8 Tips To Decorate An Open Space

Wall Accessories

Homes with open floor plans have become significantly more popular over the last couple of decades. Generally, the largest open space is one large common room that combines the kitchen, dining, and family room.

Open floor plans are great because you can keep an eye on your kids or pets, or be part of the conversation during a party or get-together. Fewer walls give the illusion of more space. However, when it comes to decorating an open floor plan, it can be challenging to create a cohesive space. Here are 8 tips to decorate an open space to beautify your home.

1. Create a Focal Point

Create A Focal Point

When decorating an open space, creating a focal point and arranging a room around it really brings the space together. Large, open space can feel intimidating. So, give a room a cohesive feel, create a focal point.

Create a wall gallery, focus on a beautiful mantel and fireplace or hang a luxurious chandelier. Next, arrange larger furniture pieces and floor coverings, followed by smaller accessories.

2. Define a Space with Rugs

Define A Space With Rugs

Open rooms have a great deal of floor space to utilize, cover, and protect. Area rugs are a great way to help define space or space within a large space. Rugs can be placed strategically throughout the room to help delineate the function of each space.

For instance, in a large family room with a combination dining area and living room, you can place a durable rug beneath the dining table and a matching soft rug to highlight the living space.

3. Wall Accessories

Wall Accessories

Large rooms have a lot of empty wall space to fill. A creative way to decorate walls is to include wall-mounted accessories, shelving, artwork, mirrors, and photos. Try to keep everything together at eye-level or higher, as that helps to fill any voids.

Feel free to group together medium- or large-scale items. For those feeling creative, try hanging a nice rug or tapestry to fill a void and bring some color and character to the room.

4. Think Organically

Think Organically

Large, open rooms are usually rectangular in nature and are basically a series of straight lines. By including organic shapes and materials in the room, you are helping to bring visual balance to the space.

5. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Open spaces can sometimes feel a bit bleak and cavernous, but you can create a warm and inviting area by utilizing a variety of light sources. A mix of overhead light from a chandelier or pendant combined with a few table lamps strewn throughout the room will do wonders.

With an abundance of light, no matter how large the space is, it will always have a welcoming glow.

6. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

Bring the outdoors in with flowers, plants, and trees. Natural foliage is a great way to make a large space feel more vibrant and full of life.

You cannot go wrong with natural, lush foliage, greenery, and beautifully hued flowers. Place foliage and flowers throughout the room to bring the space together.

7. Privacy Please

Privacy Please

Large open spaces offer very little privacy. Drapery hanging from the ceilings can serve as a room separator. Opt for fuller fabrics that can fold together to absorb sound.

Another décor option that helps create privacy is a stand-up or multi-panel wall room separator.

8. Set Some Symmetry

Set Some Symmetry

Give your open space some balance by using multiple pieces of larger furniture. Double up couches to create a gorgeous seating area.

If your space connects a family room and dining area, include a large dining table and matching chairs to play along with the symmetrical look and bring some order to the space. You can include doubles or smaller items such as desks, trunks, art, or end tables.

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