8 Rugs That Cost More Than A Car

DIV07 from Divine by Nourison

Luxury rugs can cost you a pretty penny. Some of the most beautiful rugs in the world are magnificent works of art but will come at a hefty price. These rugs are almost certainly left for those who can afford supreme artistry in their living room. Luxury rugs have amazing styles, designs and color schemes. Consumers will find that most of these products are either handcrafted, woven, or made from the highest quality material. Wool and silk tend to be some of the most sought-after rug materials.

Many expensive rugs come from countries that have been making rugs for thousands of years such as India, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. Intricate designs are featured on all of these rugs along with amazing durability and a warm luxurious feeling. Consumers may assume these countries manufacture exclusively older designs, but these manufacturers now use their ancient techniques to create modern designs.

1. $26,152.80 SOA-2758

SOA-2758 from Soma by Surya

This luxury rug comes is hand-knotted and made from a combination of wool and silk. Red, pink, and grey are just a few of the colors used in this rug. The smaller sizes can be used for bedrooms while the largest size can be used for dens and living rooms. The excellent durability and pet-friendly nature of the rug ensure that this pricey rug will last for decades.

Surya is the company which created this rug as part of their Soma collection. The Soma collection of rugs feature detailed patterns with swirls, diamonds, and imprints which give the rug collection a distinctly oriental look.

SOA-2758 happens to feature 5 different size options and 10 different colors. With these choices, there’s bound to be a perfect fit for anyone.

2. $10,800.00 EL-10

EL-10 from Elite by Harounian

The EL-10 features blue borders and an intricate hand-made design. The complex design scheme is great for those looking for an antique styled rug to fit in a more traditional living space. This hand-knotted rug is made completely from wool, which is one of the most popular luxury rug fibers. Like many luxury rugs, it was crafted in India and comes in blue, green and gray.

It comes in 6 different sizes with the largest and most expensive being 12′ by 15′. Great durability and a distinguished manufacturer make this rug even more appealing.

3. $7,349.00 DIV07

This hand-knotted rug is made from both wool and viscose. Viscose is a synthetic rug fiber made to imitate silk that is commonly paired with wool. It originated in India and comes with a marble design. The different gray hues make this the ideal rug for any room of the house. This rug’s manufacturer, Nourison, is known for creating artistic rugs as well as other home furniture and decor.

This rug comes from an entire collection of similar rugs known as the Divine collection. The Divine collection features other marble-like rugs with intriguing designs and varying colors options such as blue, light brown, and gray.

4. $6,736.00 Merle

Merle from Nepal by NuLoom

This may be one of the most vibrant luxury rugs available. It was crafted in Nepal and features bright pinks, blues, and yellows on a black background. This is a hand knotted rug made from wool.

Merle was created with a particular kind of consumer in mind. NuLoom is known for creating contemporary rugs that appeal to a younger demographic while Nepal produces one of a kind hand woven rugs. This combination of old and new results in classic craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

5. $6,659.00 Monarch Garden

Monarch Garden from Eden by Couristan

The Monarch Garden features a different design than any of the other rugs on this list. Instead of a classic pattern, this rug has a floral aesthetic. The butterflies featured on this rug are entangled with green vines on a pale yellow background. Pink flowers surround the area rug as well.

Courtisan, the maker of this rug, crafted this design in India using 100% New Zealand Wool. This rug will look perfect in a room with an outdoor theme featuring plants, dark furniture, and other similar home decors.

6. $6,200.00 00700-00772

0700-00772 from Original Karastan by Karastan

00700-00772 is another rug which uses 100% New Zealand Wool. Since wool is easy to clean, breathable, water-resistant and hypo-allergenic it makes for the perfect rug material. This rug is light brown with a traditional oriental design. The patterns on this rug are intricate and complex which makes it a perfect standout piece. You’ll most commonly find a rug like this in a dining room or living room.

Even though this is the first machine-made rug to hit the list that doesn’t mean it’s quality isn’t up to par with other luxury rugs. Karastan’s machine weaving process meticulously imitates the hand-knotting process and comes with a 20-year warranty. Plus, since this rug is machine made it doesn’t cost as much as similar rugs on this list.

7. $6,072.75 Brandon

Brandon from Brandon by Capel

The Brandon rug is one of the most popular rugs on the market for its design, durability, and softness. This hand-woven India made rug features grey, red, brown, and green. Capel, this rug’s manufacturer, is an America based brand. Their rug selection includes everything from traditional styles to more contemporary looks.

The Brandon collection all have a similar aesthetic with several different colors and patterns. This product comes in 5 different sizes so it will be easy to put this rug in any living room, den, basement or office. The durability of this rug is unparalleled.

8. $21,855.00 COA-2002

COA-2002 from Colaba by Surya

The vibrant colors and design of this rug make it one of the most unique rugs on this list. It’s hand knotted and made from a combination of silk and wool. Silk is an incredibly valuable material and has been sought after for centuries. Because silk is incredibly soft and difficult to produce, it was once reserved exclusively for royalty. Today a silk rug can be purchased by anyone but it won’t be cheap. Silk rugs are still highly sought after and make for a soft durable floor decoration.

COA-2002 has bright blue, orange, white and yellow colors. The majority of this rug is a mixture of white and bright blue which makes it perfect for light colored rooms.

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