4 Best Rug Weaves

Apex from Genesis by Jaipur

There are a few different options to choose from when figuring out the right rug weave for your house. The right rug weave can make your house feel like a home with the tender love and care included in each piece of fiber. Depending on the weave, some rugs are handmade with exceptional craftsmanship while other are machine made for maximum value.

For some, rug weaves are a reminder of grandma’s house or a traditional theme, but these amazing creations don’t have to conform to any particular style. There are thousands of styles, colors, and weaves that fit in modern homes as well.

1. Hand Knotted

KNY513A from Kenya Wool by Safavieh

These rugs take much more time and expertise than any other manufacturing process. This is the most desirable rug weave for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind piece. Every one of these rugs is different because each knot is tied by a skilled craftsman. These rugs often take several months to make. This is the most durable and longest lasting rug weave. They’ve been known to last for 20 years or more.

These rugs are typically among the most expensive on the market largely because they use only the best rug materials. Silk and wool are the most common materials used to make these rugs. Sometimes a mix of the two fibers will be used to create a soft yet durable area rug.

2. Machine Made

LUR184F from Lurex 100 by Safavieh

These rugs are made using huge machines known as power looms. These rugs are put together effortlessly and quickly. Power looms are the least expensive way to manufacture are rugs, but they’re also less durable. Expect these rugs to last less than a decade.

These rugs are made all over the world including India, China, Pakistan, and the US. The best part about machine made rugs is they can be created and designed for any style and room. They’re also made with inexpensive synthetic materials that hold colors better than any other materials.

3. Hand Tufted

Apex from Genesis by Jaipur

Hand-tufted rugs were traditionally created in India and other Asian countries. They have a long history of including intricate designs, bright colors, and patterns. The best part about these rugs is that they find the perfect balance between craftsmanship and affordability.

Historically, these could have only been found in Asian countries amongst talented rug creators. Each piece of yarn is woven one at a time with a tool called a “tufting gun”. By adding a small amount of technology to the manufacturing process, these rugs can be produced at a much more efficient rate.

4. Flat Weave

Flatweave Tribal Kendell from Orinoco by NuLoom

Many believe a flat weave rug is the oldest type of rug. These rugs are less formal and serve as a fun, easy going decoration. This rug is highly durable and would look amazing in bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, and basements. They’re great for kids because bright colors and shapes are often used. You might also consider placing this kind of rug on your porch or backyard deck.

Flat weave rugs are light, flexible, and reversible. This is the throw rug you put down to add a fresh design.  They’re also pretty durable and easy to clean. Another great thing about these rugs is they come in a multitude of different designs and colors. Durability and versatility make this an amazing addition to the house.

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