Modern Rug Buying Guide

Modern rugs are also known as contemporary rugs. These rugs have wonderful designs, colors schemes and last just as long as a traditional rug.

Modern rugs highlight some of the best designs in recent years. There’s a modern rug for every type of rug buyer out there. Anyone and everyone can most certainly find a contemporary rug that will match their taste and personality.

Like any other home decor item, some rugs are more sturdy than others. You’ll find the most common designs have a variety of different shapes. When thinking of a modern rug you might picture a studio apartment with a cool looking abstract rug on the floor. Most people aren’t aware of how vast the selection is for this type of rug.

From polka dots to zigzag lines to abstract shapes and bold colors. There are unlimited options to choose from, but before you do you’ll want to consider the following.

1. Popular Modern Rug Materials

NAT712B from Natura by Safavieh

The most commonly referred to rug materials are wool and silk. Modern rugs are typically created from Nylon, Polypropylene, and Viscose. Synthetic materials tend to be a theme with contemporary rugs.

When a manufacturer produces a rug with contemporary designs it’s easier to use synthetic materials rather than natural fibers such as wool, hemp or jute. Modern specifically refers to the design rather than the materials the rug is made with.

Using a synthetic rug fiber allows the rug to dyed and designed more efficiently than using wool or silk. This is especially true with bright colors such as pink, light blue, orange and yellow. It should be noted that not all modern rugs use bright designs. Black, white and grey are used just as often, and usually, have interesting shapes and patterns.

When it comes down to choosing the right rug materials for your house; consider where you will place the rug, how long you expect to keep it and how easy (or difficult) it will be to clean.

2. Modern Color Schemes

CIT-2345 from City by Surya

For some, this may be the most important factor in deciding on a modern rug. Remember, bright colors tend to make a room appear more spacious and free. While dark colors will make the space look smaller. This is certainly something to think about before purchasing a rug for the living room.

Kids and teenagers will most likely want a light colored rug. Hopefully, they won’t be too rough on the new rug since it probably isn’t as durable as a wool rug. Contemporary designed rugs aren’t the most expensive so that’s definitely a plus. Even though they don’t cost too much, they look like they do.

Bright colors and intricate designs make modern rugs look complex and beautiful. A modern rug can go anywhere in the house depending on which colors you choose. Some people prefer to have bright colors in the living room while some enjoy dark colors.

3. Abstract Rugs

CIT-2323 from City by Surya

Picture a rug with lines, different shapes and interesting patterns. A patterned rug can be designed with checkered patterns, lines, or even circles. Patterned rugs usually have a specific design repeated all over the rug. These are considered abstract for the design schemes they have.

Another popular abstract rug design is the watercolor design. This has become super popular in recent years. These rugs almost look like a work of art and look best in living rooms. Both bright and dark colors can be used for these designs.

Consider purchasing an abstract rug that matches the room you put it in. For example, if you have triangular shapes throughout your room buy a rug with the same geometric theme. This way it will look like an extension of your modern home decor.

4. Shag Rugs

SGT-2315 from Serengeti Shag by Surya

Shag rugs come in both abstract designs and solid colors. These are the ultimate comfy rugs designed to provide cushioning with each step. Most people reserve this type of rug for a bedroom but some people can’t help but place a cozy shag rug in their living room. With the right placement, you can definitely pull this off.

Wool is the material used to create these rugs. Take note that rugs like this trap dust mites so these rugs are best for those who don’t own pets. Depending on the retailer your shag rug may last for a long time. Proper care and cleaning of a shag rug will keep it looking brand new.

Shag materials aren’t made for high traffic areas. This is another reason to place a rug like this in your bedrooms or other low traffic areas. The appeal of nice shag rug is unmatched. They offer a cozy, luxurious look.

5. Luxury Designs

PSO144M from Paseo by Safavieh

Luxury rugs can cost thousands of dollars but the beautiful designs are worth it for some. Luxury rugs come in both traditional and modern designs. These contemporary rugs come from all over the world: from Sweden to India and Morocco. Himalayan wool is one of the most sought-after materials in luxury rugs.

Luxury contemporary rugs come in a variety of different colors an designs. Designers like Mark Phillips are able to craft together the ultimate luxury rugs. These rugs are renowned in Los Angeles and New York. Designer Lisa Peck also creates detailed modernized rugs.

If you’re going to purchase a luxury rug figure out who you’re favorite designers are. You will most likely want to search online for these rugs. These rugs do best in large rooms such as dining rooms and living rooms. You can expect these rugs to be created from the most durable materials.

Remember to shop international online retailers while looking for the best luxury rug for your house. You’ll be surprised to find unique designs. Handmade designs are common in this category of contemporary rug design.

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