7 Ways To Invite Autumn Into Your Home

Autumn is approaching which means cozy sweaters, bonfires, and crispy leaves. Decorating during this time of year is a favorite among many households since we’re just getting into the holiday season, and getting your home ready is easy to do. Simply, think of your favorite fall activities and visualize how you can bring them into your house.

This is the time to start bringing out all your festive home décor, props, and trinkets. There are a few commonly used items such as pumpkins and wreaths, but you can take a daring and unique approach as well. We’re going to give you insight into traditional and unique styles to incorporate around your home.

1. Pumpkins

Perfect Pumpkins


Pumpkins are the go-to theme used around this time of year. Just because they’re a traditional item doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate them. Go to a local pumpkin patch and instead of setting the pumpkins outside on the porch place them around the fireplace or in a corner of the living room. Think of this as placing a plant or small tree in the corner to bring the outdoors in.

Purchase small pumpkins from a local market to place in the middle of your kitchen and dining room tables. Honestly, these can go on just about any table. Artificial pumpkins look nice too.

Find a dark orange curtain to place in your living room or bedrooms to bring the pumpkin vibe in these places as well. This will work even better if you can find a pumpkin themed curtains.

2. Fall Themed Colors

Warm Color Palette


Which colors come to mind when you hear the word Autumn. You probably picture a deep red, orange, brown, dark green and even dark yellow. The trick to optimizing these colors is to use them all over the house in different areas. Place a deep yellow squash on the kitchen counter and find orange or red placemats for your table setting.

Go for seasonal orange kitchenware. How exciting will it be to wow visitors with fall-themed plates, and cups? Orange light bulbs can be used on the doorstep or in a den. This gives the area a totally new look.

Couch covers and blankets should feature any of these colors or at least have an outdoor theme. Seasonal picture frames and collectibles can bring autumn into any household.

3. Wooden Decor

Dress Up Windows and Doors for Fall


Wood gives your home a cozy feeling, especially when used during this time of year. Wooden candle holders, picture frames, and personalized decorations can become a fall inspiration. Shop around to see what kind of wooden collectibles you can find. DIY projects will work great as well. Make a wall mount and paint a quote or phrase about this time of year onto it.

Kids will love the idea of a wooden post with their named painted on. Surprise your significant other or family members with this too. These posts can be set outside or inside. Create countdowns for both Halloween and Thanksgiving with this DIY idea. Just go to the local hardware store and see if they sell wooden posts/slabs.

4. Door MatsWelcome Mat



The easiest and most simple way to bring autumn inside is to use a doormat. This will be one of the first things people see before entering your house. Welcome mats will work just fine, be sure they’re covered in an orange, brown or other fall-oriented themes.

Some mats feature scarecrows or fallen leaves. Custom doormats are becoming more popular. Welcome visitors by using the family name on the mat and your favorite fall décor.

Halloween themes will do the trick too. For many, this season is about Halloween more than anything else so you won’t be too far off by keeping a Halloween doormat throughout the season.

5. Scented Candles and Soap

Scented Candles and Soap


What are your favorite scents? A certain smell can bring back memories and even inspire creativity. Why not use candles with pumpkin spice or cinnamon scents. Your favorite soap brands surely carry these scents as well.

Vanilla, apple pie, sweet potato pie, and leaf-shaped soaps will come in handy. Try to go for both large and unique bars.

Cinnamon sticks and other incense can be used as well. Some people may even burn sage in their homes during these times. Putting autumn flavored scents all over the house and furniture will absolutely transform your home.

Place candles on end tables, dressers, and counters. Your favorite scented soap may come in bar or liquid form. Sometimes bar soap will look relatively creative with herbs and different shapes.

6. Set Up a Center Piece

Fall Inspired Centerpieces


The perfect centerpiece is both festive and busy. This is the time to get on Pinterest and go to the craft store. DIY options will inspire new ideas for your centerpiece. Why not set one up in both the living room or kitchen/dining room tables.

The more the merrier right? Cut out the top half of a pumpkin and fill it with artificial leaves and flowers. Small artificial vines and berries will make the centerpiece reflect what’s going on outdoors.

Grab a large orange vase (or any fall-related color) and put a large candle in the center. Use pine cones around the base of the vase as décor. Fill a glass cup or bowl with artificial berries, leaves, and pinecones. This transparent holder will embody everything that autumn represents.

Yes, the classic wreath is perfect for the winter months. Customize your wreath with paint, flowers, leaves, and vines to really make it stand out paint it white before decorating.

7. Wreaths

Hang A Wreath


Wreaths can be found in a number of places, but you may want to create your own wreath using craft supplies. Festive ribbon and pictures can be placed on top to personalize it even better. Of course, you can buy the wreath already decorated and ready to go too.

Get one for both the front and back doors. If you have a shed or garage they can be hung there too. Wreaths are not limited to doors, you can hang them as wall art to provide a seasonal flare in the room of your choice.

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