How To Decorate With A Solid Rug

FSS118A from Faux Sheep Skin by Safavieh

When choosing a rug, there are so many fun patterns and designs available that look like works of art. These intricate rugs truly are one of a kind. You may come across solid rugs and wonder why anyone would choose them over something with a variety of colors and with an interesting pattern. Solid rugs come in a lot of different textures, shades, and tones to make them far from basic. If you really care about the overall look of your room, think about how a solid rug could contrast well with lots of decor and exotic furniture. Decorating with a solid rug can spotlight your favorite artwork, a beautiful coffee table, and it can be a blank canvas to design a room around. Solid rugs are also great for open floor plans, as they can define an area of a room.

There are five different types of solid rugs that ought to be contenders in your search for the perfect rug. Neutral color rugs bring light into a room, and they put a spotlight on your favorite items surrounding the rug. Natural fiber rugs are gorgeous earth-tone rugs that bring a natural element into the home. Bright-colored solid rugs add a pop of color to a room without going overboard with too much color or design going on. Shag rugs have an inviting texture that they don’t need any other colors or patterns, and low pile solid rugs are modern, minimalist and soft on the eyes.

Neutral Colors

AN704A from Adana by Rizzy

Neutral colors are rugs that come in ivory, cream, white, beige, light grey, bone, and other shades of light brown. These are lighter colors and have the ability to brighten up a room. If you have darker walls, like charcoal or navy, a soft ivory rug can bring light to the room. A room with darker wood furniture contrasts beautifully with cream and white rugs. In contrast, a room with white walls will look washed out with a white, cream, or ivory rug, so opt for darker shades like light grey.

With such light colors, texture is your friend. This light grey rug is chunky and hand woven giving it a lot of style while being a simple shade of grey. Tassels are always a beautiful addition to a solid, neutral rug because they add a touch of bohemian flair that is very popular. You can still have a solid rug with a pattern. This cream rug contrasts two different pile heights to create a swirl pattern.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Flatweave Shayla Tassel Rug from Jutlandia by NuLoom

Natural fiber rugs are some of the most beautiful solid rugs available. They are made in colors that are natural, earth-made materials. Their warm hues bring earth elements into the home, like hemp, jute, sisal, seagrass, or bamboo. These high-quality rugs are durable, but it is important to keep them away from moisture.

Borders, tassels, and a variety of shapes create unique elements of style in natural fiber rugs. If you’re looking for something more exotic and fun, don’t wipe out natural fiber rugs as an option. This oval hemp rug is dyed in brighter colors like yellow, orange, and blue. This jean-colored hemp rug is checkered with tassels, and despite the eccentric pattern and embellishment, it is still quite natural and down to earth. This hand-woven chunky jute rug comes in a long runner shape which looks fitting in front of the kitchen counter or in the center of a hallway. This is the perfect rug to make a room instantly cozier—like a cable knit sweater!

Bright Colors

SG151-3232 from California Shag by Safavieh

How do you use a brightly-colored solid rug without it being “too much”? The best way to style a room with a solid rug is to pair it with minimalist furniture. For example, a burnt red (rust) rug can look gorgeous and tasteful underneath a clean, glass coffee table and a white leather couch with silver legs. A yellow rug would pair well with warm wood furniture and lots of plants. If you want a pop of color in your home, but you don’t want a lot of clutter or decor in your home, a solid rug is a perfect choice. Decorate with a solid rug to bring in the style and color and keep everything else in the home simple.

Solid rugs with bright colors don’t necessarily have to be completely solid. This red rug has a floral pattern to it which would be beautiful in a screened-in porch or breakfast room. This solid orange rug appears to be orange, but when looking closer has a little multi-colored pattern to it that adds texture. This rug is hand woven, which gives it a more natural and less modern style. But it’s okay to go with a completely solid, super bright rug too! We love this bright turquoise shag rug because it reminds us of summer and would make a fun, seasonal rug choice.

Solid Shag Rugs

FSS118A from Faux Sheep Skin by Safavieh

Shag rugs are one of the most sought-after styles to use in designing a room. They are incredibly soft and shags with high piles look utterly luxurious. We love layering shag rugs on top of neutral solid rugs or natural fiber rugs. Shag rugs make beautiful area rugs for smaller areas like underneath a bathroom sink or in a small atrium. They bring a cozy feeling to the home, particularly in rooms that need a little extra softness, like a home office or laundry room.

Shag rugs come in a variety of colors, but we think they look best in natural shades—especially when they are faux fur. Shags also come in different pile heights. A high pile is a super “shaggy” shag rug like flokati wool. A lower pile shag rug is going to look more like a traditional rug in an ultra soft material. Shag rugs also come in irregular shapes to mock a fur rug.

Low Pile Solid Rugs

NF730A from Natural Fibers 700 by Safavieh

Low pile rugs are very in-style right now. Their thin shape makes them lighter, which is attractive to anyone wanting a minimalist, modern, boho, or down to earth home. Low-pile rugs are usually made with more durable materials, like natural fibers or wool, and they are easier to clean. Because they are so lightweight, you can simply pick them up and shake them off outside. In a clean, modern home you see less of the thicker, heavier rugs with dark colors, and much more of the lightweight rugs in natural, light colors.

This sand rug has two different (but both low) pile heights to create a bohemian diamond pattern. This solid and completely natural, handwoven rug is very thin but has a really intricate circular pattern. This simple beige rug is bright and has no pattern, but the lace embellishment on the ends gives it just the bit of flare needed to add boho style.

How To Decorate With A Solid Rug

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