5 Popular Rug Patterns

Taunya Rug from Bodrum by NuLoom

If your floor feels particularly barren or naked, you should definitely consider investing in a rug. Rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The kind of rug you select can affect durability, softness, and style. Its pattern is an important feature to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a certain rug.

However, with an overflow of pattern variety, it can be tricky to figure out which one is right for you. Some rugs are made to pull a room together; others are made to be a striking accent piece and incite complimentary reactions from guests. Either way, you have to figure out the pattern that’s right for your room and its decoration scheme. A clashing rug can ruin an otherwise perfectly gorgeous room.

Because we know how overwhelming this can be, we’ve compiled a list of five popular rug patterns. Each design is different, but every pattern is special and beautiful in its own way. So, scroll through these options and see which pattern works for you!


7434-100 from Nordic by Dynamic Rugs

If the word “trellis” sounds familiar to you, that’s because it probably is! A trellis is a structure made of interwoven pieces of either metal, bamboo, or wood, that supports climbing plants. Often ivy, roses, and grapevines climb and wrap themselves up a trellis.

In this case, we aren’t talking about the garden. The trellis pattern is a popular choice among many rug owners. Its diamond design mirrors the cross-hatch pattern of the trellis structure.

Some trellis patterns are simple, as we can see with this ivory and red trellis rug. When designing a room around a rug that features such a clean, sharp design, try bringing out the focus colors of the rug- in this case, red. Color coordination between your rug and the rest of the room can really pull a room together!

This white and silver rug has a slightly more complex pattern, with multiple diamond shapes and vertical lines. Because it’s such a neutral piece, it would go wonderfully in a bright, colorful room.

Finally, this light blue trellis rug holds a complex, geometric trellis pattern. This beautiful, gentle design could give a room a vintage feel with its lovely faded blue color.


Taunya Rug from Bodrum by NuLoom

The paisley pattern is becoming increasingly popular, showcased on phone cases, clothing, comforters, notebooks, and other accessories. Why not add a little paisley to your living room, too? It’s a versatile pattern that can add flair to any room, whether it be the living room, bedroom, or even dining room!

This pattern is of Persian origin, using the boteh (a Persian word meaning bush or thicket) motif, which is teardrop-shaped. This design became popular in the West around the 18th and 19th century, as imports of the design flooded in from India.

The name “Paisley” comes from a West Scotland town called – you guessed it – Paisley. This town used to specialize in the production of shawls decorated with the boteh motif.

Paisley is a gorgeous and intricate pattern, which can make any rug a striking accent piece. Take this Taunya rug, for example. Its beautiful blend of pale blue and yellow give the rug a vintage, farmhouse look. It comes in four other colors as well- one with a darker blue background, a yellow background, and a brown background. Choose which one would look best in your room!

Another vintage rug is Loloi’s paisley rug, which comes in two options. One has an ivory background, which gives it a lighter feel, while the other has a deep indigo background, which is reminiscent of the night sky.

Finally, this Corey Paisley Tassel rug is a deep, vibrant blue that is sure to steal the show in any room. It has a very fun and quirky design, as well as multicolored tassels at the ends. Perfect for any bedroom!


Barbosa Floral Abstract from Neptune by NuLoom

Floral rugs are one of the most popular rug designs. Floral patterns have great flexibility in their style; they can be contemporary, farmhouse, vintage, you name it! Various flowers have appeared on rugs, like roses (a popular choice), daisies, sunflowers, and even dandelions. Floral rugs are a great way to freshen up your home!

If you’re looking for a playful rug, check out the Barbosa Floral Abstract rug. It’s simple, with its main attraction being two giant flowers, one light blue, the other, pale yellow. The rug’s single leaf brings a splash of green to this fun and bright rug. It’s perfect for any living room or bedroom that needs a little extra something.

Safavieh’s beige flowered rug, part of the Soho Wool Viscose collection, is a little different than the Barbosa. Its colors are darker and more neutral- for instance, instead of pale yellow, this rug features more of a mustard yellow.

The Marg Daisies rug by NuLoom doesn’t have any color, but it certainly doesn’t let that take away from its beauty. It’s perfect for a room that features modern design. Because this rug is completely neutral, it would be perfect to pair with brightly colored accent pieces.

Bring the beauty of an outdoor garden to the inside of your home, revitalizing it and making your house a home!


CY6210-231 from Courtyard by Safavieh

If flowers or gardens aren’t your thing, consider bringing the ocean indoors! Nautical décor is definitely making a rise. When we say nautical, think ships, sailors, anchors, knots, and navy blue. Nautical décor is a classic, easily recognizable decoration scheme that will bring back memories of a sparkling ocean and the salty smell of the sea.

Momeni’s nautical rug from the Baja collection has a fun wave design that comes in two different colors- navy or teal. This fun design is perfect for bringing the seashore to your living room floor. Expect a summery welcome every time you walk into your room- whether it’s early June or late December.

The terracotta rug by Safavieh from the Courtyard collection is covered top to bottom in little coral pieces. With a sharp, vivid, playful color, it’s certain to pop in any room you put it in. And because it’s in the Courtyard collection, this rug is suitable for both the indoors and out. Brighten up your patio today!

This lovely blue rug by Surya, part of the Calvin collection, is a hand-woven beauty originating from India. It’s a perfect example of how simplicity can simultaneously be incredibly striking. With four different shades of blue, each with a deep, gorgeous hue, this rug showcases a classically nautical color scheme.


MNC209H from Monaco by Safavieh

You may be wondering- what is an Ikat rug? Let’s start with the word: ikat. Ikat comes from an Indonesian word meaning, “to tie” or “to bind”. When we say “ikat”, we’re referring to the fabric, yarns, and technique to create the rug.

To make an ikat rug, one must dye the threads of the rug before weaving it. In typical rug technique, one first weaves the fabric, and then binds and dyes it, while with the ikat technique, one dyes the pattern before weaving it. This technique gives the ikat rug its typical blurred design, in which the colors blend and overlap.

The Varuna rug is a perfect example of the ikat design. Its incredible colors mesh together in a way that gives the rug a pattern that is much less clear-cut than typical rugs. This gives it a unique look that is sure to pull attention in any room.

This hand-tufted rug from Safavieh’s Bohemian collection has beautiful, deep dyes of red and gold in vague, geometric patterns. It’s perfect for vintage or bohemian décor, for those of you looking for a one-of-a-kind rug for your room.

Finally, it is an understatement to say that this rug by Safavieh from the Monaco collection is beautiful. The striking orange border that seeps into the middle is a statement in itself. If you’re searching for an eclectic, eye-catching rug that is sure to gather numerous compliments anytime somebody enters your room… this is the rug for you.

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