5 Best Rug Materials For Kids

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When decorating a room for your children, it is important to consider everything from design and texture to materials and manufacturing. While the look and style of a rug are important while shopping for rugs, when it comes to kids, rug materials are the most important thing to consider. Thankfully, PlushRugs.com has a variety of kids rugs in all of our kid-friendly rug materials that come in a variety of styles and themes.

In addition to selecting the best rug materials for kids, it is also important to consider the process in which the rug was made. If you are looking for something more affordable, machine-made rugs take less time to produce and are generally less expensive. If you want the best quality rug for your child, then handmade rugs are the way to go.

We’ve compiled the best rug materials for kids to make your rug shopping experience a cinch. This list factors in safety, texture, and style so you have the perfect guide to choosing the best rug for your kid’s room or nursery.


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Two of the most important factors to consider when it comes to the best rug materials for kids are durability and softness. Durability so that the rug can withstand rough playtime, spills, and heavy foot traffic, all while lasting a very long time. Softness so that kids actually enjoy hanging out on their new rug!

When you consider these two factors and compare all rug materials, wool comes out on top for combining softness and durability the best. Wool’s resilient fibers spring back after furniture has been placed on it, so it is proven to withstand all kinds of activity. Wool is incredibly soft, particularly when handwoven or tufted. As if wool couldn’t get any better, this wonderful material naturally repels stains and water. If you are willing to really make a good investment in a rug, shop for a handmade wool rug for optimal softness, durability, and longevity.


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If wool is a bit out of your price range, give acrylic a try. Acrylic is a synthetic material that is meant to mimic wool. Because it is synthetic and not quite as durable, acrylic rugs are less expensive. They are still a great material for kids. Acrylic rugs are mold and mildew resistant and dry quickly. They are stain resistant and colorfast—meaning they hold onto their colors despite wear and age. Many acrylic rugs can be machine washed as well, which makes them easy to clean.

When it comes to style, acrylic rugs come in so many fun colors and patterns. If your kids are into fantasy, they’ll love this dragon and castle rug. This dark camping rug is great for a boy’s room.  For girls, there is a castle rug too, and we love all of the floral patterns. A great combination is a wool and acrylic rug. Combining these materials creates a more durable rug while being a little less expensive than a 100% wool rug.


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Cotton rugs are naturally hypoallergenic. This natural fiber is versatile, durable, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Cotton rugs tend to be less expensive as well. Cotton is a very easy material to clean, making it suitable for little ones.

One of the best kinds of cotton rugs to get for a kid’s room is a flat woven cotton rug with a low pile height. This type of rug can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning. You can even air dry your cotton rug outdoors to naturally kill bacteria. Cotton rugs are soft to touch and are likely to last quite awhile. While they may not be as durable or long-lasting as wool rugs, cotton rugs are a wonderful, more affordable substitute for a child’s room.


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Jute is an environmentally-friendly, all natural rug material that is going to be one of the safest options for a kid’s room. This high-quality fiber is easy to clean, which makes it even more appealing for children’s rooms, which are often prone to spills and messes. You can easily vacuum your jute rug, and for spills, simply use water and a clean cloth or vinegar. Jute is also the cheapest of all natural fibers.

The only downside of jute for a kid’s room is that it is a little rough to touch. An easy fix for this is to add some soft poufs on top of the rug, or you can layer a shag rug on top! While jute rugs tend to be in neutral hues, you can still find some colorful options like this striped jute rug, or this jute rug with cheetah print. Even natural jute rugs have fun embellishments to them like tassels!


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While polypropylene is known for being a great material for outdoor rugs, we particularly like using polypropylene in kids rugs for the same reason—it’s highly durable! Children’s rooms are home to wear and tear, so a rug that can withstand foot traffic and lots of activity is important. If there are spills in your kid’s room—which is highly possible—you can rest easy knowing that polypropylene is water resistant.

This easy-to-clean rug material is one of the most colorfast of all rug fibers, which means heavy cleaners, water, spills, and other accidents won’t damage the color of the rug. In fact, unlike many rugs, you can use heavy cleaners on polypropylene rugs without damaging the fibers. Polypropylene rugs come in so many fun kids styles, and, despite their durability, are one of the cheapest rug materials! We love this bohemian-inspired girl’s rug, pink ocean-themed rug, and deep navy fish rug.

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