Decorating Tips To Welcome Fall

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer. As back-to-school time looms, many kids want to make like a groundhog and burrow under the ground. Even adults want to hold onto summer for as long as they can. While fall may not boast an extended break from school and the lure of longer days, autumn does offer its own set of delights. When the crisp chill of fall mornings and evenings arrive, it means it is time for pumpkins, hayrides, apple picking and the wonder of fall colors.

The fall season also holds two highly anticipated holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, what’s not to love? However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you put the shorts away until next year and take out the sweaters to get your home ready for fall’s annual arrival. With a few simple decorating tips, you can give fall a warm welcome that can stay up until it is time to pull out the holiday decorations when the turkey leftovers are finally gone.

Dress up Windows and Doors for Fall

Dress Up Windows and Doors for Fall

Part of the reason folks love the Christmas season is the charming way many of the homes look when they are all decked out in their holiday best. Well, who says window and door dressings are only for Christmas? Fall is a fabulous time to dress up the outside of your home in a parade of fall colors.

Adding a fall wreath to the outside front windows is a welcoming touch that instantly improves your curb appeal. Local craft stores will most certainly have an attractive array of window and door wreaths to choose from that incorporate reds, oranges, yellows and browns though you can fashion your own wreaths too. All you need is a plain grapevine wreath and hot glue. Simply attach faux apples to the bottom of the wreath or faux leaves and you have a stylish fall wreath you can hang on your door or windows.

Add a Splash of Fall Color with Leaves

Add a Splash of Fall Color with Leaves

There are some pretty amazing places across the United States to get a peek at fall colors at their finest from the Catskills in New York to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to plan a special trip to the great outdoors to take in Mother Nature’s yearly show. You can inject a dash of fall colors into your own house by decorating with leaves. A visit to the local craft store will produce a wealth of fall fabric leaf garlands. String a fall leaf garland along the mantle or fireplace as well as on the banister railing. Another technique is to pull the fabric leaves off of the garland and lay them along the mantle or fill an empty bowl or basket with a mixture of brightly colored fall leaves and place it in the middle of a table or counter. Fall leaves can also be tucked into empty vases. Fill up small baskets with fall leaves and put them on either side of the door frame in the foyer. You can even place a fall leaf basket in an empty corner to add a dash of color.

If you prefer the natural approach, you can bring the stunning autumn colored leaves directly into your home. Gather a bunch of leaves at the peak of their color and soak them in a solution of one part glycerin and two parts water. Place the solution in a pan and submerge the leaves. The leaves should soak for at least two days. Dry each leaf carefully with a paper towel and you are ready to decorate. Once they are dried, the leaves are ready to use for decorating.

Fall Inspired Centerpieces

Fall Inspired Centerpieces

While most people think red, orange and yellow when it comes to fall, brown, black, blue, pink and magenta are also known to make an appearance in autumn foliage. A simple way to welcome fall into your home is by creating a few fall inspired centerpieces to take up residence on tabletops, mantles and even counters. Sure, you can buy a fabulous fall centerpiece, but you can also create one rather easily with a trip to the nearest pumpkin farm.

White pumpkins take center stage when neatly arranged in the middle of a red or yellow table runner. Those white pumpkins can also transform into a different shade by painting them with a coat of blue or magenta chalk paint. Pair the white pumpkins with loose fall leaves and acorns for another fun fall tabletop decoration. Go traditional by cutting the top off of a small orange pumpkin. After you scoop out the seeds and pulp, place flower foam inside and make a fresh floral arrangement with your favorite fall flowers.

A small basket or crate can instantly become a centerpiece when filled with apples from an apple-picking excursion. If you have a cake stand that is sitting idle, place it in the middle of the table and top it with an arrangement of gourds, choosing ones that vary in size and color. This simple project makes for a quick, easy and inexpensive fall centerpiece.

Simple Fall Porch Accents

Simple Fall Porch Accents

When it comes to holidays and seasons, a front porch is perhaps the most fun to style. It is also the easiest spot to dress up. When the calendar says fall is just around the corner, it is time to head to the nearest pumpkin farm or garden center to gear up. The straightforward way to decorate the porch for fall is to add a floral touch. Mums are of course the flower of choice for autumn and are readily available in an array of fabulous colors. Place flower pots on both sides of each step for a pretty, inviting fall carpet.

Hay bales make a nice addition to a fall front porch decoration especially when you add in pumpkins and gourds. Deck out your pumpkins for the occasion by tying on fun colored bows in fall colors. If you have rockers or benches on the front porch, drape a cozy plaid blanket on the back or plop down a few red or orange pillows. Don’t forget to top off the look with a seasonal fall wreath on the front door, which can also be flanked with pumpkins, gourds or fall flower pots. Corn stalks can give your porch that fall farm feeling when tied to porch railings or columns.

Perfect Pumpkins

Perfect Pumpkins

You don’t need Linus to tell you about the Great Pumpkin to know that pumpkins are synonymous with fall. However, you also don’t have to spend hours cutting and scooping out pumpkins to make amazing fall decorations. Pumpkins look pretty awesome on their own after a wash. If you plan on using pumpkins for decorations inside or out, you should wash them first to remove any bacteria that will cause them to rot faster. Simply fill the sink with cool water and add a tablespoon of dish detergent and a tablespoon of bleach. Then, add the pumpkins, letting them soak for five minutes. Dry carefully and you are ready to pop those pumpkins into centerpieces, baskets, mantles windowsills and more.

Of course, jack-o-lanterns are fabulous too. So pick out one or two to save for the annual carving ritual. If you want to spice up your pumpkins for a different look, try painting a unique design with chalk paint. Another simple way to style a pumpkin is to tie a fall colored ribbon or attach an autumn-inspired bow.

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be costly or involved. A fun trip to the local pumpkin patch or farm is all you need to find a bit of autumn inspiration and when those picture-worthy colorful leaves start cascading down, grab a bunch and give them new life indoors. While it’s sad to see summer fade off into the sunset, it can be just as exciting and stylish to welcome fall for an extended stay.

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