5 Gorgeous Fall Rugs

STL215B from Studio Leather by Safavieh

Fall is a time of change and renewal. You may be excited about falling leaves, football, or pumpkin spice everything.  You may also feel like doing some redecorating in your home. One way to really change the look of your room from summer to fall is with a gorgeous rug. A rug can really change the composition of a room. With spring and summer, you may have been using lighter weight materials like linen and cotton. With fall, you can get into materials that are thicker and fuller like wool.

The color of your rug can also denote a change from warm weather to cooler days. You may have been enjoying some pastels or bright colors. With fall, you may be thinking about richer colors, shades of purple, orange, green, and red. These new, fresh colors can change the whole vibe of a room. Color isn’t always necessary. There are plenty of nice neutrals that evoke fall as well.

Let’s look at five different fall rugs you’ll want to buy now.

Rich Colors, Modern Take on Traditional Design

HG911B from Heritage Wool by Safavieh

Rich colors are a great way to celebrate fall. Turn your living room into a fall festival with this richly colored Heritage Wool by Safavieh. The rug has all the right colors when you think of fall: burgundy, green, navy blue, and brown. The colors are rich, yet not too dark.

The design, which many would consider traditional, is actually more of a modern take with unique shapes and details. That makes this rug really versatile. It could fit well in a truly traditional room with dark wood hardwoods. It could also be a good contrast to a more modern space that has mostly neutrals. The circular version of this rug is even more modern with its many different background colors.

If you are looking for a hardy rug that will give a room a more sophisticated vibe and pair well with your fall decor, choose a rug with rich colors that translate into a more modern take on timeless designs.

Subtle Orange Jute Rugs

SG100 from Santiago by Dalyn

Jute is a long vegetable-fiber spun into coarse strands. These strands are often used to make a burlap fiber. Jute rugs are typically hand-woven. Not only are these rugs beautiful, they are organic. They make a statement in any room without being too much for even small spaces.

For fall, go with a design that weaves in a subtle orange against a neutral background. This option from Santiago by Dalyn has a very rugged look and is hand-woven. The orange is simple, not overpowering so it can stand out yet blend in. This rug would be a great addition to a kitchen or office. Place it somewhere where you want to add dimension to the room and offer a hint of color. It will feel good on bare feet too so you can add in some of that comfort that is synonymous with fall.

Bring the Leaves Inside

Gentle Leaves from Infinity by Kalora

When many think of fall, they think of the leaves changing colors and falling. Leaves have long been a symbol of fall and play a big role in fall decor. So why not bring the leaves inside?

You don’t want the rug to look like a pile of leaves or be illustrated with an actual tree. That interpretation isn’t going to yield a sophisticated look. Instead, try something more neutral that suggests the outlines and shapes of rugs. Consider this rug, Gentle Leaves from Infinity by Kalora. It has all the traits for a great fall rug that will complement almost any style of room because of its understated design. The rug almost looks like an artist’s sketch.

When choosing a great leaf rug, you can add color, just be sure it works well in your space and isn’t overdone so as to distract from its simplicity.

The Purple Farmhouse Rug

Jalwa 2 from Vintage by Mat the Basics

Farmhouse design is extremely popular all over the U.S. It has made it far beyond rural America thanks to the stars of home renovation TV shows. There’s even Farmhouse style for the city. The original farmhouses originated in Europe then made their way to the U.S. This style is rugged but with touches of unexpected fabrics, materials, and colors.

So, if you really want to go bold in your farmhouse, consider this purple hand-tufted piece from Vintage by Mat the Basics. It has uneven, ragged sides, which you’ll find in Farmhouse design. It’s made of wool but has the appearance of a modern animal skin rug. Except, of course, it’s purple.

Purple is a great fall color and a way to energize any room. Because it’s wool, it’s also cozy, so it’s perfect as a piece for a large family room. Make it the focal point of the room because this rug can’t play a supporting role.

Mid-Century Modern Leather

STL215B from Studio Leather by Safavieh

Leather rugs are perfect for fall. They’ll bring a depth to a room like no other rug. The key to making this style work in your home is that the material has to be the star. The design and colors need to be a great balance to the leather. This isn’t the time to go purple. Instead, an interesting neutral design is better. This Studio Leather piece hits all the right notes.

This hand-woven leather rug has a half-inch pile and is truly a showstopper. Its unique mid-century modern design looks almost like an optical illusion. It will be a conversation starter any time anyone sees it.

For placement, this rug deserves to be in a large room but do consider not placing it in direct sunlight, as this can fade the leather over time. You’ll also notice that the design mimics the changes that fall brings so it really fits the theme of the season.

When you want to change up your rooms for fall, a stunning rug is a great way to make either a subtle or daring statement. Check out these five rugs and thousands more that could be the one to set off your fall decor, available at Plushrugs.com.

Five Gorgeous Fall Rugs

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