is a unique looking rug from Grand Canyon by Loloi. The rug is power loomed and made with 100% acrylic from China. This is surprising, considering the animal skin look to the rug. This rug would look great in a rustic cabin, man cave, or room with a rural theme.


SHI-4 from Shibori by Amer

SHI-4 is a rug from Shibori by Amer. It is hand-tufted, made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, from India. The beautiful bluish greys and white in this rug would make it a great piece to put under a dining room table or sofa set. This rug can add just a bit of color to a room for a beautiful subtle look.


Stone from Broadway by Abacasa

This Stone rug is machine woven and made of Olefin. It is from the country of Belgium. The main colors in this rug are beige, grey, and teal, making it fit in just about any color scheme you have in any room in your home. The light teal pops out against the darker teal, beige and grey. Any room would look great with this rug on the floor.


Lakeside from Thema by Concord Global

For those who enjoy a different look to their rug, there is the Lakeside rug from Thema by Concord Global. This rug comes in either teal and grey or brown and grey. From Turkey and machine woven, this rug is made of olefin and polypropylene. The neutral colors on either rug make it a great choice for a room where you want to add just a touch of color and texture.


MAD01 from Madera by Nourison

If you want to add some color to a room, the MAD01 is for you. This Indian made rug is from Madera by Nourison. It is machine woven and made of 100% polyester. The main color is a beautiful light orange, almost peach color, with some yellow, oranges, and greys mixed in. The patterns really bring out the colors in the rug, too.


CAR-3 from Caravan by Momeni

The colorful CAR-3 is from Caravan by Momeni. This hand woven rug from India is made of 100% wool. Pet friendly homeowners can enjoy this rug along with their four legged friends since it is a very pet friendly rug. The colors on this rug are dark and toned down enough to go with a variety of color schemes in your chosen room.


CIT-12 from City by Amer

The CIT-12 blue rug is from City by Amer. This hand-tufted rug is from India and made with 75% wool, 15% viscose, and 10% cotton. The dark navy blue coloring patterned with thin white lines would look great in any room, as well as a room where you want to add some extra color without going overboard. Animal owners will also enjoy the durability of this rug as well.


ART-5 from Artist by Amer

For those wanting a more traditional looking rug, this one is for you. ART-5 is from Artist by Amer. This hand-tufted rug from India is made with 60% wool, 30% viscose, and 10% cotton. Light and dark blue colored flowers are woven against a white background with intricate floral details. This rug is great for those who want to add just a touch of color in a room.


Vintage from Thema by Concord Global

Another traditional looking rug is the Vintage from Thema by Concord Global. The brown and gray vintage is machine woven with olefin and polypropylene and made in Turkey. The Vintage, named rightfully so, is decorated with brown and gray floral patterns for a vintage feel. The colors would look great in a neutral color schemed room.


VIB02 from Vibrant by Nourison

Color lovers will appreciate the VIB02 from Vibrant by Nourison. This multi-colored rug is made from 100% wool and hand tufted in India. Any room would look great with the addition of this soft and colorful rug.


PAZ-44 from Piazza by Amer

The floral PAZ-44 if from Piazza by Amer. This China machine made rug is made of 100% polyester. A tropical themed room or indoor patio would be given the finishing touches with this green leafed rug. This would also look great in a children’s jungle themed room.


CRM01 from Chroma by Nourison

This unique looking rug is from Chroma by Nourison. This rug is machine woven in China and made with 20% Nylon and 80% wool. Animals lovers can enjoy their pets and this rug in the same home.

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