5 Gorgeous Dalyn Rugs

Dalyn is a highly sought after rug company that has been respected for over thirty years. Dalyn Rug Company originated in 1979 with the mission of creating beautiful, coveted rugs at an affordable price. They meet the design needs of customers by evolving their brand year to year. Their expertly-crafted rugs are both affordable and high quality.

Dalyn rugs come in four primary categories—machine woven, hand-tufted, printed, and custom. Dalyn is known for their custom rug manufacturing and is the world’s largest custom rug manufacturer. Dalyn offers 450 colors and 150 designs available in a quick, three-week turn time.

You can’t go wrong with purchasing a Dalyn rug for your home. Their beautiful designs come in a variety of materials, including some that are 100% wool. They have both synthetic and natural fibers, and they have plenty of material blends that deliver great value.

Here are 5 of the most gorgeous Dalyn rugs available today.


BC8444 from Beckham by Dalyn

Dalyn’s Beckham collection is machine made with an olefin and polypropylene blend. Olefin is an affordable material that is often compared to wool with its soft texture. Olefin is easy to clean and water resistant. Polypropylene is a great match for olefin because of its durability and ability to be in an area with heavy foot traffic. Polypropylene is abrasion, mildew, and UV-resistant, as well as quick-drying.

Cool blues, silvery greens, and slate grey make this collection romantic, regal, and ethereal. The patterns are fluid, reminiscent of water color paintings. We love the solid denim color of this richly designed rug. But if you’re looking for a little more color and pattern, this ivory Dalyn rug is a great option. This gorgeous ikat style rug looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. The Beckham collection makes the top of our list for most gorgeous Dalyn rugs.


DM3 from delmar by dalyn

Gorgeous rugs can be art for your floor. The Dalyn DelMar collection consists of striking tonal designs that blend different shades of a solid color. The DelMar collection is made of hand tufted rugs that blend polyester and acrylic materials. Polyester is a budget-friendly material that feels soft and luxurious. Polyester resists moths, mold, and mildew, and its fibers repel water.

Acrylic is another synthetic fiber that is often compared to wool for its softness. Like polyester, acrylic is mold and mildew resistant. Both rug materials hold onto their color quite well and come in very rich colors. This rug combination delivers optimal softness, color richness, and longevity.

The DelMar collection comes in four different styles. The first is designed with abstract and sharp horizontal lines. The second design has fluid waves of color blended into what looks like an impressionist landscape painting. The third is perhaps the most abstract of all—the rug looks like an aerial view of the earth. And finally, the fourth is an ombre style rug that comes in a variety of earth tones.


mg5993 from Modern Greys by Dalyn

Speaking of works of art, the Dalyn Modern Greys collection is nothing short of impressive. These works of art each have a grey tone to them, but are interwoven with beautiful colors that form modern, abstract patterns. The Modern Greys are machine woven rugs made with polypropylene material.

Two of the styles look like paint was dripped at the top of a canvas for a beautiful, modern piece of artwork. One of these has a background of blush pink flowers, while the other rug is sprinkled with circles of blue making it look like a romantic rainy day.

The first two styles come in very intricate patterns—almost like lace. Pops of color are scattered throughout, giving both styles a one-of-a-kind look. One is a more feminine pattern with linen, grey, and pink colors. The other has a warm feel to it with citrus colors.

The most beautiful of the collection have blurred edges. One is a bohemian pattern and comes in pewter grey or a teal and multi-color pattern. The other comes in graphite and yellow.


RC2 From Rocco by Dalyn

Dalyn’s Rocco collection is full of patterns that resemble pebbles, bamboo, trees, and other earth-inspired textures. The Rocco collection is different from the others because these rugs are made with shag, so they have more fluff and softer texture to them. The Rocco collection is machine made and uses polypropylene material.

Each of the six rugs resembles a piece of earth, so any of these rugs would bring a sense of nature and harmony into your home. The majority of the rugs are brownish charcoal colors, but one of the rugs is made with a denim blue color. This particular rug resembles a snow-capped mountain. The cool colors combined with the fluid pattern and soft texture, make this rug a stunning addition to the modern home.

Two of the rugs have whimsical, vertical lines. One comes in silver and blue and resembles an Aspen tree forest. The other is charcoal and has lines closer together and looks like a dense forest.

The final two rugs come in more of a zigzag pattern, but despite all of the lines in this collection, nothing is sharp or rigid.


TP83 from Tempo by Dalyn

While most of the collections so far have been full of earth-inspired colors and textures, the Tempo collection by Dalyn is a bit more wild and abstract. We continue to see fluidity in this collection like most Dalyn collections. The Tempo collection is power loomed and made with polyester and polypropylene materials.

Perhaps the most different rug we’ve seen so far, this Tempo rug has a Gothic and medieval diamond pattern to it. But don’t be fooled by the description, this rug is still quite modern with its choice of colors, including one in sundrop.

Then jumping far ahead from anything medieval, this Tempo rug is futuristic and fantastical. This rug comes in graphite, lime zest, plum, and teal. Its beautiful pattern is one your eyes could easily get lost in, and it is perfect for the modern home that wants a bit of edge to it.

Finally, there is one Tempo rug that is more similar to Dalyn’s fluid, ethereal style. This ombre style rug has large stripes fading in and out from a beautiful color to a silvery grey.

5 Gorgeous Dalyn Rugs

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