10 Gorgeous, Solid White Rugs

hand tufted dusk viviana by nuloom

Rugs are a great way to add some color, texture, and design to a home. What about white rugs? White rugs are a great way to add a little extra design to a home. Whether you want to add a solid white rug to a contemporary looking room in your home, a white themed room, a children’s room, or a highly decorated room with plenty of color, there is plenty of space for one. Here is a complete guide to solid white rugs.


sca-1000 from schapen by surya

The SCA-1000 is from Schapen by Surya. It is hand woven in China and made of 100% polyester. The pile height is 1 9/16 inches, giving it a nice, soft touch for those walking over it bare foot or for seating. This pet friendly rug is a perfect way to add white decor to your home for everyone to enjoy.


gla-1001 glamour by surya

The GLA-1001 has a cream and metallic silver look to it, making it a great addition to any room in your home. These come in several sizes to fit just about anywhere you want it. The GLA-1001 is  from Glamour by Surya. It is machine made in China and made of 95% polyester and 5% metallic thread, giving it a nice sheen and sparkle. Give any room in your home a festive look by adding this beautiful white rug to your collection.


pv-01 petra by loloi

The PV-01 is from Petra by Loloi. This rug is machine made from China and made with acrylic and polyester. This soft looking rug comes in a variety of sizes to fit just about anywhere in your home. You can make the PV-01 the centerpiece of your living room by placing the large 10 by 13-foot rug under your main coffee table. You can also place a rug below the dining table or smaller rug under a side table filled with decor.


camille sheep by artistic weavers

The Camille is from Sheep by Artistic Weavers. It is machine made in China. The rug is 100% polyester with a 2 inch pile high, making it a nice, cozy rug to sit, walk, or lay on. This rug is not a rectangle but edged with curves. It would look great as a cloud rug in a child’s room with a fantasy or whimsical theme. This rug even gives the impression of being an animal skin and would make a great addition to a cabin or room with a rustic look to it.


arg780a adriana shag by safavieh

The ARG780A is from Adriana Shag by Safavieh. This creamy white rug is machine made in Turkey and made of polypropylene. This pet-friendly rug makes it a welcoming addition to any room in your home where you want to add some white and texture. The lightly outlined diamonds and crisscross patterns in the all-white rug can give a room added depth and texture without drawing too much attention to itself.


cys-3407 cloudy shag by surya

The CYS-3407 is from Cloudy Shag by Surya. It is machine made in Turkey and made with 25% polyester and 75% polypropylene. This pet-friendly rug comes in several sizes, so you can fit one just about anywhere, or purchase several for a uniform look in a room or place it in several areas throughout your home. If you are not sure about the color or texture, you can always purchase a sample before you make a purchase.


sg151-1010 shag100 by safavieh

The SG151-1010 is from California Shag by Safavieh. This rug is power loomed and made in Turkey. It is made of polypropylene. This rug comes in many sizes and shapes, to fit just about any nook and cranny of your home. Purchase a large rug to use as a focal point in a room, or buy several of the smaller and diverse shapes to create a pattern or maintain uniformity throughout your space.

Hand Tufted Dusk

hand tufted dusk viviana by nuloom

The Hand Tufted Dusk rug is from Viviana by NuLoom. It is hand tufted with 100% polyester in China. This rug is very durable and pet friendly, making it long lasting piece, no matter who is walking, running, or playing on it. Place the smaller 5 by 8 foot rug under a coffee table or dining room table for some texture and contrast in color, or place the larger rug in a bedroom that has a white or light color scheme.


sgc720w charlotte shag by safavieh

The SGC720W rug is from Charlotte Shag by Safavieh. It is made of polyester and polypropylene and hand-loomed in Turkey. 2 inches of pile high make this rug comfortable to sit and lay on. There are a few sizes to choose from. You can place the larger rug under a table or chair to make the area a focal point in the room, or tuck the smaller rugs in a corner or under a smaller piece of furniture that needs more texture and decor added to it.


and-6046 arnold by artistic weavers

The AND-6046 rug is from Arnold by Artistic Weavers. This rug is machine made in China and made with 100% polyester. Use this rug to add depth and dimension to any area of a room or home. You can blend the rug into your current color scheme, or even place this rug on a dark carpet or wood to show the contrast between the light and dark in the materials in the room.

White may not be an obvious first choice of color for a rug, but there are still plenty of spaces and uses for one. If you want to add just a little extra color, texture, design, and dimension, get one or more white rugs to add to your home.

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