Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips That Say Boo!

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When it comes to fall fun, Halloween ranks right right at the top. Halloween means candy and cool costumes. Even adults enjoy getting decked out and snacking on the treats kids come home with. So, when autumn rolls around it is exciting to deck the halls with a bit of Halloween love.

Halloween dates back to ancient Celtic times when they believed ghosts and spirits would haunt the living. Goodies were left to keep them at bay. Ireland brought us quite a few treasured Halloween rituals, including carving jack-o-lanterns.

For many folks, young and young at heart, decorating the house for Halloween can be just as exciting as getting ready for Christmas. Here are some spooky Halloween decorating ideas to make you say boo!

Spooky Porch Ideas


With all the trick-or-treaters, the porch is a prime area for decoration. It’s also the easiest location to spruce up. Fall mainstays like pumpkins and mums get your porch in the Halloween spirit with one trip to a pumpkin patch or farmers market.

Bookend your door with a display featuring festive pumpkins and an arrangement of colorful fall mums. Top off the look with a Halloween inspired wreath as well as a festive door mat. You can go spooky or Halloween cute, depending on your audience. Add some webs with spiders, wrap your front door like a mummy or hang bats from the overhang to add a spooky touch.

If you are searching for simple, leave your pumpkins as is. You can have a little fun with the kids by painting designs on your pumpkins with chalk paint, tying on colored ribbons, or carving jack-o-lanterns. Spray your jack-lanterns with a bleach and water solution and keep away from heat to ensure the spookiness lasts longer.

Spook-tacular Halloween Windows

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Pop-up Halloween shops begin sprouting as early as August. So, it is not difficult to find window decorations, but these pop-ups can get pricey. You can simplify and stay within budget by getting crafty or making a visit to the neighborhood dollar store. Clings are a fun way to dress up the front windows. Kids are especially fond of these and can help you put them up.

If your overall Halloween design is leaning toward a haunted house, cut up a large cardboard box and craft them to look like wood planks. Attach them to the outside of the window to create a boarded-up, abandoned feel. Silhouettes are another cool way to make a dramatic statement in the front window. You can fashion spider webs from black construction paper or large black trash bags. Go batty making large bats from construction paper and letting them dangle in the windows.

Just hanging thin black curtains injects an element of spookiness. Also, attaching strategically ripped pieces of black cheese cloth over the front of your existing curtains can have the same effect. Get ghostly by taking a large white cheese cloth or old white curtain and cut a bunch of little holes. Then, hang your creation on the outside of your front windows.

Black Cats on Parade


Black cats are synonymous with Halloween. While a black cat crossing your path may signal bad luck in America, thanks to the Pilgrims, black cats are considered good luck in many cultures, including England and Japan. Many animal shelters actually ban black cat adoptions during the weeks leading up to Halloween, but you don’t need a furry friend for some fun décor.

It’s pretty easy to add black cats to your Halloween décor. Making black cat silhouettes from card stock is an easy way to go catty. Place the black cats in windows or along the stairwell. Printable black cat silhouettes are plentiful online. Turn pumpkins into black cats by painting them black with chalk paint. Then, fashion eyes, ears, and whiskers from felt or card stock. Fasten with hot glue and place them on the porch or stoop.

Inviting Halloween Decoration Ideas that Won’t Spook 


Zombie walks and horror movie decorations are very popular this year, but they can be a bit terrifying if you have little ones in the midst. Instead of going scary for Halloween season, parents of younger children and those who simply do not enjoy the horror can stick to more inviting Halloween decorations.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of cute and cuddly Halloween decorations, featuring adorable trick-or-treaters, cats, and pumpkins. It’s especially easy to keep the spook out of Halloween with smiling scarecrows, pumkins, mums, hay, and corn stalks.

Dress it up by adding a black cat silhouette or two and glam up the pumpkins by gluing on a smiling face and topping the look off with a witch hat. Cut out paper pumpkins to hang on the windows or use window clings. Fashion garland from candy corn to hang along the mantle. Even mini pumpkins can be transformed into cute spiders by hot gluing pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes.

Go Ghost

ghost decoration

Ghost stories have been around since ancient times. Tales have always been told about lost souls returning to haunt places they loved or coming back to right a wrong. Whatever the origin, ghost stories abound during Halloween, so take some ghostly inspiration from the spirits around you this Halloween!

Donn your sheet, and let the spirits guide your décor during Halloween. Ghosts are fairly straightforward to craft and can be created from a variety of materials. Take white Dixie cups and turn them upside down. Glue or draw eyes on them with black markers and then string together to make a quick, uncomplicated garland for the mantle or front porch railing.

White cheese cloth or felt can be utilized to make ghosts as well as trash bags. Make bottle ghosts by spray painting different shaped plastic or glass bottles white. Use black markers to make a face. Place the bottle ghosts on the table for an adorable centerpiece or on the mantle. Even pumpkins can go ghost with white chalk paint.

Whether you prefer spooky or cuddly, Halloween is a fun time to get a little witchy with your indoor and outdoor decorations, especially if you have kids or just have always had a fascination for October 31. Once the decorations are hung and the trick-or-treaters start making their way to your festive porch, don’t forget to put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards. Legend has it you just might see a witch if you do!

spooky decorating tips that say boo

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